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While a person's Awakening and his Path determine what sort of mage he is, that doesn't necessarily give him an idea about what it is he's supposed to do. To provide that direction and a sense of society, mages have formed expansive magical orders, some of which have traditions that stretch all the way back to mythic Atlantis. A mage that rejects a place among the magical orders is known as an Apostate.

Adamantine Arrow


The Ungula Draconis, the Talon of the Dragon: The soldiers of Awakened society, known for their expertise in combat magic.

Through conflict, one purges weakness and becomes greater than one could imagine. Claiming descent from the Ungula Draconis (or "Claw of the Dragon") of Atlantis, members of the Arrow say that their Order arose from the Exiles who protected the shards of the fallen Atlantis. Carrying both weapons that bring death and weapons that create life, the members of the Adamantine Arrow follow the Adamant Way which encourages strength and adaptability.

Free Council


Existing outside the Atlantean mythos, these allies of the Diamond seek to modernize magic, free of the constraints and traditions of the ancient past.

Modernists in every sense of the word, the Free Council claims neither ancient texts nor links to the ancient grounds of Atlantis. Instead they forge forward feeling that the sleepers have touched on the supernal in their culture and in their science and technology. By tapping into these sympathies the Free Council hopes to change the face of magic and revitalize it in this modern age.

Guardians of the Veil


The Visus Draconis, the Eye of the Dragon: the protectors of Awakened society, feared for their skills in espionage and assassination.

Magic is a secret and not all, even among the Awakened, are truly worthy of its gifts. Vulgar magic and the paradox it reaps must be stopped, as these actions serve only to strengthen the Abyss between the Supernal Realm and our more familiar Fallen World. The Guardians of the Veil are the sons and daughters of the Visus Draconis (or, "Eye of the Dragon") and are therefore the enforcers and secret police of the Lex Magica and the Concilii that hold to its tenets.



The Alae Draconis, the Wings of the Dragon: the researchers of Awakened society, searching for hidden lore in both rare tomes and forbidden tombs.

Loremasters who hold (or seek) all the keys to all the doors, the Mysterium seek out knowledge for its own sake. The Mysterium claim to be organized from the remains of the Alae Draconis (or "Wing of the Dragon"), the researchers of magic in Atlantis. Now, they seek to reclaim the lost lore of yesteryear and to remember the lessons that the fall of the Awakened City teaches.

Silver Ladder


The Vox Draconis, the Voice of the Dragon: the advisors of Awakened society, wishing to rebuild a unified community of mages under their leadership.

Someone needs to guide and lead those who cannot lead themselves, and the Silver Ladder rises to the occasion. Basing themselves in the various groups of Atlantean priests and viziers collectively known as the Vox Draconis (the "Voice of the Dragon"), the Silver Ladder does not lead as kings but as the enlightened among the masses. They follow the Elemental Precepts which states that the Awakened must be united and that magic is the right of all humans who live.



A catch-all category rather than an Order in its own right, it refers to a mage who has either not yet joined, refused to join or relinquished membership in one of the established Orders. As a general rule, Apostate mages are mistrusted by Pentacle society, as the mages in question have no cabal to vouch for their abilities or character. Aside from a certain degree of social ostracism, Apostate mages must make extra efforts to learn the Atlantean language, which the Orders teach their own initiates as a matter of course (in game terms, this means that all Apostate characters must spend Background points specifically to learn Atlantean). Lacking understanding of the closest thing Awakened society has to a lingua franca further isolates Apostates from their Awakened peers.


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