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Some Sleepwalkers have a magical heritage -- their family tree has been enchanted or affected in some way such that they have a tinge of magic about them. Some mages, particularly the Silver Ladder, actively track and recruit Proximi lines.

Known Proximi Families

Proximi Benefits

Relevant Addenda

D. Proximi [Silver Ladder]
1. The Proximi Merit (p. 334, Mage: the Awakening) is sanctioned for use.
2. In order to gain the benefits of a Dynasty listed in Silver Ladder, the character must be a part of a Dynasty as well as having the Proximi Merit.
3. The creation of a new Dynasty is beyond the capability of PCs.
4. Proximi families may not access powers from Second Sight.
5. The Merovingian family is an Antagonist group and is Top Approval.


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