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Silver Ladder

Silver Ladder

Magic is Humanity’s Birthright
gathering too seriously. You’re all full-grown adults, but children among mages. Look down on it from our view: if you’re not heavy-handed, it won’t be taken seriously. Accuse publicly, apologize privately, which brings us here. You’ve been approached by the other Orders, and I don’t doubt they’ve been persuasive. We all want you to join and bring your unique talents to aid the Consilium. Any of them could teach you what it means to be Awakened. I see in you something else, though. Ambition, desire, enjoyment of the freedom magic offers. Hold fast to that feeling; every spell cast in joy and liberty is a victory for humanity. The Orders are all worthy endeavors. They have their place. We define those places and link them. It was we who seized the inheritance from Atlantis, who forged a Diamond from the base common elements remaining from our precursors, who formed a Pentacle against the onslaught of the Throne. With us, the exile ended, and all of human history was rendered interregnum between when mages ruled and when mages will rule. It begins again with us, here and now. I’ve got to address the apprentices again before the full moon, teach them how to properly declare their position with their mentors before the Consilium. It’d be my honor if you’d lead the way by teaching others. They’ll all join other Orders in the end, but we must build bridges and lead the way. Climb the Ladder, and others will follow.

All souls reach for enlightenment. Traitor-Gods have chained humanity’s souls with a grand Lie, yet humanity still strives for truth and divinity. The dream of Awakened destiny will endure, even in a ruined realm of Tyrannical rule. It is the duty of those more advanced to reach down and free the others, raise their fellows up, bringing everyone to their own perfection. A helping hand is only of use if the recipient has the will to climb, though. The Awakened have hefted themselves up the first rungs on their own, but the climb — the Ladder — is all there is. The Silver Ladder is invested in the Diamond and Pentacle as a whole, not just the goals of their Order — beyond their status as creators and definers of Awakened society, the Ladder requires them to advise other mages on the best path to freeing humanity from the Lie. The Enemy seeks to keep humanity in chains, turning their slaves towards keeping the Sleeping rabble ignorant and Quiescent. The Order defies those efforts by dreaming big, spreading the flame of Awakening and sundering the chains of the Lie. They create Cryptopolies, mystery cults that encourage Sleepers towards enlightened behavior, continually working to counter the Seers’ influence over humanity. More than any other Order, they seek out and shelter families of Proximi in the hopes of fostering an enlightened class of human. Ladder mages (who call themselves théarchs) settle disputes between Awakened, believing in a unified mage-nation. The Ladder is the glue holding Awakened society together, including the Seers (if only by opposition). Their ethos of personal rights and mediation of conflict form the backbone of the Pentacle, the Consilia, and especially Convocations. The Ladder is even responsible for the Diamond’s legal system, Lex Magica. It was they who pronounced the sovereignty of the individual mage, citing commandments from the unseen Supernal Oracles. It was they who linked magic to an unknowable past of wonder and supremacy. It was they who created the Diamond, and then the Pentacle, by holding the other Orders from interfering with the formation of the Free Council. Consequently, even when the mages of the Ladder don’t hold political positions, they remain interested in societal politics. A Hierarch from a different Order will often find himself picking up several unofficial advisors, and théarchs are the first to volunteer themselves as mediators and communicators.

Key Teachings

  • Thunder: Imperium is the Sovereign Right of all Humanity - Everyone has the right of Ascension and Awakening, All are to be granted this right. It is the Ladder’s goal to push Humanity and Awakened Society towards these goals and past the Lies of the Exarchs.
  • Diamond: The Awakened are One Nation - All Awakened are one Nation, Mages should come together as a Society where they are all held under the same laws. Banisher and Seers are in Open rebelion of this and should be seen as Enemies however should not be stripped of the same rights of other mages. All shall form the Diamond Order.
  • Blood: The Sleepers Follow - All Souls will one day be free of the Exarchs and we shall build a new Utopia better than Atlantis. Until then we must steer all Sleepers to Awakening and prepare to Destroy the Exarchs should they not surrender.
  • Star: The Silver Ladder is the Path to Victory - Being you and what you are good at is the best way to achieve the Silver Ladders Goal. All Awakened souls have a Destiny and an Obligation to uplift the Sleepers and Bring Sleepwalkers to Awakening.

Silver Ladder across Australia

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Character Faction Path Legacy Group Domain Status Position
Name Faction Path Legacy Group Domain - ••••• Position
Crucible Factotum Moros - Scions of Prometheus Southern Cross ••• -
Coen - Thyrsus - - Southern Cross -
Wander - Thyrsus - Scions of Prometheus Southern Cross -
Sybella - Acanthus - Team Thrillseeker Southern Cross •• Hierarch of Launceston
Regis - Mastigos - - Adelaide •• Hierarch of Adelaide
Gambit - Obrimos - - Adelaide -
Lumis - Mastigos - Generations Adelaide NPC
Sweet Alyssum - Thyrsus - - Adelaide Retired PC / NPC

Silver Ladder across America

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Character Faction Path Legacy Group Domain Status Position
Name Faction Path Legacy Group Domain - ••••• Position

Deceased, Departed or Missing

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Character Path Legacy Group Domain Reason
Character Path Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Path Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Path Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play

Cabals and Groups

The following Cabals and other groups exist within the Order.

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