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Founded: Late 2012

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The Warehouse has been a pet project of Thrills' for the past six years since he got out of jail, every mage knows where it is and knows the door is always open for any mage that needs or wants it. It seems to always have food and drinks. The space is massive but it seems to just fill up with stuff from couches, tables, rugs and pot plants to vehicles, gym equipment, climbing gear and even a blow up pool. The 'loft' area is Thrills' living space, though it is set up so about 3 others could live there if they wanted to, Thrills mostly uses it so new mages can get on their feet. The roof is a massive garden which mages know Thrills to grow and maintain with plants he finds whilst hiking and stuff that they like.


  • Thrills, They kind of run the cabal, for a loose definition of run. They kind of mother everyone a bit, making sure the cabal is provided for.
  • Invar, Cool dude, not sure what he does for the cabal but is up for hangs when not working
  • Clothon, He's kind of the door keeper and protects the Sanctum from magical intrusion.
  • Mr Johnson, Good Question!
  • Sybella, Young, but eager- and very smart. The Mage life seems to come naturally to her.


  •  ?

Former Members:

  • Prospero, Thrills kicked her out, everyone knows why, but the exact details as to what happened are a little blurry. Though it's rumoured Thrills would welcome her back if she wasn't with Janice.
  • Janice, After the break up, well things didn't go so well


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