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“We Awaken between gods and beasts and, peering into their realms, see that they’re masks on the same face, rooms in a common lodge. We walk the Singing Stone between; we’re the singers and the song. We don’t matter to them except as prey, or because we bring cars that hit them and cats they snatch. That’s where it ends, usually. Look into my eyes. You’re thinking of a little man lurking in there, wondering if he wants to fuck, if he’s lying to you, if he’s happy or sad. My thoughts matter to you. But they don’t give a shit about our thoughts; they operate according to older laws. Ecologies. Hungers. Basic fears. Those work just fine. Before they took your partner you assumed they can’t think at all, but you know better now, don’t you? They just don’t bother with our motives, the little people inside, unless somebody gives them the idea. Unless I give them the idea. That’s the difference between a hunter and a murderer. That’s the difference between you having an accident and me getting revenge.”

He’s a Shaman who crawls the World Tree, climbs Kunlun and follows a song from world to world. Lonely but never isolated, he’s set apart by his duty: to speak to humans and spirits; tell each side what the other wants; and, when necessary, bring angry gods to heel. The last part breaks his life’s symmetry. He’s from a world of flesh, not ephemera, and that’s where his final loyalties lie. Nevertheless, he sees the shared pulse of mortal and ephemeral life. He sings its music. He could even get lost in it to be reborn an Ecstatic, a living example of simple, forgotten truths. Followers of the Path often tread between these extremes along the living axis mundi that binds diverse realms and states of being.

Ruling Arcana: Life, Spirit

Inferior Arcanum: Mind

Symbols and Myths: The Hermit and the Moon. Culture heroes and totems. Nature, the living earth, love, and lust. Rough archetypes and personal gods.

Thyrsus across Australia

Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Thrills Free Council - Team Thrillseeker Southern Cross
Coen Silver Ladder - - Southern Cross
Billy Apostate - - Southern Cross
Mara Mysterium - Scions of Prometheus Southern Cross
Wander Silver Ladder - Scions of Prometheus Southern Cross
Conger Adamantine Arrow - - Adelaide
Sugar Mysterium - Mystery Inc. Adelaide
Alysia Guardians of the Veil - - Adelaide
Tipu Adamantine Arrow - Generations Adelaide (NPC)

Thyrsus across America

Character Order Legacy Group Domain
Name Order Legacy Group Domain
Bee El Adamantine Arrow - - Ames

Deceased, Departed or Missing

The following members have deceased, departed, missing or otherwise not in play.

Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason
Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play
Character Order Legacy Group Domain Reason not in play


The following Legacies are available to Thyrsus mages:

  • Orphans of Proteus (Life) - Master shapeshifters, the Orphans of Proteus practice with new forms until they become second nature, experiencing life as a myriad of other beings (MtAW2E p203).
  • Dreamspeakers (Mind) - The Libertine Dreamspeakers are the result of dozens of cultural Legacies blending, from Aboriginal Australians to sleep psychologists. Members explore the deepest parts of the Astral realms, the Anima Mundi or "Dreamtime", where they commune with the world's soul. Initiates become able to walk the astral even while awake or outside a place of power (MtAW2E p203).
  • Illuminated Path (Prime) - Members of the Illuminated Path see Awakening as a spectrum, not a binary condition. Once a faction of Christian thearchs before becoming a Legacy, the so-called "guides" seek to open Sleepers' eyes to the supernatural, a goal that while worthy antagonises many Conscillia (MtAW2E p203).
  • Keepers of the Covenant (Fate) - The ancient Legacy calling themselves the Keepers of the Covenant exemplify the Thyrsus nature as intermediaries. Members merge their destinies with the world of spirits, becoming living bridges between the material and Shadow (MtAW2E p203).
  • Chrysalides (Life) - Not all symbols are positive. The Seers of the Throne Crysalides base their magic in body dysmorphia, offering initiates the chance to be who they wish. Members divide their time between two forms, one of which is perfected in mind and body at the expense of the other (MtAW2E p203).
  • Tamers of Blood (Space) - Cousins of the Tamers of Fire, the Tamers of Blood find less hospitality among the Orders. Experts in the symbolism of blood and the magic of sympathy, members make a living among Nameless Orders and apostates advising on their specialties. When their clients learn that the Legacy can control the bodies of those it takes blood samples from, they quickly move on (MtAW2E p203). LEFT HANDED

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