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Lords and Masters of the Kindred, the Ventrue are the Kindred's most fervent social climbers, frequently seen at Elysium vying with one another to rise to the top of the pyramid. Regal, commanding and aristocratic, yet also prone to falling into madness, this clan gives rise to legends of Damned Lords and rulers in isolated, lofty castles. Ventrue are masters of Dominate, the Kindred Discipline of mental subjugation. They are sometimes called Lords.

The Ventrue are the youngest Clan that has been observed. They were not present during the reign of the Camarilla, as much as anyone can tell. This fact annoys several influential Ventrue, who look to history for legitimation. As a result, a corpus of myths has established itself that the Ventrue hold up as their origin.

Their Beast is a thing of terrible righteousness, once in a Frenzy, a Ventrue will justify any action he undertakes in this state, and anyone who dares to criticize him will be watched alertly for any signs of possible treason. When the Ventrue deigns to feed, the kiss brings a sensation of pleasant listless and involution to the victim. The Lord instead feels power and authority—it feels right that it be so, the mortal sacrificing its life so the immortal might survive, like a good servant should.

Ventrue Bloodlines

  • Adrestoi: Adrestoi are a Ventrue bloodline; they are exceptional hunters but must spend Vitae to control their emotions. (Ventrue p104)
  • Canda Bhanu: The Canda Bhanu are a brahmin-caste Ventrue bloodline of India. Along with the Amara Havana and the Rakshasa, they represent the dominant powers among Indian Kindred. (Ancient Bloodlines p53)
  • Malkovians: Known as "Lunatics"; Malkovians are Ventrue who are Embraced with a derangement that is theirs for eternity. (Requiem 1e p241)
  • Rötgrafen: The Rötgrafen are a bloodline of Ventrue mariners. Undead pirates, they are a menace of the seas and known for their battle-lust. (Bloodlines the Chosen p56)
  • Sons of Cade: The Sons of Cade are a Ventrue bloodline that is just developing; centered around its founder, the Ventrue Jack Cade, it is likely to spread in the Lancea et Sanctum, Cade's own Covenant. (Immortal Sinners p49)