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Long Ago....

The Kindred style themselves Lords of the Dark. They claim they are Britain’s aristocracy by night. They may not rule mortal politics, but they rule what really matters: human life and death.

The Weihan Cynn know they are wrong. Britain by night has other rulers. Women who are also nearly the last of England’s wolves. Giants who walk like men and blight the land where they sleep. Spirits who claim domain over places both wild and overbuilt. Beauties of metal and glass who steal the faces of those they fancy. And those who just plain command the dead.

Any of these, all of these, could be a threat to the Kindred of Britain. There are too many of them to fight; they cannot, as a whole, be conquered and brought to heel. So the Weihan Cynn resort to the basest sorcery of all: They bargain. The Woods-Witches strike deals with the other monsters of the isles and play them against each other. Sometimes they even act as go-betweens, neutral parties between the forces of darkness. And so they weave a tangled web of loyalties and alliances that preserve the Kindred and allow them to prosper. Between offering this safety net and wielding the power of their allies as a threat, the Weihan Cynn have managed to keep a dominant place in Kindred society despite the gods they worship having fallen more than once out of fashion. For while the Invictus silencers worry about secrets given away and the Sanctified priests rant about blasphemy, they all know the truth: To cross the Weihan Cynn would be to find themselves unarmed among a sea of troubles.

This was the Weihan Cynn of old. They are thought to be gone now, long since subsumed within and by the Circle of the Crone, long since hunted from the world by the Lancea et Sanctum, long since forgotten by the All Night Society. But there are rumors that, perhaps, a few still stalk the dark forests and hidden places of the world, waiting... and counting up favours due.

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