Cayden Smith

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Cayden Smith
Concept: A Nightmare and a Dream
Tribe: Blood Talon
City: Southern Cross
Lodge: None
Pack: Howling Vigil
Spirit Rank
Player: [mailto: Morgen Boulton]
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]
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Personal Information

Growing up in Forster-Tuncurry with his immigrant parents, Cayden has had to climb from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top with tooth and claw. Having made appearances in the Uratha scene since the 90's, the silver fox has been a founding member of the Protectorate and has been a participant of every major battle since. Once the alpha of The Ministry, Cayden now stands as the Beta for Howling Vigil and a teacher to the Protectorate, willing to do whatever it takes to make them stronger for the battles to come.


Tall, dark, stormy and well dressed, Cayden appears as a man slightly beyond his prime. Blessed with tanned skin, soulful, deep-set blue eyes and a dark, eerily beautiful countenance, the man always seems to be dressed too neatly and too warm for the occasion at hand. Often seen spotted in a tailored suit, the Officer's wardrobe seems completely comprised of similar fashion choices. Dark in colour, shade and taste, the suits he bears is often accompanied by a white dress shirt. During the colder months, he clads himself in a black overcoat that ties up with a single button at the waist, revealing the fitted jeans and heeled dress shoes beneath. No matter the occasion, whether it be a public outing or out hunting in the surrounding wildlife preserves, he always seems to cover himself, whether it be with suits, coats or mahogany tinted glasses and leather driving gloves. Parts of his body are always sealed away from the public eye, leaving a mystery for what may lay underneath. However, don't let his well-dressed civilized appearance fool you. Despite appearing clean and well-kept, Cayden is easily described as intimidating at the best of times. He looms like a tall dark tree, unmoving and rooted firmly to the ground as he surveys those around him from behind tinted glasses. There's an air of danger to him that's hard to ignore, and he isn't afraid to let flare that threat when the time or situation at hand suits him.

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If there is one thing for certain, is that despite his gentlemanly looks, there is something about Cayden that hints he is more than meets the eye. Like a dark shadow, he exudes a long hot aura of foreboding that drapes across everyone he meets. Normally it is tempered, calm enough so that people, uratha and wolf-blooded don't always feel completely uncomfortable around him but during moments of heightened agitation, the man's aura flares into searing striking iron. Most of the time however, Cayden presents himself as a calm, confident man with a questionable patient streak and a dry sense of humor. He makes sure to make the effort to take care of himself, making him seem a lot more vain than most wolves when it comes to appearances. Helpful, prideful, tolerant and dedicated, he works well either alone or in groups, and does well at commanding and keeping people on their toes. He always goes to the extra effort to remind people and teach them that there are bigger, scarier things out there, and that they should never let their judgement get the better of them.


  • Communications Officer / Director of Press - Acts as a liason between the Forster-Tuncurry Council, the media and the government organizations within the region. He holds a reputation for keeping politicians in check.
  • Silver Fox - Given in reference to his constant use of suits and well kept appearance by his fellow Uratha. Previously went by the nickname Black Fox before his graying hair set in.
  • Mr. Smith, Mr. C, Mr. S - What he is called in human society.
  • Nightmare, Abomination, Sibling, Ancestor - he is one and all.
  • Ash-Wind - Title granted to him from the battle against the Predator Kings. Was said to have been seen battling multiple death-raging uratha in one of the fires and walked out with only ash on his hands.
  • He-Who-Walks - Title granted from his execution of several willworkers while remaining on two feet in Hishu Form despite taking heavy damage from them.
  • Moon-Bound - A title granted by the Lunes and the Speaker of Luna herself. The title reflects his deeds done in the name of Forsaken Society as well as his commitment to following the oaths.
Information Known by Forsaken Society

He supports the tribes with tasks concerning the hunt that are too difficult to undertake alone and aids in ensuring that the Predator Kings and larger threats are kept in check and monitored to ensure the safety of Forster-Tuncurry at large. His help however often comes at a cost, and so asking for his assistance should never be taken lightly. He is both admired and hated, but if there's one thing that's clear, it's that he's the guy you want on your side when things go bad.

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  • 1967 - Born as the first child to Ernest and Julie Smith on the outskirts of Forster-Tuncurry.
  • 1992 - Encountered his first change at 24 years of age. He doesn't talk about it much other than implying he killed someone very close to him.
  • 1993 - Goes on annual leave, taking time away from his job for mental health purposes.
  • 1994 - 2008 - Began climbing his career ladder. Helped form the beginning of the Protectorate while balancing his demanding day job. He forges a pack named as The Ministry, known for placing themselves into positions of power and influence in the human communities. Their territory expanded mostly over the urban districts and inner city. Cayden gets promoted several times and becomes known as a local face for the government and the media as the Communications Officer of Forster-Tuncurry.
  • 2009 - Willworkers arrived within the city, forcing the Protectorate to take action as they begun to lay claim to areas the packs didn't approve of. Cayden fought the Willworkers with many others and despite the heavy losses, the mages eventually left.
  • 2012 - The Week of Broken Howls. Large casualties occur, including every member of The Ministry pack, excluding Cayden as the only survivor.

Recent Events


  • After spending years following the grief, depression and anger of losing his former pack, Cayden joins The Howling Vigil alongside Levi, Harley, Steve and their Alpha Ajax.
  • Raises himself to the position of teacher following the late Rainsong's advice.
  • Loses his former best friend and rival, Mac Barrett, filling the old Rahu with regret for that which he left unsaid and undone.
  • After volunteering to help Protect another Pack's territory, he is ambushed by the Lunes who finally see his True Form. He agrees to go with them to seek Judgement in hopes of obtaining the recognition he has long deserved.

' 2019

  • He is returned by the Lunes to The People. There are mixed reactions to his reappearance - love, despair, hope and hate. He vows a promise to fulfill the deeds he gave to those who had passed and to the Lunes. He would continue his lessons, but with a new perspective that may change him or cripple him.

Character Ties

  • Mac Barrett - Went to the same high-school as acquaintances and eventually drift apart with time. They met up occasionally during hunts and a rivalry soon sparked between them as they both fought for dominance. When Mac killed his wife, Cayden used the event to fuel publicity during an unlively winter. The event was sensationalized by the media which lead to Mac becoming a local celebrity for a while for all the wrong reasons. Cayden used him as a footstool to get himself promoted and considers the whole debacle purely 'business' related, although Mac would consider the attack to be a personal one.
  • Elizabeth Masters - Met during the formation of the Protectorate. Despite being an alpha, Cayden has always held respect for her due to her ability to know her limits. They fought together during the Week of Broken Howls as Cayden saved her life by drawing Elizabeth's attackers off of her. To this day they remain as respectful combatants and teachers.
  • Esmee Van de Berg - He met the wolf blooded at one of local clubs and convinced her to try out for the Festival of Music. The two meet up occasionally at public events as general acquaintances.
  • Ajax Faulkner - They met briefly in the past few gatherings, forming a tie when it became apparent how skilled Ajax was as his duties. Cayden didn't always use him when people pushed their luck, but when it came to misunderstandings and general petty crimes against his territory, he always ensured to have Ajax deal with the situation on his behalf before it became something personal and much more bloody.
  • Solomon King - The wandering shaman and Cayden have known eachother since the early 2000's and since that time they have kept a tolerant relationship. Assisting in the bare bones territory layout of Solomon's pack, the two have fought together and know what the other is capable of - resulting in a tie that fringes on the border of wary. Solomon is aware that Cayden has good reason to be feared and Cayden knows that Solomon has what it takes to be a wise hunter - as long as he keeps his place in the world.
  • Harley Faulkner - Having been present in her life ever since her first change, Cayden and Harley have remained amicable towards one another. Having introduced her to the world of herbal teas and relaxation techniques, the young wolf has learned to temper her rage into a cold storm rather than a raging inferno. He regards her as a promising young woman with a bright future ahead of her and holds her to the standard that most young werewolves should aspire to be.


Quotes By

"The blood of wolves isn't just in my veins. It's on my hands..."
"He needs to fear, it's what keeps you alive after all. And maybe it might wake him up from the daydream he's been in all along." - In regards to Mac Barrett and his delusions of still being in prison.
"I take with one hand and give with the other."

Quotes About

"Our Warmaster in all but name. Old wolf, you cannot cover your scars. If they are your shame, let them teach others. If they are your glory, let them shine. It's not our place to look away." - Sunny Faulkner

"Young wolves often question his arrogance and exacting standards, both those he sets for himself and others. Yet those standards have come from hard won experience and loss. They'd do well to remember this" - Beth "Rainsong" Masters

"People tell me to relax, to sit down stop being so 'Storm Lord-y' all the time... But have they even met Ash-Wind? The guy puts me to shame." -- Ajax Faulkner


Harriet:"He's still scary enough"
Tab: "Can't say I've ever been all that scared of him. Like, he's not the sort of person you'd want to be on the wrong side of for sure, but he doesn't make it hard to avoid"
Harriet: "So that vibe he gives off doesn't bother you at all then?"
Tab: "It does and it doesn't. Like it says a very clear 'don't fuck with me' but if you're not being stupid about it he's pretty alright?"

Bea: "Ha ha, thanks. Wow, are they like that with everyone?"
Tab: "Pretty much, yeah."

Aia : "Look, I'm not the one who made me fall in love with him. You'll have to blame Cayden for that"
Mish : "Yup. It's all Cayden's fault. Damn his loveable butt"

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  • Has learned Favoured Form: Hishu.
  • Really likes dogs.
  • Is a tea enthusiast.
  • Is courting Mac in a love / hate relationship.
    • And Ajax too.
  • Has so many scars that he lost count.
  • Is both violence and poetry in motion.
  • I heard his real name is Camden...Aiden...something?

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Morgen Boulton]
Number: 2016010007
Domain: Southern Cross