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Concept: Wildfire Dancer of Kali
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
City: Nomad
Title: none
Sire: Unkown
Bloodline: Kinnaree
Group: house
Embraced: 21st June 1857
Player: NPC
Storyteller: Nomad VST

Personal Information


Dark skin, and wild, pitch black hair, with golden eyes and a look about her that gives off the air of plotting mayhem; Kori cuts a striking figure at 6’1. Regularly scene in a mixture of traditional Indian clothes and punk/grunge style, always accented by plenty of gold jewellery.


Loud and always moving, she loves to be in the thick of things, she’s always up for showing off. She loves to play fight with the Gangrel, anything to get adrenaline going, and has no qualms about getting her hands dirty. She's vocal about what she does and doesn't like, and makes it clear that 99% of Invictus bring a foul taste to her mouth. Chakori is close with the Gods and her worship is a constant and ongoing part of her life, no matter what she is doing, but she also knows that practice and worship should be fun and invigorating as well as introspected and quiet.

Mortal World

A strange woman who appears in the city, dances on the street for money, causes trouble, and then leaves.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1833 - Born in Mumbai, India
  • 1857 – Embraced after the end of India’s first rebellion for independence
  • 1886-1891 - Carved her way across Europe with Decimus, Gaspar and others in an attack against the Catholic foundations as part of the Rage of Mothers Army.
  • 1944 – Moved to Australia
  • 1945 – Meets Jamie Mahina for the first time at a post-war celebration
  • 1966 – Finds Jamie again and the begin travelling together
  • 1971 – Meets and embraces Isaac Foxe. Parts ways with Jamie, leaving Isaac with her
  • 1985 – Finds out Isaac has joined the Lance and spends a week in a rage
  • 1986 – She marries Jamie in Byron Bay
  • 2015 – Stays in Melbourne for a while, being to convert Isaac to the Crone
  • 2016 – Takes Isaac to an Adelaide Circle gathering and he joins the Crone without much push

Recent History



Known Sire

Known Siblings

Known Childer

  • Isaac Foxe - Now that he's come around, he's got serious potential. Can't wait to see what he makes of himself.


Quotes By


Quotes About

"Fuckin' avatar of Kali that she is, beautiful and ghastly and dangerous and did I mention beautiful? Would fuckin' offer puja at her altar anytime" - Vulture

"I had never seen such savagery, such malicious killer intent, as when I saw Chakori on the blood drenched snow fields during the winter of our fury. They say beauty is a thing that stops you in it's awe... that beauty was her violence, the blood was her paint the world her canvas and we were drenched in her art." - General Stormcrow

"She's a freak lightening storm that blows through your town and leaves everything changed in her wake. Some people are shaken and some are renewed, but you're always changed from meeting her, and she never stays long." - Isaac Foxe


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Player: Email NPC
Number: NPC
Domain: Southern Cross