Charles Brock

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Charles Brock
Concept: Jekyll/Hyde struggle
Clan: Gangrel ••
Covenant: Invictus
City: Canberra ••
Title: Broker
Sire: Ljónynja_Øringr
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: Villr
Embraced: 1859
Player: Stephen Justice
Storyteller: Canberra VST
Charles Brock

Personal Information

Charles Brock was born and raised in Victorian England, brought up by strict social guidelines on how to be a gentleman. On top of his families financial interests he held numerous interests, especially in the field of chemistry and biology, and had considered becoming a doctor for a time. His embrace by Ljónynja exposed him to a world a lot larger than he thought had ever existed, and made him reevaluate many of his previously held beliefs. The strongest of these was that he should never lose his temper, because having lost himself once to the beast he saw and felt the raw power it provided; he found the entire experience exhilarating. Now he struggles internally with his desire to keep to his strict upbringing, and to embrace his wild beast for the power it brings to course through him. His move to Australia was an attempt to help balance the two sides of him, embracing a wild frontier, while also providing support to his fellow Gangrel family. He settled into Canberra in the 1970's and found it's chaos both an excitement, but also a frustration. He abandoned his growing connections with the Ordo Dracul, and confirmed himself solidly with the Invictus to try and bring peace to the city. Slowly winning the trust of the Red Ledger cult, and working his way up its ranks, to establish a proper underground political scene that was more stable than Canberra's public front. Now he is a well known broker of the Red Ledger cult, and tries to keep himself back from the politics of his city, instead making sure that full force is brought to bear against any who would risk further disruption to his city.


Charles Brock has strong Anglo-Saxen features, standing at 181cm tall, with Black hair, brown eyes, and a Victorian English Moustache. He appears to be about in his mid 40's, and tends to dress in well tailored suits favouring older cuts.


Charles is known to be calm and reasonable most of the time, using his scientific hobbies to help him analyse and assess whatever is going on. However he's also known for having a temper on him these days, and he still cannot resist the call of the beast at time, and has been known to rile himself up to ride the wave against someone he perceives has deeply insulted him or risked his cities stability.

Mortal World

To the mortal world Charles is long considered dead and missing in England. Operating through ghouls he maintains a minor presence to allow him to continue living in the luxury he is used to, and to supply the tools he needs for his various hobbies, but he maintains little contact with the Kine themselves. He's most probably best known to a local pet store owner, who helps keep him stocked with tropical fish for a tank he likes to display in his haven to visitors.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Charles is known to uphold deals, and help arrange contacts between Kindred. He travels many of the domains on Canberra freely due to his role as a Broker of the city, and this allows him to keep tabs on the unlife in the city, making him an excellent source of information and rumours.

He is known for embracing his beast at times, and being quite versed in the fighting style of Riding the Wave. This usually result in other Invictus not feeling comfortable challenging him to a duel, as they do not want to deal with someone who might not be able to control themselves, and is quite likely why he has never risen high in the ranks of the Invictus.


  • 1814 - Born in England
  • 1859 - Embraced in England
  • 1970 - Moved to Canberra
  • 1996 - Became a Broker of the Red Ledger cult

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Quotes By

"When you notice you are confused, then it's a good moment to take a pause and consider what facts might be wrong. Then it's best to consider what would explain the situation, no matter how absurd it might seem."

- Charles discussing with a Neonate who watched a complicated political maneuver happen at court.

Quotes About

"Am I proud of my childer Charles? A mother is always proud. Particularly when her cub's first frenzy results in the death of ten people before he manages to regain control. One might suggest he enjoyed it less than I did as he works so hard to quell the beast now. But I saw that feral hunger in his eyes, he enjoyed it, and he quells it only to keep you from becoming the next victim."

- Ljónynja Øringr.

“It is an interesting place I find myself in, having a vassal whom is of greater age and with that greater overall experience with kindred life than myself. The common belief of the uneducated provides that I should step aside and be his vassal, or that they would seek to label him incompetent. But the mistake you make here is that all experience is equal in all things, Charles Brock is a scholar of great renown, understanding things that would take me likely two life times to comprehend, which is where is true talents belong. To mar his time and ability with that of a leadership positions is an insult to his talents and abilities.” 

- Onryō – Lecturing a neonate invictus inductee.


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Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Stephen Justice
Number: 2006090005
Domain: Canberra