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"I don't think there's many who could do what he does without getting pretty cynical - dealing with death all day. Somehow though, Charles goes completely the other way and sees every one as having their own story to tell, whether they're around to finish it or not - Tabitha Kelly

"He berry bush. Sweetness, filled with thorns." - Tahl


"So I think, at this point, we train. We scout. We do what we can stomach with the Fire Touched. And we work to get Hunter's Rest back." - Sunny Faulkner
"...Burn it. Nu Mus Halhala. Burn it." - Tahl
"Let No Sacred Place in Your Territory Be Violated? ...Wait, that could be a good idea, it would get rid of PKs in the territory." - Rei
"Yes. She's a Mennina." - Sunny Faulkner
"Sounds like something they would say" - Charles
"Fire is very cleansing." - Bowie
"And the land remembers when it was tamed by fire" - Sunny Faulkner
"Sounds good to me. If it isn't our land, then like fuck it's gonna be theirs." - Bowie
- The Lyceum, agreeing on the appropriate treatment for the desecration of Hunter's Rest.


  • Manages to smile in a morgue. I don't know what's wrong there, and I don't want to find out.
    • And yet, he's incredibly gentle with everyone
      • That should worry you more.

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