Chase Dawson

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Concept: Unknown
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ••
City: Perth
Title: The Advocate
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: Lineage/House/Coterie
Embraced: 1989
Player: Braddles
Storyteller: [mailto: Perth VST]
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Personal Information

Appearance -"The Fractured Face I wear"

Chase appears to be in his mid twenties. Long black hair, a once broken nose, brown eyes. He is of a broad muscular build. often seen wearing torn Jeans and band shirts, he has several piercings in his ears.

He has a tattoo sleeve on his left arm, depicting a Japanese tiger and several skulls.

Nosferatu flaw:

Broken glass protrudes his skin over his body. Extruding from painful wounds along his face arms and mouth. The glass seems to grow and splinter over the course of the night. Which causes pain to his body. If any wounds are taken glass grows outwards from the fresh wounds in a rapid and painful way.

For important court events Chase will painfully remove the glass from his body as not to cause offence.

Personality - "Who am I? Only Mother Knows."

Chase is somewhat of a paradox, for some nights his clan loneliness exudes from his very pores, but on other nights he is very personable and charismatic, inspirational he motivates others to succeed in their goals and to question who they are.. He is approachable and willing to talk to many kindred. He can often get lost in his own conversations, forsaking important things to talk about "Mother" or someone's potential.

The Sinister Fourskins

Sinister Fourskins first Album cover.

The Sinister Fourskins is an alternative Industrial Metal band, formed in the early half of 2012, since then the band has been performing ad hoc at local venues and are begining to gain some momentum in the Alternative Metal genre. The band is known for their antics on stage as well as their unconventional lyrics and on stage presence.

What is Alternative Metal?

Alternative metal usually takes elements of heavy metal with influences from genres like alternative rock, and other genres not normally associated with metal, such as hardcore punk, funk, and progressive rock. Alternative metal bands are often characterized by heavy guitar riffs, melodic vocals, unconventional sounds within other heavy metal genres, unconventional song structures and sometimes experimental approaches to heavy music.

Band Members

Behind the Scenes

  • Vic - Bands "Manager"
  • Meredith - "Vic's Personal Assistant" Aka The Bands PA.
  • Crystal - Lighting and SFX Manager
  • Mags - Transport

Information Known by Kindred Society


Is currently Acknowledged in the court


Mortal World

Chase is a somewhat public figure in the mortal world, he runs seminars called "the pursuit of truth" where he gives people a mantra to live by and inspire them. Chase also is the drummer of the Band the Sinister Foreskins.

Covenant - "Mother knows me, like no other."

Chase belongs to the Circle of the Crone originally to seek answers for his painful curse of his embrace. He has learnt that the darkened depths has a reason and a purpose for all. Chase proclaims him self a prophet of tribulation. The advocate of the the Eater of world's.

He believes that the dark mother is a very real goddess who's aspects and servants dwell in the deep forgotten places. Chase is a member of the fringe cult of the circle of the crone known as the Dark Deluge, a faction inside the covenant who believe that in the dark places of the world, that the dark mothers children reside, and these creatures from beyond provide wisdom and insight into "her" will.

Chase & Crystal -"My guide in the void."

Crystal was ghouled in 2005, and they have been together ever since, according to chase the Dark Mother spoke to him and sent him someone to guide him, so he can fufil Mother's desires with his full attention.

Since 2005, they have lived together, and Crystal attends to chases often bizarre daily requirements, to chase they are a symbiotic creature and with her in his unlife he is whole.


  • 1963 - Born
  • 1989 - Embraced
  • 1990 - Details
  • 2000 - Details
  • 2010 - Details
  • 2013 - Details

Recent History


  • JUN - Details
  • JUL - Details
  • AUG - Details
  • SEP - Details
  • OCT - Details
  • NOV - Details
  • DEC - Details


Unknown Sire

Chase doesn't know who his sire is, it is a source of his confusion as he has truly no idea of why he was embraced or by who. It is this doubt that caused him to seek out the Circle of the Crone.

Known Siblings

Chase is unaware of who his sire is, however since he feels a connection to the other Nosferatu, they all refer to him as their cousin. The below kindred are his "Cousins".


Quotes By

"There is a place, where fear rules supreme, where the light hides from the dark, where those who give them selves over to the darkness are granted a pathway to the unnatural incomprehensible gifts of god her self." - Chase to Schovajsa

Quotes About

"Chase is about his art and is the kinda guy that would be better off in a 60ies beat café than in an Alternate Metal band. But Fear has no place in a 60ies beat café." - Vic

"Don't get Chase talking about his faith unless you've got a couple of hours to kill. Because somehow it makes no sense at all but he's utterly convinced and won't change the subject till you agree with him" - Meredith Winchester-Roe

"His preoccupation with 'Embracing your Fear' is, in my opinion, Unhealthy" - Virginia Lu


"Quote" - reference


  • Chase is the reason the Fourth Member is Missing
  • Gets the fabric for his pants custom dyed in a pattern that he designed during an after-show bender. Now he won't wear anything else, to Crystal's disgust.
  • Called the MC Blackbloods a dangerous Fraternity.
  • Runs a guided meditation class
  • Likes to appropriate other people's parties for his religious observances but is yet to host a gathering himself

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Bray Wyatt
  • Tony Robbins

OOC Information

Plays cards and enjoys Pizza.

This character can be quite crazy and inflammatory at times, please remember it is the character and not the player. If you have any problems please speak with me about them OOC.

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Braddles]
Number: 00000000
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