Chris Marshall

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Chris Marshall
Concept: Entourage
Regnant's Clan: n/a
Regnant's Covenant: 1
City: Perth
Ghouled: N/A
Player: Chris
Storyteller: Perth VST
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Personal Information

A hard-working tradesman, carpenter by profession; Chris fell on hard times spiraling into homelessness, drug abuse, crime and depression. Taken in by a charity, Chris was slowly cleaned up - The charity itself was a cunningly devised operation by kindred to recruit "talented" mortals for discerning clients.


"Average" would be a good word to describe Chris. Average height and build, short dark hair and nothing particularly noticeable presents when looking at him. He DOES have tattoos, but all are placed in subtle positions that are only visible when uncovered. His choice of attire is a reflection of his trade and experience; hard-wearing, simple, practical clothing.


Chris can be as mercurial and perplexing as any mortal; he has a sharp, observational sense of humour that he uses both to deflect and hide nervousness as well as to launch insults and deprecation's against those he believes deserves them. He has absolutely no time for folks who put on "Airs & Graces" and is staunchly egalitarian. His attitude to those in power (at least those in UNDESERVED power in his views) is defiant - but not entirely suicidal.

Unknown to most; Chris is a strict teetotaller, aside from cigarettes; he abstains completely from alcohol and drugs and regards them with near phobic tendencies.

He is at heart a charitable person; in that he will physically help underprivileged or little people, especially if he perceives that they are in danger.

Mortal World

Chris has no ties with his family as they have disowned him completely and he has not seen nor heard from them in over a decade.

Information Known by Kindred Society



  • 1978 - Born in Hallett, a tiny rural town in South Australia
  • 1980 - Schooled in Hallett
  • 1990 - Moved to Port Augusta, South Australia; Trade Apprenticeship with the Railways
  • 2000 - After mass redundancies; moved to Melbourne, Victoria for work
  • 2010 - A workplace accident led to a dependency on prescription painkillers, this in turn graduated into a full-blown addiction to hard drugs.
  • 2014 - Chris is found on the streets of Geelong, by charity workers. He is suspected of several crimes including armed robbery and larceny to support his addiction to hard drugs; but he is also noticed to have a certain something about himself- he could see through certain supernatural guises, and a slight resistance to domination.

He is taken in, cleaned up and rehabilitated.

  • 2017 - He meets Victor Roe and the two agree to work together as sponsor/employer and employee

Recent History

Chris has arrived in Perth as Vic's employee.


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Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Degenerate Boy - X (or "The Mark of Cain" if you prefer that version)
  • Sad but True - Metallica
  • My Hero - Foo Fighters

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Chris Hanlin
Number: 2017120001
Domain: Perth