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Concept: Unknown
Path: Magistos
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Consilium: Launceston --
Legacy Unknown
Cabal: None
Player: Ali Lawrie
Storyteller: VST Email Launceston VST

Personal Information


Blonde hair, often cut short enough to be practical, but sometimes longer and in a braid. Tall and athletic, she obviously keeps herself in good phyical form.


Practical clothing is her preference. Pants, shirts, often tight and with a corset. She could be describes as having a steampunk fashion sense, expecially as she is almost never seen without her goggles around her neck or on her head. Not known to wear typically feminine clothing, although she has been known to wear a smiple slip dress on occasion. She has a tattoo on her left bicep that says "Ubique".


Semper fidelis. it may be the Marine motto, but Circe embodies the ideals. Loyalty and honour are very important to Circe. She does not give respect to a position, but to a person, and once given, it is hard to shake. She will risk herself for those she considers her people. Very stoic and not prone to emotional speech nor outward displayed of affection, she will tell you how it is.



Iced Chocolate, tea, whisky and vodka To get up at dawn and do yoga/exercise Favourite music is Queen, David Bowie and Nick Cave Bushwalking Small animals (despite the fact her cat hisses at her)


Coffee People who come into her bar to cause trouble or fights


Really good at fixing things, especially cars


Expressing emotiions. It's not that she doesn't have any, but years in the army has taught her to be guarded with her emotions.


Possibly, though being a Mastigos she uses her fears to fuel her power.


Not really a hobby as such, but she brews boutique beer. The Beer is sold at her pub The Cock and Crown.

Mortal World

Sleeper Alias: TJ. Vines
Sleeper Occupation: Bar owner- The Cock and Crown


  • Long Term Nimbus:Her eyes seem to glow with an unearthly light and shadowy wings appear behind her, she seems to grow in height, space seems to warp around her, and her voice takes on an echoing resonance.
  • Immediate Nimbus: In the presence of Circe, onlookers keenly feel sensual emotions, a sense of bliss, a sense of intoxication, lust, or desire. The sensation may be pleasant, or disturbing depending on the arcane effects being used..
  • Signature Nimbus: A mage utilizing Focused Mage Sight, will experience a feeling of Exhaustion after desire, a hangover after intoxication or a feeling of release after a hard workout on any object she has touched when using a spell, rote or praxis.

Known Information

Circe arrived in Launceston in 2009 just afetr her awakening. Initially she was introduced to the mage community by Astraeus, but she soon took on study under Thoth.

She bought a pub that was about to be foreclosed and turned it into an icon of Launceston specialising in good food and good brew, most of which Circe brews herself. The Cock and Crown

If you wanted a poster girl for the Arrow, Circe is it. She embodies all that the Arrow stand for


First Talon or Thunderbolt Guardian Sentinal

Nicknames and Aliases



Date of Birth: 07/January/1986.
Childhood: Circe was the child of Russian immigrants who settled into Launceston. She in the area around Launceston, went to school as a boarder at Launceston Church Grammar school.
In 2002, as part of a school program, went ot work on a farm outside town for the summer. Met Dogwood and Wander. Straight from the end of high school, at 18yes, she enlisted in the army and moved to Darwin.
Awakening: Circe had enlisted with the combat engineers. As part of a contingent from 1CER, she deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. Littel did she know what was to come. Fate did, and sent Astraeus. for now, he just watched.
It was not until she has returned, and was drinking away her stresses in Darwin that Astraeus showed himself to her. Thinking it was just her inebriation, Astraeus guided her through that night of her awakening and helped her take her first steps into the works of the Awakened
Tutelage: initially Astraeus helped her find her feet,but year later she was discovered by Thoth who became her first mentor.


1983 parents and older brother Vitaly immigrate from Russia
1985 - Parents and brother become Australian Citizens
1986- Born, launceston (Natasha Belov)
2002 - Summer farm work program - meets Dogwood and Wander
2004 - Enlists in the Australian Army
2008- deployed to Afghanistan with 1CER (Combat Engineer Regiment)
2009 - (September)- returns to Darwin suffering from PTSD
2009 -(October) meets "Jack" Astraeus in a bar in darwin while on leave. Awakens that night. Discharge from army and moved to Launceston.
2010 - Opens the "Cock and Crown" pub. Invar becomes a regular.
2010 - meets Thoth becomes his student. He trains her for admittance to the Arrow.
Meets Rifling who is also a student of Thoth 2011 - Meets Myrddin during a training session with the Arrow.
2012 - Calls in Crucible to ajudicate on a point of Awakened Law
2014 - Marries Mryddin in a private civil ceremony. Astraeus shows up.
Begins to play bowling every friday night with Crucible and Wander at the Launceston transcendental bowls club.

2015 - Becomes a Sentinal in the Concilium.

Start of Domain Chron

January 2017
22/1/2017 - Updates on things that affect your character.


Quotes by

Quotes about

"We worked on a kit car together once, that was a LOT of fun, we sold it afterwards though."
- Thrills
"I trust Circe to know my limits. And I trust her enough to run to her if I need her. She's the closest thing I have to a sister now."
- Medea
"I will Always walk behind Circe, Not because I want her running into the Action first but because she has the Finest ass I've seen since the movie Stars and she Knows it"
- Invar
"How I got to be called 'Big Panda'? look to Circe for that. Lets say I was... inspired by her Tatts. "...Honi soit qui mal y pense. Tel qui s'en rit aujourd'hui, s'honorera de la porter" "
- Big Panda


"Permission, Circe?"
- Medea before picking up a firearm


  • Before she was married she slept around a bit. It's rumoured she's been with Astraeus, Thrills and Rifling at least.
    • As far as rumours go, if Thrills is involved it's probably true.
  • She's an alcoholic. Is that why she opened a bar?
    • Nah, she's reformed, but that's how she knows what they want.
  • She was with Astraeus a lot more than her other lovers, yet she married Mryddin, what's with that?
    • We all make poor life choices. Don't judge her for either of them.
  • She doesn't really show any affection publicly for Mryddin is their marriage even real?
    • Yes, just because you don't PDA doesn't mean you aren't dating someone.
      • Or does it?
  • Did something in her past while in the Army that still haunts her to this day.
    • She was in the army. That's why they have PTSD counselling.
  • Goes out bowling on Friday nights with Crucible, some kind of Silver Ladder-Arrow alliance, or just some fun?
  • What is the deal with her and Nephilim? They're opposites but they spend heaps of time together.
    • Maybe Nephilim is only making an effort because Circe is her husband's best friend.
      • They spend too much time with just the two of them for that to be true. They're just really good friends from before they awoke.
  • I hear when Nephilim orders a White Russian at the Cock and Crown she just asks for a Circe.
    • Circe prefers it that way.
  • Is totally banging Invar.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

Zoe- Firefly
Luke Cage
Isobel- The Mortal Instruments

"Once upon a time, an angel and a devil pressed their hands to their hearts. And started the apocalypse."
- Laini Taylor
Once upon a time, an angel and a devil held a wishbone between them. And it's snap split the world in two."
- Laini Taylor
"Once upon a time, an angel and a devil dared to imagine a new way of living. One without massacres, torn throats, and bonfires of the fallen. One without children ripped from their mothers arms to take their turn in the killing and dying."
- Laini Taylor
"Once upon a time, an angel lay dying in the mist. And a devil knelt over her and smiled."
- Laini Taylor

Circe’s Playlist

Enya- Only Time

Rob Dougan- Clubbed to Death

One Republic- Counting Stars (Astraeus)

Zedd- Clarity

Terfa Firma (Lara’s Mix)

Propellerheads- Spybreak!

Pompeii by Bastille

The Lightening Strike (What If This storm Ends) by Snow Patrol

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Member Information
Player: Email Ali L
Number: 2000100334
Domain: Southern Cross