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Concept: Unknown
Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium ••
Consilium: Southern Cross
Legacy None
Cabal: Team Thrillseeker
Player: Mick Atwell
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST
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Enchanter of the Mysterium

Born: 25/05/1985

Age: 31

Rank: Disciple of Fate and Space

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Various nicknames and aliases:

Physical description:
Clothon is short, overweight, Olive skin, brown eyes, varies between a goatee and a Beard, looks about 30ish. Despite that he’s fairly active.
Personality Description:
Clothon is Curious, Impulsive, a little reckless. He enjoys a good time, drinks hard, parties hard

Greens brighten, metals are shinier, and strange rattling of Dice can be just heard.
With Powerful Magic a fog rises, a Hunting Horn sounds and his features alter (ears become pointed, eyes more Almond shaped, cheek bones sharper) taking on an unnatural grace and Beauty.


Out of Character resource
1985 – Born on 25/05/1985
1991 to 1997 – Year 1 to 7
1998 to 2002 – High School, years 8 to 12
2003 to 2005 – Bachelor of Arts - Social Sciences - UWA
2006 – Honours Degree – Paleoanthropology - UWA
2007 to 2008 – Masters Degree – Paleoanthropology - UWA
2009 to 2011 – PhD – Paleoanthropology - UWA
2012 – Job with FMG as a Cultural Heritage Impact Officer – Chichester Hub (Cloudbreak, Christmas Creek)
2013 – Awaken Acanthus, Apprenticeship under ‘No-One’, then learning with Bowman
2014 – Join Mysterium
2015 - Job with Launceston Uni as a Lecturer

2013 – Awaken 24/07/2013

Initial Master:
2013 – Apprenticeship under ‘No-One’, then learning with Bowman

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  • Hairy as fuck
  • About one of the only people that goes anywhere near as hard as Thrills
    • Apparently Thrills' favourite Cabalmate

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Member Information
Player: Mick Atwell
Number: AU2003090529
Domain: Perth