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It came to my attention that people just don't know about the other members of their clans and covenants in Australia, nor where to find a summary of all such groups. Here is a (hopefully) extensive list of those said groups.
Please do not make changes to this page without speaking to the GST. The formatting and layout is important for clarity purposes.

Important Information

If you would like your clan or covenant group added to this selection, please contact the GST ( with a summary of your group, number of players (if any), and a contact person!

Before you claim to join ANY Family, House, Movement, Circle, Creed, or Mystery listed below you MUST speak with the Contact for information or to join and confirm your concept with work with the family values. Failure to do so will be penalised due to the great level of disrespect it shows, and may even result in desanctioning of your character for breach of the C.O.C. (breaching the Be Excellent to Each Other rule).



Ashbury Family

  • The survivors of a mass embrace whose members were mostly culled, Ashbury is a Daeva-only family with strong spiritual connections.
  • Each of their members is gifted with an understanding of the mystical and supernatural and carries with them a sense of higher purpose.
  • Characters must not be embraced before the 1960s.
  • Must have at least a single dot in occult at creation.
  • There are no covenant restrictions. The family is primarily made up of members in the Circle of the Crone.
  • The family has roots of influence spreading into the underworld, the entertainment districts of the cities they live in and local cults.
  • Ghouls are emphasized to play a strong role in the family and are actively encouraged to play plot.
  • Members are encouraged to seek and feed on all emotions, not just lust. (Let's break the lust Daeva stereotype!)
Contact for information or to join:


  • The Domus descend from Horkus, through Delphi and her line.
  • The Domus (also known as the descendants of Horkos) take the concept of the word is your bond to the next level, their word is their very survival. Members of the bloodline have been to the edge of the abyss and looked over, and come back.
  • Through their control of fear and seduction (nightmare and majesty) they have sought to control their own beast and influence kindred society to become more orderly and controlled in order to battle the temptations of the beast
  • It is a strong and powerful family of Daeva who are primarily Invictus.
  • The bloodline associated with this family can also be found in the Nosferatu clan.
  • There is no restriction on covenants for the family.
Contact for information or to join:

House Roe Daeva Branch

  • House Roe was always originally intended to be Ventrue only, but also includes a growing Daeva contingent.
  • Unlike the Ventrue, the Daeva do not only ghoul and sire from the Roe mortals.
  • No covenant restrictions on members of House Roe.
  • It's very much "one in, all in". If called, you are expected to come to help your family.
  • This is a young family, the first Daeva Roe was embraced in the 1970's.
  • Many of the Daeva Roe work within the Underworld fields, drugs, smuggling, international crime and prostitution.
  • If you are interested in playing as part of the Daeva Roe, the majority of new members are likely to be offered ghouling first. Ghouls in the Daeva House are seen as extremely important and highly valued, many of the current players were long-term ghouls or have had long-term ghoul companions in their backstories. Ghouls are friends, not food.
Contact for information or to join:

House Fitzchambers Daeva Branch

Other covenants are not looked down upon, but joining a covenant is always run by "Mother and Father" first.

Contact for information or to join:


Villr Family

  • The Villr family are a Gangrel family descended from Ljónynja Øringr and Wodan.
  • Any kindred in anyway related to these kindred are part of the family.
  • The family is expected to answer calls from other members, particularly from the two heads, or their childer.
  • There are NO Lancea et Sanctum members in the family.
  • The family does not accept black sheep.
Contact for information or to join:

House Fitzchambers Gangrel Branch

Other covenants are not looked down upon, but joining a covenant is always run by "Mother and Father" first.

Contact for information or to join:


Mae'r Ceiswyr

  • Loose family of Scholar's that assist each other's study and knowledge
    • Currently all descended from Yr Ysgolhaig, though this is more from exposure than any planning and membership could be offered to others
  • No covenant restrictions
  • Not all in the lineage have joined the Mae'r Ceiswyr
  • Full Lineage available here
Contact for information or to join:


Oni Family

  • Family generally protected by their ‘big brother’.
  • Family is close knit, and generally has had bad histories of violence.
  • No covenant restrictions.
Contact for information or to join:

Adam Muhling (email me here)

Fremmend Family

  • Eastern and Northern European Origins
  • Strength of Convictions is important
  • No covenant restrictions.
Contact for information or to join:

GST Requiem (email me here)


House Roe Ventrue Branch

  • House Roe was always originally intended to be Ventrue only, but also includes Daeva.
  • Generally the large family Ghouls and Sires from the mortal Roe family.
  • There is a strong maritime tradition within the Ventrue family.
  • Often the sea must be visible from a haven.
  • Touchstones are protected by the whole family. They look-out for one another’s property and interests.
  • No covenant restrictions on members of House Roe.
Contact for information or to join:
  • Mick Atwell ([mailto: email me here])

House of the White Shore

  • An offshoot of this house is the White Shore House.
  • This clan is led by Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca, and is a novle family with origins in Circle of the Crone, The Carthian Movement, and The Invictus.
  • This is strictly enforced. Do not apply to be in this branch if you wish to be a Lancea et Sanctum.
  • Members are expected to follow whichever gods they believe in. Nordic, Gaelic, Roman, and Aztex are common themes.
  • Rotgrafen is the native bloodline for the family.
  • Released members are expected to make it on their own, asking for help is seen as a weakness.
  • Members receive a Roman name upon release by their sire, but this is ceremonial and not frequently used.
Contact for information or to join:


Carthian Movement

Nomad Carthians

  • Group of Carthian First, Court Second companions.
  • All anti-fascist. Some believe in participatory democracy, or even Marxist.
  • Believe in empowering the resistance.
  • No-one is a member of only one Court.
  • Back each other up no matter what.
  • Hold each other to account if an experiment fails.
  • This movement currently has 2 PC members.
Contact for more information or to join:

Circle of the Crone

([mailto: email me here])


The House of Maine

  • A ‘new money’ house of young Invictus formed in Castlemaine, Victoria in early 1851 during the gold rush era in Australia.
  • The house is very capitalist.
  • The early members followed the kine when they came for the gold and they decided to get rich while there.
  • Members are expected to work hard to better themselves and their position
  • Members who have worked their way up from impoverished backgrounds perferred
  • This house currently has one PC member.
    • Eva Cavallaro
Contact for more information or to join:

Eva Cavallaro ([1])

Casa di Temperance

  • Casa di Temperance is an ancient Corsican house who’s presence has been felt in Australia for around 100 years.
  • They believe in staying true to your word, and upholding oaths and laws, with strict and swift punishment for failure.
  • They teach politics, notarise oaths, and believe in adhering to Kindred traditions as well as Invictus traditions.
  • This house currently has 5 PC members.
    • Alex Mackenzie
    • Ali Lawrie
    • Kristine Hertel
    • Ren Leahy
    • Sara Hastings
Contact for more information or to join:

Lancea et Sanctum

Order of Saint Lucy

  • Saint Lucy is the Patron Saint of Light.
  • Mahyar al-Sahand is rumoured to hold one of her 'knuckles' (presumably, is it real? Truth is uncertain).
  • Order is from a brotherhood in Israel that stores Strix knowledge.
  • All members of the brotherhood are Khaibit descended from his Mahyar al-Sahand.
  • Exceptional circumstances allow people to be inducted in.
  • Order is related to the Mossad. They protect the brotherhood in return for upkeep of a crack military ghoul squad
  • This order currently has 1 PC member.
    • Cameron Stewart
Contact for information or to join:
  • Cameron Stewart ([mailto: email me here])

Ordo Dracul

([mailto: email me here])

Cerberus Pact

  • The Cerberus Pact watch for Strix. They are ever looking for the next strike. Never resting. They are the Watchdogs
  • This is not an Ordo Dracul Covenant or Mystery, but is instead it's own minor almost-covenant, but not enough to be known as one.
  • Members tend to pop up in cities at risk of Strix invasion.
  • If information is garnered abut these kindred, the investigator often finds them-self in a join or die scenario
Contact for more information or to join: