Crystal Jade Roe

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Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva
City: Southern Cross --
Sire: Jakob Roe
Bloodline: ...
Group: ...
Embraced: 3 September 2016
Player: [mailto: Nicole M]
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]
Into the Looking Glass. Goth, Steam punk, custom clothing

Personal Information


Crystal looks to be in her late 20s and is just under 6ft tall. Her hair is past her shoulders and could be blonde but it changes so often it's hard to know. She wears Goth or steam punk clothing and heavy make up to work. When going out she dresses how she's feeling. Pre-embrace Crystal was rarely seen without wrist coverings, again now it depends on her mood.


Her personality can give you whiplash sometimes. When she's feeling social Crystal is friendly and easy going. She is often preoccupied by work or what her family is up to. When she's not in a great mood she is prickly, some have called her abrasive.

There is often no warning between moods and even the smallest insults can set her off some days when other times she may laugh it off.

Mortal World

Crystal is an established clothing designer in Perth. Her shop, Into the Looking Glass, is well known for quality clothing particularly Crystal's own line and the artistic trinkets. She has recently launched internationally with lines established with retailers in Japan and France. (fame 2 fashion industry) For reasons she never gives out, her brand has up and relocated manufacturing to Geelong Victoria, while the flagship store still remains in Subiaco another is rumoured to be opening early in 2018 in Geelong.

Information Known by Kindred Society


Released, unaligned



  • 1978 - Born
  • 1995 - Into the Looking Glass begins from her home
  • 1997 - Into the Looking Glass moves to a storefront
  • 2005 - Becomes A Ghoul to Chase
  • 2005 - Meets Sean Quinn, who takes her as a client.
  • 2010 - Into The Looking Glass moves to MT Lawley
  • 2012 - Meets Meredith for the first time... in this society. The "Breakfast Club" is formed.
  • 2015 - Meredith and Crystal survive a daytime Strix attack on them at her shop. Shop's closed
  • 2016 - February ITLG reopens in Subiaco
  • 2016 - September Embraced by Jakob
  • 2016 - Perth falls to Strix, the family leave
  • 2017 - After a short stay in Queensland she relocates to Geelong with the Roe family
  • 2018 - Is elected President of Geelong

Recent History


  • DEC - Meredith and Crystal are attacked by Strix agents during daylight hours inside Into The Looking Glass in front of customers.


  • OCT -
  • NOV -
  • DEC - Is made Secretary to President Fitzchambers in the City of Geelong


  • JAN -
  • FEB -
  • MAR -
  • APR -
  • MAY - Travels to Brisbane, reluctantly, at the request of the Mothers Army
  • JUN -
  • JUL - Relationship with Eddie breaks down
  • AUG - Travels to Canberra for business
  • SEP - Is elected President of Geelong
  • OCT -
  • NOV -
  • DEC -

Crystal & Chase - A dance like no other

Chase saved Crystal after an attack that left her on life support. Crystal was ghouled in 2005, and they have been together ever since, according to Chase the Dark Mother spoke to him and sent him someone to guide him, so he can fulfil Mother's desires with his full attention.

Since 2005, they lived together, and Crystal attend to Chases often bizarre daily requirements, to Chase they are a symbiotic creature and with her in his unlife he was whole.

All that changed in September 2016...

Modern Nights

Into the Looking Glass

Crystal owned a boutique shop in Mount Lawley aimed at the Gothic community, she opened it late 1995 out of her house then moved to the shop a few years later. Clothing ranging from the cheap to the custom items that can be either purchased off the rack or custom designed and made on site. Items for males and females are readily available, she also takes online orders. While the shop specialises in clothing there are also small to medium unique glass sculptures on display for sale.

When the shop originally opened the back room held a small selection of occult type items, again aimed at the Wicca/Goth communities. These items are no longer on display but the customers who want things know what to ask for.

December 2015 the store is attacked by drug crazed men who open fire upon a shop full of customers. Meredith Winchester, a long term customer and well known socialite is badly injured along with Crystal as they retain the attentions of the attackers allowing the customers and staff to escape and alert authorities. The store is closed and is rumoured to be moving locations with a grand re-opening set for early February 2016 once Crystal has recovered from her life threatening injuries.

February 2016 Into The Looking Glass reopens in Subiaco where the store remains, run by the manager and staff.

Crystal is invited to Sydney Fashion Week in 2016 and meets with international buyers, she launches ITLG into Japan with leads into other markets. She wins "Best New Talent" ensuring an appearance the following year.

2017 Fashion week in Sydney leads to her brand launching into France with leads into Italy.

Her online store... and (basic ideas of lines normally available)

The Sinister Fourskins

Crystal was with the band since their formation. She was the lighting manager until the band split during the fall of Perth.

Sinister FourSkins.jpeg


As a ghoul Crystal didn't have a lineage, she did however have a close association to the Nosferatu lineage of Perth who remained adamant that she was their family, stolen by Jakob regardless of prior arrangements and contracts in place.

Crystal is part of House Roe as the third of 4 Childer to Jakob.


Quotes By

"What, shit, crap. How the... Oh god he's Prince." Looks around frantically, "Mother guide us, we're going to need it." the night Chase was handed Praxis

"Really... you're wearing that? Well I guess it could be worse, you could have gone to K-Mart"

"Im sorry, if you want me to pay attention Im going to have to close my eyes... your outfit is too painful to let me concentrate."

After not being able to land a punch on a grappled enemy Crystal's reply to the idiot who dared to sass her "That's not my job. My job is to look good and make other people look good. My sisters job is to hit people while looking good"

"I thought that was odd, so, I drank it."

Quotes About

"Crystal is part of me, and I am a part of her, Mother sent her to me. Our descent is together, with out her I'd be lost to wander my proclamations unheard." - Chase

“Yea, Crystal is a Ghoul, why does that mean you have to talk to her. If it’s a Question on Lighting, she’s the right one to go to, if it’s of a Kindred or Supernatural aspect, I’d check with Chase first” - Vic when asked about Crystal

"Why does he even bring her to court. Could be a handy snack I suppose" - Virginia Lu

"She's brilliant. Fashionable, beautiful, graceful and has all the quirks and peculiarities, she could become a great Daeva one day. She just doesn't know it." Jakob Roe

"IT WAS FOUR DAYS!! Four freaking days girl you are NOT pulling the "older sister" card on me!" - Meredith Winchester-Roe

"Crystal is my favourite niece, so fashionable and modern. She does her sire proud" - 'Uncle' Gaspar

"Like the sister I never had" - Sean Quinn in full hearing of his actual sister.

"Omg she's such a sweetie, I love her!" - Precious Sophie, who cares about her lovely cousin quite a lot

"She deserves better than anyone on this miserable Earth can offer her." - Vulture, being unusually cagey.

"How are you and Crystal doing, by the way - I'd ask her myself but she'd say she's fine even if her ass was on fire" - Meredith Winchester-Roe

"Honestly I see a lot of potential that the Invictus could benefit from" - Matthew


"Our relationship is obviously different to yours." To Meredith
"Are you trying to say yours didn't involve the boardroom table at the office christmas party?"
"No... but Im glad the outfits are working for you."


  • Crafts sculptures from the shards of glass pulled out of Chase and sells them in her shop
  • Has an bet with Meredith to see who can get either Chase or Vic to stick to a makeover the longest
  • Threw the debate about the identification of ghouls by clapping the opposition's points beneath the table
  • Threw her sewing scissors at a gun wielding Strix-corpse that was shooting up her shop
  • Has an aversion to Daeva in boardshorts
  • Suffers major conniptions over minor wardrobe malfunctions.
    • Claws through titanium stays in a corset is not a 'wardrobe malfunction'
  • Has been seen a lot with a certain Gangrel of late
    • Is getting married
      • is designing the outfits everyone is wearing to her wedding. Everyone is going to look just fabulous.
        • Oh look... that wasnt for her wedding after all
  • Has managed to piss off nearly every Gangrel in the city and some further afield

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Delta: You Will Only Break My Heart: Tell me your thoughts now baby. Tell me whats on your mind. Tell me whats eating you alive. Tell me your darkest secretes. Clear up those stupid lies. Show me whats there behind those eyes.
  • Metallica: Fade To Black for her life before Chase
  • Lana Del Rey: Once Upon A Dream
  • Alessia Cara: Scars to your beautiful

About Chase

  • Metallica: Sad but True
  • Lindsey Stirling Featuring Lzzy Hale: Shatter Me

OOC Information

Enjoys Jaffa cakes and cups of tea.

This character can be quite rude at times, please remember it is the character and not the player. If you have any problems please speak with me about them OOC.

Member Information
Player: [mailto: Nicole]
Number: 2009060011
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