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character is approved on the Adelaide VSS for 2.0, i am still very happy for any ties, I can fit you in almost anywhere! Please feel free to email (or ask via FB or Forums) if you want ties!

Daniel Bergamont
Concept: Scandal Cricketer
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Carthian Movement ••
City: Adelaide
Sire: Rakesh
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Embraced: 1969
Player: Caleb Prince Brotherton
Storyteller: Adelaide VST



Personal Information


Dan is a very toned 5'9 man appearing to be in his mid 30's His background is of mixed Indian and Native New Zealand Heritage. He is always seen wearing whats left of his Cricket uniform which is slightly melted on his left side. He has sunken eyes as a reaction to the Embrace and a Permanently Broken nose. His hair is salt and Pepper in colour. His neck is covered in an Acidic burn from a Scandal before his Embrace

Final Death

Dan met Final Death on September 15th 2018 when his attempt to murder the tyrannical Chairman Arthur Reid fell through to the Elders power. While he attempted to call for reinforcements he was brutally murdered by the sword of Margarite Wulfhild, his Carthian pride causing his body to refuse to fall into Torpor until his Final Death.


Dan is a loud and Cheery Nosferatu often talking about Sports and the escapes he got up to when he was a Kine. Due to his Clan curse, Being around him though makes you feel like he's a bit of a creep as if he is trying to peer through your clothes and ravish you. Due to this he tends to try and keep his Allies as close to him as he can to try and ward off his own Bane as much as he can hoping to one day be looked at again with Passion and Admiration instead of Disgust.

Mortal World

Information Known by Kindred Society

Past Timeline

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This information is not known by kindred society generally unless specifically mentioned to your character.

  • 1937: Dan is Born in New Zealand in Wellington
  • 1947: Dan's Family move over to Melbourne for his Fathers work, Dan gets heavily obsessed with Cricket
  • 1950: Dan's obsession and Skill at cricket helps his team win Melbourne's state Cricket tournament.
  • 1952: Dan decides he wants to dedicate his Life to Cricket
  • 1953: Dan is Drafted into an Adults Amature Cricket team, They win for the year undefeated
  • 1962: Joined the Australian Cricket Team
  • 1968: An old Girlfriend of Dan's accuses him of Rape on National Television, his image is ruined
  • 1969: Has Acid thrown on him when he is acquitted of the Crime due to lack of evidence, Dan flees to Toowoomba to get away from the spotlight. He is Drained by his grandsire and wakes as a Revenant. Soon after he is Uplifted by his Sire
  • 1974: Joins the Carthian Movement
  • 2016: Joins the War against the Strix in Perth, arrives a week before Christmas. Vacates the City in January and flees with the other Survivors

Recent History

  • APR –


Known Grandsire

Known Sire

  • Rakesh [NPC]

Known Childer

Known Siblings


Quotes By

  • "Carthians are your family. You have to live and breathe that. Never let them go"

Quotes About

  • "Dan The Man! Where've you been lurking all this time my friend? Haven't seen you since that last crazy night we spent in Perth feels like it's been ages..." - Meredith Winchester-Roe catching up with Dan in Geelong
  • "A cousin with a righteous mission. Good to see." - Vulture



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People He's Pissed Off

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Caleb Prince Brotherton
Number: AU2015070011
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