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Concept: Watcher
Path: Mastigos
Order: Nameless --
Consilium: Launceston --
Legacy [[Category: CofD|]]
Cabal: Gatekeepers
Player: [mailto: ]
Storyteller: Launceston VST
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Personal Information


Dark, wild, devilish were words that could describe this human covered in tattoos. Looking at him, it was clear he liked to indulge in his desires and temptations, nothing was too farfetched for him. Sunnies during the day or night, tight leather jackets or singlets that showed off his physique, jelled back hair that made it almost grease black, and that lady killing smirk above dark eyes that let no one in.


Immediate Nimbus: Swirling from within, a mist filled with darkness, delight and horror spews forth from nothingness to envelope the mage seeking to draw out the undisclosed desires and terrors from those around them to build and consume them.
Signature Nimbus: Characters who witness or scrutinize this mage’s magic feels the blissfulness as though that itching desire was indulged for the moment.


Despite his wild appearance, deep down he is a romantic. He enjoys that which keeps his blood pumping and allows him to keep moving, active. Each and every desire he weighs for value, ranking them and holding them to light to see the raw value behind them before indulging them so primally that each experience becomes stained into his soul. Dark never does things easily, or boringly, going all out whenever he can, however he can.

  • Drinking.
  • Adrenaline based activities.
  • Anything that can be addictive.
  • People who like to indulge themselves.
  • People who cannot be indulged or are plain boring.
  • Bland food.
  • Physical labour, prop creation, stage management.
  • Over-excessive.
  • Obsessive.
  • Tattoos.
  • Building and constructing with his hands.


  • Dark.
  • Gabriel Williams.

Information Known by Awakened Society

Years Awakened: 9, going on 10 in 2018. Identity: Gabriel Willaims, 27 in August 2018. Job pertains to stage management and properties.


  • 1991 – Born
  • 2008 – Awakened.
  • 2010 - Went off the radar for a while.
  • 2018, August – Moved to Launceston, Tasmania.

Recent Events

August 2018 - Arrived in Launceston. Looking for work. Exploring the Temenos.



Name: Gatekeepers
Members: Lanceolate, Angel, Dark.
Purpose: Guard the Temenos of their local areas as "Gatekeepers", protecting the Oneiros of its inhabitants from corruption be it from abyssal entities, negative energy, or negative influence of other mages.


Quotes By

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Quotes About

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  • A reanimated corpse from 2010.
  • Has died multiple times due to his indulgences.
  • Has a secret lover, but is in an open relationship.
  • Secretly a demon.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Playing with Fire.
  • Twisted by Missio.
  • Dangerous by Left Boy.
  • A Little Bit Closer by Johnny Hollow.
  • Faceclaim: Stephen James.