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Concept: Unknown
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ••••
City: Perth ••
Title: President MC Black Bloods
Sire: Undeclared
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: MC Black Bloods
Player: Daniel
Storyteller: [mailto: Perth VST]

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Mortal World


Deathroll belongs to the MC Blackbloods faction of the Circle of the Crone, He is currently the President/gang leader of this dangerous, blood thirsty cabal of terrorists.

Black Bloods MC:​Of all the varieties of undead monster in Perth, the Black Bloods are far and away the most dangerous. Comprised of, and backed by a small but fearsome biker gang of the same name, behind closed doors, they’re sacrificing snitches to old Gods one piece at a time. Whilst all Crone cults are monstrous, the Blood’s push the Circle of the

Crone’s principals to their limits. Their street­ level witchcraft is bloody, merciless and brutal They see the power that stems from serious worship of the Dark Mother, no matter the form, and they figure that if violence and sacrifice are what She rewards, then it’s best done right.That is to say, violently and thoroughly. Their disinterest in political power, and their penchant for violence has establish the Bloods as the go­to mercenaries for Kindred who need something dangerous done fast, and keeps them sufficiently invested in the Court, so as to shield themselves from persecution, and clean up the occasional mess. In spite of their many detractors, the Black Blood’s methods work. Their skill with Cruac is unparalleled in the domain, despite their apparent lack of academia or training.

The Sinister Fourskins

Sinister Fourskins first Album cover.

The Sinister Fourskins is an alternative Industrial Metal band, formed in the early half of 2012, since then the band has been performing ad hoc at local venues and are begining to gain some momentum in the Alternative Metal genre. The band is known for their antics on stage as well as their unconventional lyrics and on stage presence.

What is Alternative Metal?

Alternative metal usually takes elements of heavy metal with influences from genres like alternative rock, and other genres not normally associated with metal, such as hardcore punk, funk, and progressive rock. Alternative metal bands are often characterized by heavy guitar riffs, melodic vocals, unconventional sounds within other heavy metal genres, unconventional song structures and sometimes experimental approaches to heavy music.

Band Members

Behind the Scenes

Information Known by Kindred Society


Is currently Recognised in the court


  • Raised to Recognised upon taking role as Gangrel Priscus


  • 1960 - Born
  • 1980 - Joined the Black Bloods
  • 1985 - Embraced
  • 2010 - Took leadership of the MC Black Bloods
  • 2012 - Founding Member of the Sinister Foreskins

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Unknown Sire

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Quotes About

"This guys LOVES to fuck with me, seriously it's like a pet Project or something. However, I would hate to see the result of someone else fucking with me when he's around and strangely I feel safer around him" - Vic

"The leader of the Blackblood Thugs, the court Acknowledges him and his ilk." - Virginia Lu

"Likes to stir the pot but he's a lot more cunning than a lot of people give him credit for" - Meredith Winchester-Roe


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Has curly hair

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