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I am the wolf that stands as sentinel, I am the crow that flies overhead, I am the general of the army, I am her will."


Concept: Ancient Warrior/Tired General
Clan: Gangrel ••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone •••
City: Southern Cross
Title: The 10th/ General Stormcrow
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Childer of the Morrigan
Embraced: 1250s
Player: [mailto: Braddles]
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]

Personal Information



Decimus stands at 6'2, broad-chested with large powerful arms. In life he had dark blue eyes; in unlife bright amber eyes glisten out into the darkness of the night. Small scars mark around his temples and lead along under his eyes. Face-long dirty blonde/brown hair hangs to his shoulder with a mess of facial hair he seems wild as if the moon its self is causing static electricity to gather around him causing his hair to stand on end. A large black tattooed "X" sits on his neck.

Wolf Form
Mottled Dark grey bushy fur with patches of white swathes make up his coloring with amber eyes and large powerful legs he stands at roughly 85cm tall and weighs 50kgs.



Decimus has a deep voice, he speaks with thought and purpose. He has always been a protector in his life, his family, and his soldiers. A natural leader, he speaks with purpose. His age has granted him a sense of melancholy and post-traumatic stress disorder which he has named his 'Blood Sickness' from too much fighting. He has an introspective personality.

Beneath the cool exterior surges the rage of a thousand hard winters, the snarling of a caged wolf sits underneath the skin waiting for the moment to escape its cage and hunt.

Decimus is loyal to Delphi, but that does not mean he is blind or a puppet. He chooses to be loyal to his friend of eternity, he protects his clan to the best of his ability and would sooner allow pain to come to him then let any harm come to the savages of the world.

Mortal World

Name in life: Ulfstad Hielbronsonn

Name given by Horkus: Decimus

Born: around 1231
no records exist of their birth, death, or even name.

Past Timeline



As young solider for the holy roman empire, begins to march to defend his home in Heilbronn during the second war of the cross, as the pope has called for a crusade against the holy roman empire. After several skirmishes the young solider was run down by a french crusader on horse back. As the blood soaked into the earth that night, as the blowflies and maggots writhed on the cold soil. The young solider rises back to life in a haze he begins to walk the battlefield, covered in blood he is in a half life a revenant. He shuffles among the dead in a hungered haze. Several nights pass; A beautiful man comes out of the shadows of the great forest nearby. He speaks like silk, he offers to save the young man to bring him out of this haze, this half life. In return the young solider must serve. The solider agrees. The man speaks "I am Horkus, and you belong to me."



Accompanies his liege Horkus to the Island of Corsica to verify tales of an Oracle there. Horkus wants the girl Selene (Delphi) for his own, so that his armies can be lead by visions from the gods. They find the girl in the Temple of the Moon and she refuses to speak with Horkus due to his arrogance. Decimus is secretely impressed with her defiance of the terrifying Horkus. They return to the temple the next night and she gives a reading, which confirms her gift. Horkus orders him to stay and guard his prize while he leaves to seek permission to embrace Selene. Decimus stays and takes over the wolf pack in the forest behind tghe Temple. A few months later, He and his pack rescue Selene from a sentence of death. The pack kill the soldiers and return her to the Temple. Before Horkus can return, she is once again taken from the temple by a self entitled noble man. They charge her with witchcraft and sentence her to burn at the stake. Horkus arrives and together, they save her once again. Horkus takes the girl with them, but does not embrace her. He tells Decimus she has said she must remain pure to keep her gifts.

Decimus loyal to Horkus, does as he is bidden and holds off touching the young woman Seline as he smirks at her fierceness towards Horkus.



Horkus embraces Selene (Delphi)
Delphi as she is now called, and Decimus are left in the Citadel in Bonifacio while Horkus attends a summit elsewhere. Their friendship develops.
The battle of the Longest nights. Tensions between the Invictus of Bonifiacio have been gaining momentum for the past year. In a series of coordinated offensive manoeuvres, the opponents movement attacks holdings of the Invictus in the city, bringing it to flame. Fortunately for them, Delphi has seen it coming and they had made some plans. The rioting and fighting spills over to the streets and lasts for 3 nights before the Invictus bring the city back under control. The Prince is gravely injured as are many on both sides.
Decimus and Horkus reclaim the city in the name of the Prince.
Decimus embraces a Corsican solider by the name of Merrick, Merrick works with Decimus to serve Horkus battle force. Merrick soon embraces of his own. A small pack of kindred are recruited by Merrick and Decimus as a fighting force for Horkus and Decimus.



Signore, first childe of Horkus is killed on the words of Delphi. Ljónynja has been fully bound and broken by Signore, and fights to defend him even through her hate of him. Ljónynja and Decimus enter combat during the encounter, and the older Gangrel Decimus is more than a match for the Lioness. Seeking only to keep her distracted while his liege deals with Signore, he nonetheless defeats her in combat. Ljónynja is spared final death by the words of Delphi.

Decimus stands over the broken lioness body, covered in his own blood shaking with rage. Once he is calm he takes the lioness out into the rain of the cold night and sits in silence as the lioness feeds off a broken guardsmen. Decimus and Ljónynja reform their bond through their battle.



Suffering a major defeat in battle Decimus in a bout of irrecoverable depression, enters torpor to apologize to Horkus. Craftsman commission a large grey and white wolf statue which lives in Horkus's Haven. Decimus sleeps inside the statue his presence missed by Delphi. In Horkus's cruelty he tells Delphi that no one will protect her while Decimus sleeps he proceeds to make Delphi's unlife hard, and pressures them to perform tasks that she refuses to do.
Delphi Prays to Decimus statue to the ancient gods to wake her friend.
Decimus awakens from Torpor, he returns immediately to protecting the Ancient Horkus and serving his will.
Horkus Enters Torpor. Decimus promises to stay by Delphi’s side and protect her.



Beginning of the Hundred Years War. Political and physical incursions between Delphi's house, Casa di Temperance and a rival House lead by Valentinian and his Childe Licinia Eudoxia. It starts with a fairly slight insult at court which snowballs into covert and overt sniping at each other. The sides engage in petty moves to undermine each other in court, which escalates to trying to seduce members to the other side, sabotage political aspirations and Moves to undermining holdings and resources.
The war with House Valentinian escalates, with Licinia kidnapping a Neonate of Casa di Temperance. Delphi undertakes hostage negotiations and Decimus travels with them to ensure their safety. The neonate is returned and boons and resources are exchanged. The war of political sabotage and covert physical attack continues through the century
Decimus brings his child Merrick and his coterie the 10 to assist in protecting Delphi and the assets of Horkus. An incident unfolds when Merrick strikes Delphi in rage. 1622
Receiving a prophecy, Delphi and Decimus travel to the Holy Roman Empire. There they found a girl fighting in disguise, the caravan ambushed. Delphi recognising the signs from the gods takes the girl Margarete Wulfhild and makes her a ghoul to serve the house.
The war escalates again this time Delphi is seen as a high-value target. Decimus is distracted on a hunt and the enemy forces who arranged it execute their plans to kidnap Dephi. Decimus and Ljónynja bring the Valentian House to ruins.

Decimus leaves Delphi and Ljónynja to cure his "blood sickness" after the Valentian House incident. Decimus travels to Heilbronn, and spends time in the forests near Nekar. He spends the next decade in the wilderness.



Decimus returns to Corscia to return after his leave of absence, he comes back slightly wild feral. However he knows that he pledged to stand vigil over Horkus He returns with some young Savages whom he presents to Delphi as a new pack. His Child Ableard Berger, assists Decimus and serves as a Knight of the Invictus he stands as a squire to Maragrete.


Traveling to the new world aboard a french vessel to bring guns to the new Americas, Decimus spends a decade in the woods in Minnesota, Where he meets Michael Frederick Greaves, who he sees potential to bring him into the fold to assist him in building a new pack. However without realizing it, Michael was a fanatical Christian who kept this a secret until it was far too late to pull him from his breast. Decimus leaves Greaves to follow his own path, anointed with sadness he leaves America to return aboard a ship to return to Europe.



1810- 1900
In conjunction with Margatete, Decimus guards Delphi as they sleep in torpor.



Upon waking from Torpor, and longing for something new to connect them to the world, delphi decides to travel to America. Decimus accompanies them. There they discover Sundae Rest, circus performer and runaway whom Delphi eventually embraces in 1907 before returning to Europe before the war.

Decimus travels to England where he struggles integrating into the nights society. Decimus seeks to understand how this society works, he meets Henry Worthington Whom he embraces to teach him of polite society, to help him integrate. He spends time with Henry, who takes to the Conspiracy of silence like a duck to water, under the gentle guiding hand of Delphi. Decimus fails to integrate, so bids his child good bye to continue to act in the wild with "Mothers army".

Decimus in the heat of battle suffers a defeat Ableard is ashed, in a deep bout of blood sickness he requests Delphi to take care of his statue and he chooses to enter torpor to sleep.

Delphi Moves to Australia with her newly torpoerd Childe Margarete. Their travel is facilitated by Gaspar.
Travels back to Europe with Delphi where they meet Jakob roe and Delphi becomes the young Daeva's mentor.
Feeling the weight of centuries, Delphi enters voluntary torpor.




Recent History


Information Known by Kindred Society

The Legend of General Stormcrow

Decimus has Fame 1 - for his deeds as the savage general responsible for atrocities commited by the Mothers army during the early years of the rise of the covenant. The strategy that was employed by him and his followers was brutal and efficent. The fame follows the career of General Stormcrow, and the deeds associated with those events.

"Rumours speak of the fearsome Crow of Battle, the winged creature who dealt death over the battlefields of old, leaving death with black wings, bringing the seeds of storms behind it. Tales are rampant of this Stormcrow, but none can discern who The Stormcrow once was"

The Winter of the Witch

1886 -1891 A crusade against Catholicism occurs ( pending DPOTM approval) Where Gaspar, Decimus, Chakori and some others carved a bloody path in Europe to attack the Catholic foundations as part of the Rage of Mothers Army. *More details to come as history is sanctioned*


Relationship with Mother

The Pack of 10
Decimus has/had a coterie of 10 kindred warriors old and young that worked as a mercenary coterie to perform soldier work, security, protection, transport, combat & of course conquest. Their members left and changed over the centuries but there was always only 10, One would die a new would find its way into the group. Decimus treated them as his brothers and sisters, his roaming pack. While never announced as a leader his presence and age gave him command over the group. They were brothers and sisters in this pack, a savage and wild family. He would die to protect them, he would give anything for them.

The glory of the 10, was recounted throughout the centuries. The Massacre at Aesepus Bridge. The Conquest of the Village of Moltifao. Their deeds and gruesome legacy were that of legend.

Until the tragedy stuck.

The 10 gathered, after the battle. Lord Delphi had come out in a gown soaked in the blood of their attackers, she blamed the 10 for allowing the intruders to get so close to them, that they had to do it themselves. Merick and Persephone turned at first onto Delphi screaming in outrage at their lack of gratitude. Merick struck Delphi.
Decimus does not recount what happened next, he only remembers the screams in his head as his rage washed over him, head to toe.

There were no more songs sung of the victories of the 10 from that night on. The songs and legend of the 10 faded into time, as do all tragedies.



Decimus's relationship with his niece and nephews Villr lineage, is that of one of respect and protection. They are the treasures of Ljónynja Øringr the pride of the great lioness. The Villr are the progeny of Ljónynja Øringr Or Wodan, Decimus watches over them and some of his descendents have been adopted to the Villr line. He does not have a political place inside the house, only that of a relation to their founder.

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Descendents of Decimus

The Children and the descendents of Decimus have formed their own clutches and family tribe pockets. Each family clutch the progenitor of each clutch was embraced by Decimus.

The Wildbloods

The Cavaliers

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Quotes, Conversation and Rumours

Quotes By

Quotes About

"Oh Decimus, so beautiful... so dumb" - Unknown
"Rumours speak of the fearsome Crow of Battle, the winged creature who dealt death over the battlefields of old, leaving death with black wings, bringing the seeds of storms behind it. Tales are rampant of this Stormcrow, but none can discern who The Stormcrow once was." - Unknown
"The thing I found most striking to be honest was his stillness. Complete absence of unnecessary movement, or words. You absolutely know without question that should he wish to he could destroy you as easily as anything,yet he has no need to do or say anything to make this obvious, it simply IS....yet at the same time there is a nobility and thoughtfulness to him that is every bit as clear if you take the time to see it" - Meredith Winchester-Roe
"I have seen the General's coming. I don't know what it means yet, but it's a bad omen for something out there. There is a keenness in him that is alluring as it is terrifying. He's one of the reasons I don't talk shit on crows no more." - Vulture
"Sire, you dont understand. He dances like a caveman. They all do!" - Felicity Leblanc
"It's best for the Faithful to steer clear of the MurderCrow." - Justinian


"Do you want me to tell you stories of glorious battle and the honours that we achieve?”

“Fark no Old Man, I’d rather hear of things that you farking fear. Tales of lessons from the school of hard knocks hard. Yarns of mistakes made, regret and wisdom hard won. Yarns of what is important to the eldest, what he yet still holds as important after centuries.

....(after the story) “Thank you General, that was a story with fear, pain and wisdom hard won by the oldest. It was worth far more than any story of battle or glory. With your benediction I will retell it so that it’s wisdom might be shared so that it’s bitter lesson need not be learnt again. “ —conversation with Uncle Gadi


  • Slept inside a statue for 109 years.
  • Is Hyenas sire
  • Is a Golden God
  • Is Gadi's grandsire

Inspirations and Soundtrack


  • Deadmoon - Brick+Mortar


  • Khal Drogo
  • Viking Mythology

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Braddles
Domain: Southern Cross