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Concept: Ancient Oracle
Clan: Daeva ••
Covenant: Invictus ••
City: Southern Cross ••
Title: Alder Duke, Saldatura di Casa di Temperance, Egeria, Prophetess of the Chorus, Duke of Visions
Sire: Horkus
Bloodline: [[:Category:Domus CofD|Domus]]
Group: Casa di Temperance
Embraced: 1340
Player: Ali
Storyteller: [mailto: Southern Cross VST]
[[Category:Domus CofD]]
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Personal Information

Lord Delphi, Seer of the Domus, Saldatura di Casa di Temperance


Delphi can best be described as gender fluid. This Elder Daeva has never identified with a particular gender, dressing in a tuxedo one minute and a flowing ballgown the next. They prefer gender neutral pronouns, but use Male titles. They are short, even for these times, standing at 5'3" with long silver blond hair, piercing blue eyes and lips as red as blood.


Delphi never knew what it was to be a normal child. Being touched by the gods and given to the temple at the age of 8 made their life a very different one. They ethereal, calm and pleasant to speak to, unless you have broken your word or engaged in other acts of disloyalty, then their fearsome aura is something of legend.

Mortal World

Name in life: Selene.
Born: 1314 - Ajaccio, Corsica
no records exist of their birth, death, or even name. They have no natural(mortal) offspring.

Past Timeline



1314A daughter is born on the night of the full moon in the isle of Corsica, in June to a soldier and his wife, a healer. Her birth is seen as an auspicious one, and she is called Selene in honour of the moon that shone on her birth. At the age of 8, Selene is given to the Temple of the Moon, as she is identified as having the sight. She is apprenticed to the Oracle, an old woman in her 70’s names Elodia.

1324 The now 10 year old has taken over as Oracle in the temple after the death of Elodia. She demands that the temple attendants take her far North, to the winterlands, for there is a task that the gods must have her perform. At first they decline saying it is too far and dangerous, but the ephemeral child convinces them to take her. There, she met Ljónynja Øringr, standing over her prey from a messy feeding. She felt the call of the gods upon her and approaching with no fear she looked up at the fearsome gangrel, who bared her fangs to scare off the wayward child. ignoring the monstrous countenance totally, Selene extended her hand and placed it on the Gangrel's chest “beware little lion, for the son of Horkos will haunt you down”. Startled for a only a moment, Ljónynja pulled the girl towards her asking her name. Shaking off the trance the girl merely smiled, loosened the grip and ran away humming to herself.

1336 A nobleman from Bonifacio, Ciriaccu hearing of Selene's great beauty and orracular abilities, comes for a reading. She gives him one, and he attempts to take sexual advantage of her. She fights back, scratching his face and the temple guards evict him. A few months later, the temple is visited by Horkus, who had also heard tales of the oracle and wanted verification of her gift. His desire was to be undefeatable in battle, as he was a Knight General of the Armies of the Invictus. At first Selene, uncowered by his monstrous presence turns the Ancient Kindred away for not being penitant. He returns with a worthy sacrifice, and she gives him the words of the gods: "Only by descending into the depths of evil can appreciate the heights of the god's grace..... you are eternal my son" Horkus smiled as the words ring true This child has the gift he has so long desired. He leaves the tenmple, travelling to the city to seek permission to embrace. He leaves his loyal vassal Decimus to guard his prize. Decimus takes the form of a wolf, and watches the temple unnonticed.
Ciriaccu returns with a handful of militia, accusing Selene of assault. She is dragged before his Magistrate and Priest and found guilty. She is sentenced to death by wild animals. They drag her to the forest to the sound of baying wolves, but when the wolves appear, the surround her guarding them, and the Alpha Wolf attacks the guards. Ciriaccu escapes, running back to the city. Romours begin that Selene is truly blessed byt he gods, for even the wild animals defend her. Making his way back to Ajaccio to embrace his prize, Horkus hears rumours of a witch sentenced to death. As he arrives in the city, he is met ont he outskirts of town by Decimus, who relays the news that Selen has been taken and is set to burn at the stake. The two Kindred charge into town on dusk, the smell of wood fire in the air. Ciriaccu and his loyal men are there once again, the flames from the pyre just beggiing to take hold. The Kindred hold back their fear of the flame as a loiud crack of thunder peals and the heavens open quenching the flames. The gathered townsfolk flee, while Horkus and Decimus face the militia. Selene is saved and is taken by Horkus to his citadel. He keeps her as a ghoul for 6 years, as she tells him her vision will vanish should he touch her body, or give her the embrace.



1340 Frustrated by Selene's inststance that she must remain pure to keep her visions, Horkus demands that she give him a reading from the Gods. She complies and gives him the words of the gods: " By defiling the physical body with sin and base desires true enlightenment is bestowed ...she is our favoured childe and she is eternal". He takes that as his answer and promises her anything in exchange for her consenting to sleep with him. Thinking to outplay him, she replies: "I wish to live for 100 years for every grain of sand I hold". And so he takes her to his bed, and embraces her.
1351 She is never far from his side. They Train and learn the ways of the invictus and is released in 1351.
1355 While Horkus is away at a summit, Delphi and Decimus embark of a new, chaste close friendship.
1375The battle of the Longest nights. Tensions between the Invictus and a rival faction of Bonifiacio have been gaining momentum for the past year. In a series of coordinated offensive manoeuvres, the rivals attack holdings of the Invictus in the city, bringing it to flame. Fortunately for them, Delphi has seen it coming and they had made some plans. The rioting and fighting spills over to the streets and lasts for 3 nights before the Invictus bring the city back under control. The Prince is gravely injured as are many on both sides. Horkus stands triumphant with his vassals and reclaims the city in the name of the Prince.



Early 1400's Meets Wodan for the first time. He comes to find her, hearing of her visions. She gives him a prophesy, but it is not good news, it tells of Ill fortune in his future.
1482 Signore killed by Horkus on the words of Delphi. Margarita del Spada takes over Casa di Temperance. Delphi meets Ljónynja for the second time. After the death of Signore, Ljónynja realises that Delphi is the child who had given her the prophesy over 200 years ago. They join the House.



1507 Suffering a major defeat in battle Decimus in a bout of irrecoverable depression, enters torpor to apologize to Horkus. Craftsman commission a large grey and white wolf statue which lives in Horkus's Haven. Decimus sleeps inside the statue his presence missed by Delphi. In Horkus's cruelty he tells Delphi that no one will protect her while Decimus sleeps he proceeds to make Delphi's unlife hard, and pressures them to perform tasks that she refuses to do. She suffers at the hands of her sire and his second Atticus without her wolf protector.

1534 - Delphi Embraces Elya Korda to serve Horku's army and to be protection for her against Atticus. While Elya shows promise to begin with, it becomes increasingly clear that they are not the creature that Delphi thought they would be. On their Manumission, they join the Lance instead of the Invictus (corrupted by Justinian.
1581 Delphi Prays to Decimus statue and to the ancient gods to wake her friend. 1582 - Elya Korda has become quite an embarrassment for the Daeva of Corsica. In a show of loyalty, Delphi says to Horkus that she will take back the blood. Horkus, coldly agrees.
1583 Decimus awakens from Torpor, he returns immediately to protecting the Ancient Horkus and serving his will. 1590 - Horkus Enters Torpor. Decimus promises to stay by Delphi’s side and protect her



1601 Beginning of the Hundred Years War. Political and physical incursions between Casa di Temperance and a rival House lead by Valentinian and his Childe Licinia Eudoxia. It starts with a fairly slight insult at court which snowballs into covert and overt sniping at each other. The sides engage in petty moves to undermine each other in court, which escalates to trying to seduce members to the other side, sabotage political aspirations and Moves to undermining holdings and resources.
1610 The war with House Valentinian escalates, with Licinia kidnapping a Neonate of Casa di Temperance. Delphi undertakes hostage negotiations. The neonate is returned and boons and resources are exchanged. The war of political sabotage and covert physical attack continues through the century
1613 Decimus brings his child Merrick and his coterie The 10, to assist in protecting Delphi and the assets of Horkus. An incident unfolds when Merrick strikes Delphi in rage. 1622 Receiving a prophesy, Delphi and Decimus travel to the Holy Roman empire. There they fiind a girl fighting in disguise, the caravan ambushed. Delphi recognising the signs from the gods, takes the girl Margarete Wulfhild and makes her a ghoul to serve the house.
1689The war escalates again this time Delphi is seen as a high value target. They are kidnapped and held for ransom. They gives them a prophesy, that the eyes of Horkus must be released or their destruction is assured. They refuse. Ljónynja, full of fire after waking from torpor in 1688, brings the house to ruin them. She challenges the Leader Valentian to Monomacy.He loses. As punishment, their house is declared anathema. All members must either submit to be bound or die. The House spend the rest of the century tracking down all known members of the disgraced House Valentinian.
1690 Delphi embraces Xacobe. Margarete is jealous that she has been overlooked for the embrace.
1691 Decimus leaves Delphi and Ljónynja to cure his "blood sickness" after the Valentian House incident. Decimus travels to Heilbronn, and spends time in the forests near Nekar. He spends the next decade in the wilderness.



1701 Delphi Becomes Saldatura di Casa di Temperance, Welder of the House for her efforts during the Hundred Years War. She is also given the title of Lord by the Invictus. Decimus returns to Corscia to return after his leave of absence, he comes back slightly wild feral. However he knows that he pledged to stand vigil over Horkus He returns with some young Savages whom he presents to Delphi as a new pack. His Child Ableard Berger, assists Decimus and serves as a Knight of the Invictus he stands as a squire to Maragrete.
1730 In the middle of a hostage negotiation situation, Dephi meets and engages the services of Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca soldier and merchant man of the Invictus. The neonate, they organises passage for Delphi and their rescued client to return to Corsica.
1790 Thanks to Ljónynja's teachings and his sire's teachings. Gaspar has begun to worship the Old Norse Gods. Delphi meets him again at this time and is struck with a vision. They tell Gaspar of this, that he will leave the Invictus and join a new spiritual coven (this is in reference to him joining the Crone.




1801 Delphi Embraces Margarete Wulfhild Bringing her into the family and the House
1809 Margarete completes Manumission, given title of Soldier
1810 Delphi meets with Gaspar again. They tell him the war is starting. He leaves to fight in the Founding War of the Crone.
1810-1900 Margarete Guards while Delphi sleeps



1900 Upon waking from Torpor, and longing for something new to connect them to the world. They travel to America. There they discover Sundae Rest, circus performer and runaway.
1901 Xacobe is accused of betraying his blood. Delphi rescinds the gift of eternal life.
1908Decimus, in the heat of battle suffers a defeat Ableard is ashed, in a deep bout of blood sickness he requests Delphi to take care of his statue and he chooses to enter torpor to sleep.
1907 Delphi takes kindly to the circus performer and embraces her into her family.
1909 Delphi has a vision of the Invictus crushing the will of her childe and constructs the plan for Sundae to flee back to the circus and seek refuge within the Circle of the Crone. Delphi contacts Argyle Sorrow and negotiates protection for Sundae in exchange for keeping his secret. They negotiate boons for assistance. Delphi returns to Corsica.
1909 After uniting all the cities of Corsica under one Invictus rule with Ljónynja at their side, they declare joint Praxis over the island and are gratend the titles of Duke and Duchess.
1912 Ljónynja Øringr became Taliallu di a Casa di Temperance- Matriarch of the House. Ljónynja and Delphi are declared Duke and Duchess of Corsica
1916 Margarete was the head of an elite Vampire strike squad. There were 6 of them in total, each bound to one another to strengthen their bond with each other. After one of their strikes the squad comes under attack from an unknown source. They have split up slightly to head back, and each one is being picked off one by one. Each member of the squad feels the bond snap as each is killed, making them more and more nervous till finally the only one left is Margarete. She fights this Kindred Hunter valiantly, but ultimately fails, and is bound and gagged being dragged back to Corsica. She is dragged before Ljonynja and Delphi. Ljonynja wants her killed and is about to order as such when Delphi steps in, staying Ljonynjas hand. Instead Delphi steps up to Margarete and stakes her themselves. Sara changed the above ever so slightly.
Lj has her beaten, and when she draws her own claws to strike the final blow, Delphi stays the Gangrel leaders hand, striking the blow to torpor Margarete themself.
1922 Embraces Jamie Mahina (NPC)
1925 Delphi has a vision of a great alliance between her lineage and Ljónynja's. She embraces Irving Wallace, as she knows that he will in turn embrace Valerie. Delphi urges Ljonynja to embrace Arthur as the other side the great union of houses.
1930 wakes Margarete from Torpor
1931 Delphi's childe Irving Wallace embraces the beautiful Valerie.
1935 Margarete embraces a childe: Teresia Pieretti (NPC).
1945 Delphi Moves to Australia with her newly torpoerd Childe Margarete. Their travel is facilitated by Gaspar.
1951Wodan returns to Bear witness to the reawakening of Margarete Wulfhild from Torpor. She doesn't recognise him.
1961 Delphi and Sundae are reunited. Delphi and Argyle come to a grudging understanding.
1967 As a rule, Delphi did not pay much attention to those that Ljónynja Øringr brought into the Danse as ghouls, only in as much as to know who they were and the role they played for their sister. The one exception she made was for a young thing called Celestina (Morgen Boulton). There was something about this one that called to Delphi. The voices of the gods called to them whispering of the importance of this one and so Delphi looked more closely at her. Soon it was revealed that she has the gift. This vital childe of the modern era was life Delphi, touched by the gods and gifted with prophesy. Delphi knew that taking the Ghoul of her sister would never be permitted, so instead, she cultivated a relationship with her in a way that did not undermine the authority Ljónynja had over her. Eventually Delphi adopts Celene.
1971 Isaac Foxe is embraced by Kori, the lover of Delphi's childe Jamie. Delphi promtly declares him adopted into the family.
1972 Valerie and Arthur Marry, joining the Descandants of Horkus with the Villr.
1975 Becomes the mentor for Jakob roe She teaches him about his Daeva blood. The two remain in contact to this day.
1986 Delphi and Valerie travel to Byron Bay to witness the wedding of Delphi's childe Jamie to her Crone lover Kori.
2000 Feeling the weight of centuries, Delphi enters voluntary torpor. While in this state, Margarete discovers she can speak with her torpored sire.



2000 Feeling the pull of time, Delphi enters voluntary torpor, leaving Margarete to look after her sleeping body.
2012 Delphi wakens hungry and angry from torpor. She finds out about the death of Teresia at the hands of her own Great Grandson Onryō. She arrives just as Margerete is facing Ljonynja about the death, and sides with Ljonynja. Later she seeks a private meeting with Onryō to test his resolve and seek his story from the gods.
2012-2017 Delphi reunited with her family. Making connections with those who have been embraced since her sleep (Onryō). And rekindling correspondence with those she has been long out of touch with.
2017 After the call, Delphi travels to Geelong to help establish the Invictus presence there.

Recent History


Information Known by Kindred Society



Domus Lineage (Descendants of Horkus)

  1. Horkus (58-50BC)NPC
    1. Signore di Tirruri (524AD) NPC
    2. Delphi (1340)
      1. Elya Korda (NPC) (1534- 1582)
      2. Xacobe (NPC) (1690- 1901)
      3. Margarete Wulfhild (1801)
        1. Teresia Pieretti (1935) NPC
          1. Onryō (2012)
            1. Gahbrielle_Chou (2013)
        2. Albert Robert Green (Ventrue- Adopted) (1998)
      4. Sundae Rest (1907)
      5. Jamie Mahina (1922)NPC (Chakori)
        1. Isaac Foxe (1971)- adopted
      6. Irving Wallace (NPC)
        1. Valerie Fitzchambers (1931)
          1. Brandon Fitzchambers (1988)
          2. Melanie Reyes
      7. Celene (1967)Adopted

(date of embrace)
Character is deceased

Quotes, Conversation and Rumours

Quotes By

Quotes About

"...neither her face nor hue went un-transformed; Her breast heaved; her wild heart grew large with passion. Taller to our eyes, sounding no longer mortal, she prophesied what was inspired from The God breathing near, uttering words not to be ignored. This was my childe while she was still mortal. Imagine what she is to behold now."- Horkus
“Ever hear the saying ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’? I thought so - well, that’s Delphi. Only a fool would wish to incur the fist though, rather than enjoy the gentle caress of the glove” - Meredith Winchester-Roe
"I want nothing more than to see them happy. To see the spark return to their eyes. I hope that I will be able to help bring them the life they have long since left behind and if even for a moment they shed their walls and reveal who they once were, I would rejoice in that victory for the rest of my nights. They stand testament that the blood of the covenant is stronger to that of the womb, and I am proud to call them Mother and Father both." - Celene
"They could have eaten me, but they didn't. They smiled a little at me. They let me have an Auntie. They have also seen the Skein and come away. These things deserve my respect, and yours, so don't be a fuck up to them" - Vulture
"I stared into the Abyss, and they stared back" - Vulture, on how she came to know the Alder Duke.
'I serve them out of choice, they deserve no spite from me.' -Adrien Durant, after being accused of being Delphi's slave.
'You still want me? Am I still useful to you?' -Adrien Durant
'"I'm fairly Certain that Seer's should be blind or Mekhet. They are not either, Trust it at your Peril"' - Justinian


Delphi - "Director Beaufort, it appears I have time now."
Matthew Beaufort - "ah wonderful, I am sure that you remember the last time we met, why it feels like yesterday to me."
Delphi - "Indeed Director, I do remember our last meeting"
Matthew Beaufort - "Excellent, however things have changed."
- Matthew when he tried to beat Delphi in a predatory aura challenge


  • They are gently grooming the younger members of the Clan for the nights their blood thickens and Kine can no longer sustain them

Inspirations and Soundtrack



OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Ali
Number: AU2000100334
Domain: Southern Cross