Desdemona Van Roosen

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Desdemona Van Roosen (Desi)
Concept: Lost child/ Pastel Goth Forensic Cleaner
Parent: Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca
Parent's Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Covenant --
City: Canberra --
Born: 1991
Player: Player
Storyteller: Canberra VST

Personal Information

NOTE: This character is currently not Sanctioned dates may change- it is put here for character ties.


Desi stands about 5'8 and has a Mediterranean look about her, if you can see beneath her pastel goth exterior. Her hair used to be dark brunette until she dyed it a lovely shade of blue and purple. Hair colour seems to change from time to time - pink, green and blue have all been in style. She dresses in Pastel Goth fashion when out, and working will find her in black and red coveralls.


Desi has always been the outsider, the freak, the dark goth girl writing morose poetry (badly) in the corner. In her teens she stopped telling therapists the truth about her perception of the world and just told them what they wanted to hear. As an adult, she learned to embrace her freak, finding others who seemed to enjoy the weird things in life, the occult, vampires, and blood play. She is sombre, not freaked out by blood or violence. She has a certain air of superiority to her as well, like she thinks she's better than everyone else, that she deserved to have the world at her feet, and is bitter that it's not.

Mortal World

Desi is a professional forensic cleaner working for Macbeth Forensic Cleaning. Macbeth has a standing contract with the local Canberra police force as cleaners of perfection, and as the world has become more violent and dark, there is quite the need. Desi is a paragon in her field, finding even the tiniest of biological waste left over from crime scenes. Her investigative skills are so highly tuned, that sometimes, detectives and the coroner call her in before they're done as she is able to find the most obscure details. More than a few crimes have been solved by evidence Desi has managed to find.

Mirri-Cam Girl

In her spare time, Desi hangs with the goth community in Canberra and can often be found at the Black Orchid Bar in the city.

Few know of Desi's other interest. She runs a Cat Camgirl subscription site under the name Mirri.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Desi is not really know at all in Kindred society. There are a few kindred who have met her under different circumstances. The closest she has come is her friendship with Kuruko.


  • 1991 - Toowoomba. Victoria Neveu discovers she is pregnant,the unwed woman flees the city across the country to Perth. December 17, she gives birth to a daughter whom she names Aurelia.
  • 1996- 2009 - Aurelia attends a number of schools. She is constantly in trouble, disruptive and in the school counselors office. She does not make many close friends and tends to hang out with fringe/ goth groups.
  • 2010- 2012 - University in Perth. During this time she is living in Mt. Lawley, and has started using the name Desdemona. She shops at a newly opened Goth/ Steampunk shop that makes custom clothes called Into The looking Glass. Never seems to speak with the owner Crystal. She starts doing recreational drugs to try and numb the weirdness she experiences. After a night drinking and taking drugs, she ends up in hospital with a broken leg. She is given a number of painkillers during her recovery, and begins her fascination with painkillers to numb her experiences. Upon graduation, she joins a forensic cleaning company.
  • 2010 - First meets Meredith The two hang out in the fringe/ party crowd and move in the same circles. During 2012 - 2014, their contact becomes even more sporadic. Meredith goes back to Europe while waiting for a visa, so the two become Facebook friends.
  • 2015 - she starts to notice signs of something bad coming, and notices some people that just make her stomach churn. Late 2015 her mother dies from breast cancer. She waits until early 2016, and then leaves the city for Canberra.
  • 2016 - She buys into the Cleaning Company and opens a new office in Canberra. Based out of Lyneham, Macbeth Forensic Cleaners soon gets a good reputation and a long standing contract with the local Police. On one night time call out, she runs into a paramedic, literally. She is cross and feels her anger roll over her skin. Apparently so did the Paramedic as she feels like he has a monster trapped inside him, challenging her to face up to him, or run. She doesn't back down. for the next year on and off, every time she runs into Warragul her stomach does a flip and she feels that urge to put him in his place. The two engage in professional competitiveness until he apparently leaves the city.
  • She starts up her CamGirl enterprise under the name Mirri, and sets up social media under the same name for some amateur modelling she does. She is contacted by a fan Moon, who soon becomes a close online friend. The two have never met in person.
  • Some of her 'friends' from the Goth Club convince her to go out to the Circus in Fyshwick with them. There she meets Kuruko. She speaks with the fortune teller, and recognises that familiar tell that she experiences with Warragul. Despite this the two actually become genuine friends, and Desi continues to go back to the circus to see her.
  • 2017 - Her company is approached by a shady figure with an offer for cleaning work of the type she does for the police, but before official investigation. The contact offers 3 times the normal fee for this work. Desi agrees and hires some new staff to service this "Premium Service". She never actually meets the employer, it is always handled through a broker.

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