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|covenant=Ordo Dracul
|covenant=Ordo Dracul
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<!-- Character image, set to 250px wide to match character block-->
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* 2013 - Spotted in Rural Australia.
* 2013 - Spotted in Rural Australia.
* 2017 - Geelong.
* 2017 - Geelong.
* 2018 - Perth
* 2019 - Another sudden appearance in Perth.
==== Recent History ====
==== Recent History ====
<!-- Overview of the characters recent history, just prior to chronicle or the present day -->
<!-- Overview of the characters recent history, just prior to chronicle or the present day -->

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Dr Adam Butler
Concept: Beastologist
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
City: Perth --
Title: None
Sire: Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: None
Embraced: 1951
Player: NathanB
Storyteller: Perth VST

Personal Information

Adam is a man of science. He questions. He studies. He tests. He accepts things as they are, but that doesn't mean they should not be understood. It certainly doesn't mean they shouldn't be improved. Adam helps kindred society whole, undertaking his work on many fronts. He can often seem detached, or cold when the work demands it, but is receptive to counsel. He is clearly a man of secrets, but those secrets are quite well kept. He is clearly astute, well educated and happy to lend his knowledge to others. He is still, however, kindred. He is practical. He is a Dragon, and he has goals to accomplish. He will trade what he has built and learned, but he reasonable requires payment in kind.

Basic History

Born Emmett Noah. A prominent post-war pathologist in the early 50's. Despite being a dedicated and talented physician and researcher during a period of intense vaccination breakthroughs, he was routinely passed over for credit for his contributions. After a time, he found more substantial appreciation, and funding, in more clandestine medical services to his extended families ventures. The connections made there also served to facilitate research that was less burdened with bureaucracy and moral ambiguities. After addressing a particularly unusual infected blood sample, Dr Emmett was brought into fold as one of the kindred.

Dr Emmett's affinity for the sciences invariably drove him towards the Dragons, where he published a successful paper entitled "Causal Association: Strength of Beasts and Vitae." This particularly successful study ensured his audience was rather large when he published his second major study, "Empowering the Beast: The True Self?". It suggested that ascension would be best achieved, not by circumventing the beast's banes, but rather empowering the beast to overcome the remnants of the man. Not to reject God's curse, but embrace and embolden it.

The study was poorly received, and rejected by Dragon authorities inherently heretical. It was condemned almost universally, and deemed dangerous. Dr Emmett's reputation was severely tarnished to such a degree that even his close associates came under immense scrutiny and were forced to endure considerable inconvenience. A lengthy torpor was seriously considered, but the lost time and resources would prove far too damaging to his exceptionally important works. Decades would be lost. Instead, Dr Emmett opted to disappear.

Emmett adopted the name Dr Adam Butler, and invested considerably in moving his resources for some time. His existence became semi nomadic. He would migrate from city to city, usually leaving after a few years; before his research had garnered too much unwanted attention. His latest target is Geelong, in Victorian Australia, where he has secured a high ranking position of Lead Veterinary Pathologist for the CSIRO. Far away, with swathes of empty land in a tiny city, he plans to continue his master work, unencumbered.


5’10, 82kgs, Dark hair, Brown Eyes, Caucasian, 40 years. Adam is always neatly dressed in context-appropriate modern clothing. He is never without his black circular-framed spectacles.


Adam is polite. Adam is reserved. Adam is eloquent. Adam is intelligent. Adam is deceptive.
Adam is insightful. Adam is dependable. Adam is wise. Adam is conflicted.
Adam is scientific. Adam is thoughtful. Adam is predatory.
Adam is considerate. Adam is monstrous.
Adam isn't.

Mortal World

Dr Adam Butler is a prominent Veterinary Pathologist, Researcher and Author.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1912 - Born Emmett Noah in Scotland.
  • 1918 - Moved/Raised in London.
  • 1944 - Adam first joins The Rutherford Assembly.
  • 1951 - Embraced in Spain.
  • 1957 - Joined Ordo Dracul.
  • 1962 - Causal Association: Strength of Beasts and Vitae
  • 1969 - Empowering the Beast: The True Self?
  • 1971 - Emmett Noah disappears. Adam Butler emerges.
  • 1976 - Embrace of Sean Quinn. Dublin.
  • 2013 - Spotted in Rural Australia.
  • 2017 - Geelong.
  • 2018 - Perth
  • 2019 - Another sudden appearance in Perth.

Recent History


Adam was once Dr Emmett Noah of House Roe. Due to checkered and contentious past, he has changed his identity, and reintroduced himself to Kindred society for several decades now.

Not-Known Sire

Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca - Sire. Mentor.

Known Childer

  • Sean Quinn - Childe. Student. Research Partner. Regret. Opponent. Advisor.

Close Associates

  • Arthur Fitzchambers - Ally. Rival. Co-sire. Study-partner. Kindred-beast.
  • Nora Quinn - Ward. Student. Subject. Adopted-childe. Assistant. Defender. Friend.
  • Aziel - Mentor. Rival. Confidant.


Quotes By

Quotes About

"He's a bit of a cunt, but he is my Sire and I will defend him." - Sean Quinn



-Please make some shit up!-

  • Eats children for breakfast.
  • Leaves the cap off the toothpaste.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

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Player: Nathan Budd
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