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Concept: Vicious Finder
Order: Mysterium
Consilium: Launceston --
Cabal: TBA
Player: Shaye McCarthy-Atkinson
Storyteller: Launceston VST

Personal Information



Duluth is vicious and manipulative; she is able to easily create and take on disguises and identities. She can be a ruthless and cruel woman. Her lack of empathy and emotion while performing vicious acts leaves her seeming as she holds almost no moral values, hurting and evening who he needs to to get her job done.

Mortal World

Awakening World

  • Bought in to the Mysterium by Sudo
  • Acquisitor for the Mysterium


  • 2018 - No-One finds them early in the year
  • 2018 - Becomes a sleepwalker retainer for the Mysterium by mid year


Quotes By

"Maps these days no longer say here be dragon, I find this an oddity. The dragons are still here but now no one is looking."

- Duluth.

Quotes About

"Whether you need a relic of a saint, or a piece of gum stroked twice by lightning, there is only one person to talk to the Hound.”

- Rifling


- who said it.


Person 1 - "quote."
Person 2 - "quote."
Person 1 - "quote."
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- reference.


  • Became an Acquisitor by stealing another Acquisitors prize
  • Nobody is sure if that other Acquisitor is still alive

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Shaye McCarthy-Atkinson
Number: 2011120002
Domain: Twilight Alliance