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Edward Fitzchambers
Concept: Beast of the Boardroom
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Invictus
City: Southern Cross --
Title: CEO
Sire: Arthur Fitzchambers
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: Fitzchambers, Villr
Embraced: 2016
Player: Nick Wittman
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST

Personal Information

Eddie Donalds is the CEO of Donalds and Harris, a company that deals largely in Scientific Research that he inherited from his father. Eddie has only recently been released into Kindred Society fully.


Eddie stands at approximately six feet tall, is well built, has sandy blonde hair and has blue-grey eyes. He is always neatly groomed and dressed in very expensive looking business wear. (Striking Looks 1)


Eddie is competitive. To a fault. Continually trying to one-up everyone, but not afraid to admit when he's been legitimately bested. Willing to try anything once and things he likes again and again he's a being of excess. He hasn't found a place amongst the court yet but is known to have ties to several important mortal institutions. However, amongst the Invictus he has learned his place and serves well and loyally.

Mortal World

Eddie is the CEO for Donalds and Harris, a Scientific Research company with a long history of success. Inheriting the position from his Father in 2012, there was some dissent amongst the board, some claiming Eddie was too young for such a position, through various dealings, some less legitimate than others, Eddie quelled the rebellion before it took on too much steam and has led the company through some hard times over the past half a decade, with some of his father's dodgy dealings coming out in the media. Since mid-2016 has only been seen out during the day a few times, something to do with timezones, business and an upcoming merger apparently. (Fame 1, Business)

Information Known by Kindred Society

Very little, Eddie was embraced in September 2016 and was studying to join the Ordo Dracul when he was released. However, upon release he joined the Invictus in a shock move. He still holds mostly positive ties to the Ordo Dracul however.


  • 1979 - Donalds and Harris founded by Michael Donalds and Edward Harris, two friends from university. Eddie Harris dies of lung caner in 1985 leaving Michael the sole majority shareholder and CEO
  • 1988 - Edward Donalds is born to Michael and Jane Donalds, named after Michael's old friend. A trust is created, with a large sum of money placed into it. Eddie is the apple of his parent's eye, the centre of his mother's world and a point of pride for his father. He stars in several commercials alongside his father in his early years.
  • 1993 - Michael and Jane Donalds welcome their second child into the world, a happy, healthy little boy named Jonathan. Later that year, at less than a year old, Jonathan is found dead, smothered in his crib. Unable to find a cause of death it is ruled to be SIDS.
  • 1994 - Sent to a Private School in town he excels at his studies and quickly becomes very popular. Eddie is a star pupil, taking part in a lot of extra-curricular activities. Throughout his schooling years, Eddie's competitive flare starts to shine, he starts to get very cliquey and has a group of other boys that follow him around and bully people and the such.
  • 2006 - Eddie graduates and begins study at University, a combined degree of Engineering and Business. Always the overachiever.
  • 2011 - Eddie finishes studying and is given a position on the board at Donalds and Harris. He is the Company's youngest ever boardmember, aged only 23.
  • 2012 - Michael Donalds is killed in a single vehicle car crash. It is found that the brakes were cut but Eddie has the story suppressed and covered up. He steps into his role as CEO, starting an uprising amongst the board, maneuvering to have him removed. This is quickly quashed by Eddie.
  • 2016 - Eddie is embraced by Arthur Fitzchambers
  • 2017 - Eddie is released into Kindred Soceity by Arthur

Recent History

Eddie was embraced in Adelaide in 2016 by Arthur and became a dedicated and skilled student very quickly, if a little cocky. Eddie stayed with Arthur, running Donalds and Harris by proxy. However, upon his release into the All Night Society he joined the Invictus (Much to Valerie Fitzchambers pleasure). With the sudden migration of Kindred to Geelong, Eddie is perfectly poised to give both the Invictus and House Fitzchambers a strong foothold in the mortal world and to return to running Donalds and Harris in a more present manner.


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Known Sire

Arthur Fitzchambers is Eddie's sire and greatest role-model (Kindred wise). Eddie loves every bit of ferocity that his sire musters, hoping to make him proud and one day have the same mastery of the condition that his sire exhibits.

Known Siblings


Quotes By

"If you think I will let you take this from me, you are not only wrong, you're a fucking idiot"

- Eddie, 'winning over' another board member, circa 2012

"No, it's ok. I get it. 'Conspiracy Neonate is Bougie pig' is a better headline than 'Conspiracy Neonate tries to bring court together'"

- Eddie, to Vulture RE: Court of January 2018

"This is fine"

- Eddie, in one of his desperate moments

Quotes About

"Proud, strong, and wilful. I knew another like him in her youth. Should he be tempered by experience as she has, he will go even further than he knows."

- Ljónynja Øringr upon meeting her grandchilde post-release.

"The most even remotely sane out of that family. Plus my sister has a thing for him. If he could get past all the Conspiracy bullshit he'd not be half bad"

- Meredith Winchester-Roe

"We're more similar than you'd think, and that shits him a lot, but at least he's polite about it. I think he's just glad we ended up on opposite sides of the respectability fence."

- Vulture


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  • Has a massive cocaine habit.
  • Was meant to be embraced a Daeva before Arthur got his hands on him.
  • Was meant to be embraced a Ventrue before Arthur got his hands on him.
  • Responsible for several murders
  • Has kept the company afloat through dodgy deals and intimidation
  • I hear Eddie's ElderPhoneTM let's even Elders hack the NSA.
  • Has a girlfriend.
  • Has a Mama who thinks he has a girlfriend. Watch out for the Mama
  • Is making friends with the Roe Girls

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Nick Wittman
Number: 2011070005
Domain: Southern Cross