Elysian Borgia

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Elysian Borgia
Concept: Unknown
Path: Mastigos
Order: Mysterium
Consilium: St. Louis
Legacy None
Player: Logan Willis
Storyteller: St. Louis VST
Elysian's beloved laptop and dedicated tool

Personal History

Elysian was always rather odd... As a child, he preferred playing puzzle games inside while his peers ran around with toy guns outside. At a young age, he got his hands on his very first handheld game console (which he promptly dismantled and put back together) and quickly developed a love for technology. This marked the beginning of a horrendous hoarding habit for Elysian; if it was electronic, he craved it. Soon his parents became fed up with his lack of desire for anything that didn't require a power source and urged him to spend more time outside. A stranger to the world outside of his electronics, he soon found himself with a serious rash that he obtained from a momentary encounter with a cluster of Poison Ivy. After having his rash treated and the circumstances surrounding its existence explained by his parents, Elysian became fascinated with something other than technology; botany.

Armed with the knowledge that plants all around him had the capacity to do the kinds of things that Poison Ivy did to him, he ventured off into the woods much more frequently, keeping a record of his findings and reporting back to his computer at the end of the day to research more and more about the wonders of plant life. He invested all of his free time into a combined obsession with both botany and technology. Years down the line, Elysian wound up in college pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Science and writing a dissertation on the various medicinal properties of certain local flora. One fateful evening, however, his entire life changed...

It was in one of his degree courses that he discovered the Deep Web, a portion of the internet that some considered to be "hidden" or "invisible" due to its contents being unindexed and therefore unreachable by conventional browsing methods. This became Elysian's new focus and he sunk all of his attention to learning the secrets that were just out of reach for the average person. After some brief trial and error, he set himself up for potentially risky and inevitably rewarding experiences on uncharted digital territory. Of course, his journeys would be driven by his passions and before long he had gained newfound knowledge regarding every kind of herb imaginable, medicinal and otherwise. Unfortunately for him, these travels through the shadows of the internet ended abruptly on a webpage with a very strange URL; "/stahg-root/" looked like it should have been a typo to Elysian, and just about any other person would have skimmed over this listing without a second glance. But something urged him to try it out and he couldn't stop himself from inputting that intriguing string into his address bar.

He'd barely pressed the Enter key on his keyboard before the lights in his dormitory room literally exploded, flinging glass shards in all directions and plunging Elysian into utter blackness. Exactly one blink later, Elysian was suddenly blinded by the most violently white light he'd ever encountered. As his eyes adjusted to this malevolent glare, he looked around to see himself standing in a room lacking any color almost as if someone had erased all the features of whatever used to be there, leaving white nothingness instead. His gaze was drawn to a small plant growing out of the floor in the center of the room. The plant's bright orange leaves contrasted against his white surroundings in a way that made his heart skip a beat. In that moment, all thoughts left his mind and he slowly approached the beautiful plant, every one of his senses craving it. But as he inched closer to it, he began to smell smoke and ash and right there before his eyes, the plant burst into flames. Sheer microseconds later, it exploded and the blast sent him hurdling backward. He blacked out as his head slammed into the ground.

He awoke in the middle of his dorm room, laying on his overturned desk chair, glass shards littering the floor around him. As he stood, wiping charred dust and ash from his cheek, he knew his life would never be the same again. He didn't know just how right he was...

Under Construction

Member Information
Player: Logan Willis
Domain: Incomplete