Esmee Van de Berg

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Esmee Van de Berg
Concept: Metal Singer
Tribe: Iron Master
Auspice: Cahalith
City: Forster-Tuncurry
Lodge: Chronicle
Pack: Keepers of Veracity
Spirit Rank
Glory •••••
Honor ••
Purity ••
Wisdom ••
Player: Alex MacKenzie
Storyteller: Forster-Tuncurry VST

Personal Information



  • Witness-to-Change
  • Mother-Singer
  • Longtime-Girl

Renown Deeds

  • Cunning 1- Joined the Iron Masters
  • Glory 1- First change as Cahalith
  • Glory 2- Defeating the Mari Lwyd
  • Glory 3- Biting off her own tongue to keep from being forced to reveal information
  • Glory 4- Acting as bait for the Firetouched in a planned ambush and surviving
  • Glory 5- Besting a superior opponent in a Cahaltih Dream hunt
  • Honor 1- Honoring the results of a challenge
  • Honor 2-
  • Purity 1- Taking a mate and having children
  • Purity 2- Her actions in the fight against the Sea Kings and Magath
  • Wisdom 1- Finding and using a spirits bane
  • Wisdom 2- Finding information on the SPirit Children

Information Known by Forsaken Society

Information known by mortal society


  • 1992- Born in Forster to Lynn and Cornelis Van de Berg.
  • 1997- Started school, talent for singing starts emerging.
  • 2005- Starts High school at the area school, meets Sunny. They soon become friends, with Sunny pulling Esmee into her 'Insomnia Projects'
  • 2006- Meets Mizuki and Ruka Otomo. Seeing them a little lost in the school grounds she offers to show them around
  • 2006-2010- Finishes High School, heads down the Pt Maquarie for College
  • 2008- Esmee's Wolf Blood wakens. While spending time with Sunny and Harley, by pure accident she utters something in First Tongue. Ajax hears, and takes her aside to explain. He mentors her while she comes to understand what she is.
  • 2011- Starts singing in clubs while she studied for some cash so she didn't have to rely on her parents for money as their hunting store was starting to struggle
  • 2015- Her popularity continues to grow through people recording her while she sang and putting it on youtube. She decided to do this herself and hires a professional to record the videos at her shows
  • Late 2015 early 2016- Levi Jones buys her parents hunting shop while she is preparing to leave on tour, as it struggles to stay afloat. Levi Keeps Lynn and Cornelis to help him run the shop
  • 2016- Is signed by Victory Records and sent on her first major tour

Recent Events

  • 2018- Returns to Forster after a tour abroad
  • January 2018- Es attends her first Protectorate gathering since her return. She surprises Sunny, as she had not told her she was back. The Wolves arguing and fighting scared her, for it had been a long time since she had been around Wolves in this kind of environment. Goes home with Sunny.
  • February 2018- Es performs for the first time since returning at the Music Festival, which is interrupted by the Fire-touched massively increasing the temperature to such a degree people were dropping from heat stroke.
  • April 2018- During a BBQ social with the Protectorate, several wolves entered Basu-Im. Unable to get away, Esmee was struck and killed, but Luna had other plans, causing her to change, saving her life under a Gibbous Moon
  • May 2018- Her father is kidnapped by the Pure, but is brought back by a Fire-touched. Missing his tongue and a hand he almost dies, but Tutel saves him, healing the most grievous wounds.
  • June 2018- Her father goes missing again and is presumed dead. His body has yet to be recovered.
  • June 2018- Her cousin Bjorn arrives in town, he moves in with her Pack and very quickly joins them.3
  • June 2018- Gets engaged to Bram Kelly


Quotes By

Quotes About

"She's my bestie! We go all the way back. What would I do without her?"

- Sunny Faulkner

"Got to admit, running into Es again was a bit of a surprise her being a Wolf now and all. She's always been a decent sort though, even when standing on a table because there's a snake in her trailer"

- Tabitha Kelly

"She's my client and close friend. That's all you need to know." - Bram Kelly

"You are my all Ezzie." Bram Kelly

"One day, she'll have half the confidence in her self that she has in us or that we have in her. And on that day she will be a force to be reckoned with" - Bjorn Jansen


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Player: Alex MacKenzie
Number: 2016020006
Domain: Southern Cross