Establishment of the City of Perth:

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Gold was discovered in Western Australia during this period and resulted in a massive influx of mortals arriving to seek their fortune. The few crafty (or cowardly) vampires that had gained a foothold in the city’s early years were able to come out of hiding, whilst new blood arrived every year from Fremantle Harbour. The Kindred of the Invictus took note and moved to capitalise on the opportunity, with the arrival of Wilburforce Cornelius Roe and his associate Virginia Lui early in the period. And so the city, having grown large enough to shield the kindred from the perils of an untamed land, began to take on a new, but all too familiar menace, in the guise of Kindred civility. The All Night Society had gathered; a Court had formed.

The Court itself was predominantly Invictus at this stage, with a few attendant priests of the Lancea et Sanctum. Unaligned were common, but barely tolerated and pushed to the fringe of desperate prospectors whilst the Conspiracy of Silence flourished, establishing the beginnings of both legitimate industry and organised crime.