Felicity Leblanc

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Felicity Leblanc
Concept: The fastest blade in the West
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Invictus
City: [[ Requiem CofD|]]
Sire: Jasper Wolfe
Bloodline: Unknown
Embraced: 1986
Player: [mailto: Nicole Matthewson]
Storyteller: [mailto: VST]
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Personal Information


Felicity has long blond/brown hair, it changes, often covered by a Hijab, though she is not a Muslim. Standing around 177cm she is rarely seen without her sturdy black boots and while her jeans have likely seen better days, her boots are always polished and clean. She rarely wears makeup but for special occasions will wear jewellery. Her clothes are plain but easy to move in.


She is a soldier first and foremost. Her eyes observe more than they reveal. If she's been sent to protect you, your nights just got easier... if not, best hope you can hide well. She is loyal, fierce and follows through on her word. When not on duty she is more relaxed, but you still get the sense that she's still alert.

Mortal World

Felicity went missing, presumed dead in Yemen as part of a security detail for MSF in 1986. There are rumours of her ghost standing protector over the hospital in Yemen even to this night.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1960 - Born
  • 1978 - Joins Canadian Police Force
  • 1980 - Leaves the police to join Médecins Sans Frontières
  • 1981 - Meets Jasper Wolfe while he is doing humanitarian work. They quickly became fast friends and lovers. They were forced apart when her superiors found out.
  • 1986 - Stumbles across Jasper while on a recovery mission, they discover the spark is still there, he Embraces her.
  • 1987 - Released
  • 1988 - She is forced to move away from Jasper as they become entwined in each other making it difficult for them both to fulfil their duties.
  • 2017 - Swears an Oath of Service to Onryō
  • 2018 - Onryō calls her to Australia the same week as her Sire.

Recent History


  • MAR - Returns to Australia in the hold of a cargo plane, makes her way to Geelong in the luggage compartment of a Qantas flight. Leaves for Perth.
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Quotes By


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Quotes About

"Dearest Chaviva is the most capable fighter I know and I come from a large family of Khaibit."

- Jasper Wolfe.


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  • The Invictus only send her in when everything else has failed. If you see her, you know shit's hit the fan and kept going.
  • Has been designated 'chairperson of Perth' by Decimus

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