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auto Protectorate of Forster-Tuncurry auto


Character Deed Name Auspice Tribe Lodge Pack Player
Ajax "Jax" Faulkner Eye-of-the-Storm Elodoth Storm Lords -- The Howling Vigil Alex Thomson
Astraia Van de Berg Born-of-Battle Rahu Storm Lords - Fortitude's Favour Cynthia Ostuni
Bea Reynder Walks-One-Way Ithaeur Iron Masters - - Katie Harwood
Bjørn Olsen - Irraka Hunters in Darkness - Fortitude's Favour Kyle Brooks
Cayden Smith Ash-Wind Blood Talons - The Howling Vigil Morgen Boulton
Charles Tims - Cahalith Bone Shadows - The Howling Vigil Mary Tyler
Esmee Van de Berg-Kelly Witness-to-Change Cahalith Iron Masters Lodge of the Chronicle - Alex MacKenzie
Harley Faulkner Five-Finger-Death-Punch Rahu Storm Lords - The Howling Vigil Ali Lawrie
Harriet Lyle Surfs Rahu Bone Shadows - Gihia Usala Nicole Matthewson
John Rivers Price-Of-Balance Elodoth Hunters in Darkness - Blades Edge Brad H
Kitty Rashburn Runs-With-Spirits Ithaeur Iron Masters - The Howling Vigil Elyn Fritz-Waters
Levi Jones Fire Blood Irraka - - The Howling Vigil Paul Taylor
Meg Faulkner - Rahu Blood Talons - Gihia Usala Kristine H
Midori Yoshioka Howls with Death Elodoth Bone Shadows - Gihia Usala Bianca S
Mizuki Yoshioka - Irraka Bone Shadows - Fortitude's Favour Shannon Spanks
Tahlia Fields - Irraka Hunters in Darkness - Gihia Usala Josh Smith
Theo Farron - Cahalith Bone Shadows Lodge of the Chronicle Memory Alex Strange
Wallace "Wall" Murray Wall-Like-A-Wave Cahalith Storm Lords - - Guy
Wilhelm Richard Theodor Fugger Unbroken Rahu Blood Talons The People of the Jagdschloss Blades Edge Rene Leahy
Inanna Lyle Weathers The Storm Cahalith Hunters in Darkness - Tidal Islands Roman Hadley-Lund
Rory Anderson Rides The Boundary Elodoth Bone Shadows - Tidal Islands Keegan Mummery


Character Deed Name Family Blood Pack Player
Steve - - The Howling Vigil Jag


Character Deed Name Type Auspice Tribe Lodge Pack
Tutel Mage - - - -
Kimberly "Bowie" Bowman - Werwolf Elodoth - - Gihia Usla

The Fallen

Character Deed Name Auspice Tribe Lodge Pack Player
Archie Grant Three-K-Down Irraka Blood Talons The People of the Jagdschloss Four Points Shaye McCarthy Atkinson
Elizabeth "Beth" Masters - Cahalith Hunters in Darkness - The Lyceum Claire Atwell
Mac "Screamer" Barrett Screams in the Dark Cahalith Blood Talons Lodge of the Screaming Moon Combustion Choir Brad Hardwicke
Sunny Faulkner Mountain Lake Not Public Storm Lords -- The Lyceum Katie Harwood
Ruka Washington Hewer-of-Limbs Ithaeur Bone Shadows - Judgement's Mercy Cameron Stewart
Bram Kelly - Cahalith - - - James Manning
Korra - - - - Jayde Cassells
Lena Faulkner Strikes-Like-Lightning Irraka Storm Lords - Blades Edge Bec P
Tabitha Kelly Web-Breaker Rahu Hunters in Darkness - Fortitude's Favour Claire Atwell
Solomon King Rides-a-Pale-Horse Ithaeur Bone Shadows Thousand Steel Teeth - Beau Grace


Pack Name Characters Purpose Territory?
Otomo Pack - Pack based around the beliefs of the Kami. Focused on the part of the Oath: "The Low Honor The High, The High Respect The Low" they weaken those who seek to overpower and strengthen those who falter. -
The Lyceum Charles, Bowie, Tahl. A pack based around teaching and protection of young people, especially those who may be going through tough times. -
Four Points Archie, Wilhelm, Aia A hungry Pack that is all about claiming new territory and the expansion of it through force, this pack believes that the hunt is a sacred thing to prove supremacy. But the group doesn't care for holding the ground it takes, the result isn't their interest. It's the conquest and the display of power. -
The Howling Vigil Ajax, Harley, Cayden, Levi, Steve, Certitude, Kitty, Charles To protect the Forster-Tuncurry Protectorate region and eventually lay siege to the united Pure forces. As part of this they promote the local scene. -
Memory Theo, Liar-Bird, Ghost-Foe To serve as the Protectorate's lorekeepers and historians. Cape Hawke
Combustion Choir Harriet, Solomon, Meg - -
Kintsugi Bram, Bjorn, Esmee, Mizuki - Topi Topi
Judgement's Mercy Jacob, Lance, Ruka, Rei - -
Blades Edge Wilhelm, Tabitha, Lena, Earthwalker , John. - -
Gihia Usala Harriet Lyle, Tahlia Fields, Midori Otomo, Bowie, Meg -
Fortitude's Favour Bjørn Olsen, Astraia Van de Berg, Tabitha, Marishka -

Pending Approval

Character Character Type Deed Name Auspice Tribe Lodge Pack Approved? Player
Nikita Dolohov Uratha Dog with a bone Elodoth Iron Master Lodge of the Shield - - Jayde Cassells -

Absent Characters

Character Deed Name Auspice Tribe Lodge Pack Player
Andre Leatherback Cahalith Hunters in Darkness -- The Not Pack Duncan Hadley
Bjorn Jansen Fang-splitter Rahu Iron Masters - Kintsugi Wing
Earthwalker - Cahalith Hunter in Darkness - Blades Edge Jacob M
Seki - Elodoth Hunters in Darkness - - Ian H
Lance Armstrong - Rahu Blood Talons - Judgement's Mercy Dylan Stephens
Jacob Williamson - Elodoth Iron Masters Lodge of the Shield Judgement's Mercy Shaye McCarthy-Atkinson
Rei Washington Rally-to-Arms Cahalith - - Judgement's Mercy Adalyn Lam
Lukas Kelly - - - - - Sam


Wolves: 22 Wolfblooded: 2
Cahalith: 5 Elodoth: 4 Irraka: 4 Ithaeur: 4 Rahu: 6
Blood Talons: 3 Bone Shadows: 7 Hunters in Darkness: 5 Iron Masters: 3 Storm Lords: 4
Ghost Wolves: 0
Dreaming Lodge: 0 Lodge of the Chronicle: 2 Lodge of the Einherjar: 0 Lodge of Gargoyles: 0 Lodge of Garm: 0
Lodge of the Hook Hand: 0 Lodge of the Hundred Days: 0 Lodge of Muspell: 0 Lodge of the Roman Ritual: 0 Lodge of the Screaming Moon: 0
Lodge of the Shield: 1 Lodge of Sleepless Earth: 0 Lodge of Wires: 0 People of the Jagdschloss: 1 Temple of Apollo: 0
Eaters of the Dead: 0 Thousand Steel Teeth: 1