Gaius Nyx

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Concept: Unknown
Clan: Gangrel ••
Covenant: Carthian Movement ••
City: Perth
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: Unknown
Group: The Fallen
Embraced: 1971
Player: Crispin
Storyteller: [mailto: Perth VST]
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Personal Information


Nyx looks like a shimmering relic of the 1980s, complete with fluro pants and psychedelic tops. He's tall and muscular, with what looks to be a perpetual smirk embedded on his face.


Nyx is friendly and approachable, albeit with a paternalistic superiority complex. He's always making light-hearted jokes, with the devil-may-care attitude that any night could be his last.

He presents as suicidal, running headlong into danger and staying there as long as possible. And yet he's lasted this long, so there must be more to this fiery thrillseeker who seemingly lacks any agenda of his own.

Mortal World

Nyx is engaged with the mortal world, but in a domineering kind of way as gang leader, street dealer etc. As a drug-taking solider in Vietnam, he was already losing it a bit at the time of his embrace. While still connected to his humanity, Nyx sees mortals as inherently weaker and lower down on the food chain - as valued pets & companions at best, straight up food for most.

Information Known by Kindred Society

The Fallen (aka Tinder and the left swipes)

Nyx is a member of the Fallen, a coterie led by JJ, operating with his child Yama as the group's principle physical protector and scout.

Known members

  • JJ
  • Nyx
  • Yama
  • Kali
  • Karl

Mortal coterie members


Nyx is in charge of a bikie gang called 'Blackbloods' that he took over in Perth after the destruction of the previous kindred and capture of its former leader.


Nyx has two childer currently at court: Yama, a fellow Carthian, and Hachi of the Invictus.


Is currently Acknowledged in the court.

He has faced down many threats to the city that would have left other kindred as ash. Yet this same fact gives him the attitude of not giving a damn what the powers that be expect of him - Nyx does his bit for the city by saving their undead hides; he's not going to lick their boots as well.


  • 1971 - Embraced in Vietnam
  • 1972 - Meets JJ and joins the Fallen
  • 1976 - Heads to Cambodia after the Aus/US withdrawal from Vietnam to witness the Khmer Rouge rise to power.
  • 1977 - Embraces Yama in Cambodia.
  • 1981 - Is hired by a foreign criminal syndicate as a bodyguard - heads to Japan.
  • 1984 - In a surprise move he embraces his ward, Hachi
  • 1985 - Leaves Japan after his childe's release
  • 1985 - Meets JJ's ghoul Harumi and reconnects with the Fallen
  • 1987-1998 - travels around Australia working for JJ and rebuilding the Fallen
  • 1998 - Arrives in Melbourne with Yama to work for JJ and the Fallen
  • 2018 - Moves to Perth with the Fallen.
Recent History
  • March 2018 - Arrives in Perth after the destruction by the Strix
  • April 2018 - Sets up shop in Fremantle, takes over the Blackbloods
  • May 2018 - is stunned to find his childe show up unannounced in Perth

Known Childer

  • Yama, Carthian, Perth
  • Hachi, Invictus, Perth


Quotes By

"I have a great idea, let's all go...[insert random adventure here]"

"This is like that time [insert Marvel superhero] faced [insert villain]."

"I survived."

"Run. I'll hold'em off, and by hold'em off I mean cut through them."

"I wonder what happens if I..."

"[Barely escape alive] Fed? Healed up? Great... Let's go back."

"You're in charge? Sure... Now imagine how long you'd last if I wasn't here."

"Yes. Promise. Totally. I will absolutely not do that thing you expressly told me not to do. I won't, because I already did it."

"Yama can take care of it. He's been by my side for decades. He only survived by being stronger than all of you."

Quotes About


  • Can't die, no matter how much he tries to
  • Marvel stories are his bible on how to live as a vampire with supernatural abilities
  • Literally kidnapped a little Mexican girl because she was 'just like that girl from Logan'
  • Deliberately acts out to avoid being given any responsibility
  • Is hiding something about family
  • Acts like he's a fast burning flame, but no vampire lasts that long this way - either something made him this way, or he's playing a very subtle game.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Wolverine - X-men
  • Bron of the Blackwater - Game of Thrones
  • Eric - True Blood

OOC Information

crispin.rovere at Crispin Rovere
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