Geist: The Sin-Eaters

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Geist Skull.jpg
It’s a story that begins with death — with your death.

Why did the Reaper reach out for you before your time?
Why was it that you fell between the cracks?

Do you remember the flare of the gun or the sharpness of the knife?
Do you remember the gnawing emptiness or the choking thickness of disease?
Did you fall across the Threshold alone in the wild, or in the heart of the city?

The story begins there — with the moment of death, and with the Bargain that reversed it.
With the cold hand that brought you back to the living world, with the dry whispers
that still haunt you, with the presence that has nestled in your soul.

You’ve returned to a world where the living cannot see the shades that surround them.
You drink rum to the dead, and you eat their remnants and legacies, taking their memories within you.
Every night is the carnivale, because every night you walk with ghosts.

Death is a door.

You are the one with the key.