Guy Incognito

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Guy Incognito
Concept: Unknown
Path: Mastigos
Order: Apostate --
Consilium: Adelaide --
Legacy N/A
Cabal: Generations
Player: NPC
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
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Personal Information



Consilium of Adelaide:


What do you look like?


Nimbus buddy place it here, Do not include Tilts thats for the VST to decide


Personality goes here.


  • 2017: Made into Wiki

Recent Events

  • May 2018
    • Discovered The Guardians have been concealing missing Pentacle Mages
    • Busted a ring of internal corruption where the Guardians we going too far in their role
  • Jul 2018
    • Conducted analysis into a letter forwarded by A.I.S.O group
      • Group is aware of thousands of Awakened, Sleepwalkers and Affiliate Sleepers
      • 100 Pages of documentation
        • Group has a hot desk branch office in North Adelaide
        • Group has also had dealings with the Vampires of Adelaide
        • Group has no known interest in the Werewolves of Adelaide
    • Worked with Dantalion to work on corruption within the Conscillium where mages are working with the vampires to produce weapons outside times of war for “the Enemy”
    • Had a visit from a werewolf who joined us on investigations
      • It went crazy when exposed to Supernal magic
      • No plans to work with them in future because of their magic susceptibility
        • Heading off to spend some time with the werewolves to try and smooth things over with them
          • Going to ask them to not interact with Mages because of their susceptibility to supernal magic
          • Going to put it to the mages of Adelaide that interaction with werewolves could potentially put lives at risk, because of their reaction to Magic
  • Aug 2018
    • Went to the Werewolf Den
      • Made an apology to the werewolves there, though it appears they were pre’warned by Alysia of my visit
      • Sat down with JD, Bethany and Alysia who seemed to know little of anything with regards the AISO issue
        • The unawakened seems to think they know the awakened, but it appears all they know is trying to politic us into doing things for them. (pointless)
    • Visited with the vampires at some place they hired out
      • Met up with Aon who was there again for some reason
      • Also interested to see Regis and Cheshire there to. (so many Mastigos in one place)
      • Regis and Aon made points to the vampires, which they said “and how is that concern for us?”
        • Regis and Aon sunk themselves in shit with the vampires
      • I got removed as diplomat. (Meh)
      • I got annoyed with the to and fro-ing with JD and the other vampires, along with Regis and co
        • Decided to help AL investigate the person who has been sending out emails to the mook letter squads
        • got attacked by Regis who didn’t let me know it was him, so I attacked back
          • I collapsed a chair into the space with him. (damn I feel bad about it)
      • ran into a strange vampire/human hybrid who works in the police department
  • Early Sep 2018
    • Invited vampires and werewolves to confab to discuss AISO
      • Worst mistake in the world
        • They got all morose
        • Talked about and we’re only interested in blaming the Mages for everything including their own problems
      • Bethany the nice werewolf pissed me off and said she’d love to see me dead
        • Bethany is now on my imaginary hit list
    • Trying to work with Aon to resolve Conger’s death
      • Appears to be the work of ‘’mother’’ and her lot
    • Working with Dantalion to advance my skills in Mind Arcana
      • I wonder if he’s interested in me
    • Working with Dantalion to help him with his Space Arcana


Quotes By

"I’d love to see you torn apart by a pack,of wolves" - Bethany Sep 2018

Quotes About

  • "Sometimes displays moments of brilliance, though other times his own hubris blinds him. Thankfully, he's not as bad as he once was."* - Dantalion
  • ”I might be a nice guy Bethany, but people who fuck with me generally end up dead”* - Bethany


"That’s the last time we bring along a werewolf, those things are scarey" - Guy Incognito


Inspirations and Soundtrack

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OOC Information

Member Information
Player: realnamehere
Number: Incomplete
Domain: Adelaide