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(Information Known by Kindred Society)
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== Information Known by Kindred Society ==
== Information Known by Kindred Society ==
*Unreleased childe of Jakob Roe, of House Tempest
== Lineage ==
== Lineage ==

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Harper Jones
Concept: Unknown
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Unaligned --
City: Perth --
Sire: Jakob Roe
Bloodline: Sirens
Embraced: Unknown
Player: Elyn Fritz-Waters
Storyteller: Perth VST


She appears to be 35, is around six foot and has brown hair with blue eyes.


She likes to help people and is maybe a bit overly friendly.

Mortal World

She is an overnight advocate at a local Religious shelter.

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • Unreleased childe of Jakob Roe, of House Tempest


Known Sire

Known Siblings


  • 1984 - Born in Perth
  • 2004 – Depolled and changed her name from Hardy to Jones
  • 2011 – Became an advocate that helped those who came to the Church. Met Jakob and slowly built up trust between them. The two kept in contact after this, becoming closer and eventually, Harper became a Touchstone that he would return to.
  • June 18th 2019 – Jakob is in town preparing to attend Perth Court. Harper was working at the shelter and was attacked overnight. Jakob was there and saved her by embracing her.


Quotes By

Quotes About



  • Shocked Kage and Kuroko by saying she didn't gamble when asked if she wanted to put a bet on her sister in a friendly against a werewolf. Somehow wound up running the book - like a seasoned pro
  • The polite, earnest new childe exterior hides a shrewdly calculated possessive streak

Inspirations and Soundtrack

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Elyn Fritz-Waters
Number: AU2018090001
Domain: Perth