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:: - reference.
:: - reference.
== Rumours ==
== Rumours ==
* Has disappointed papi!
== Inspirations and Soundtrack ==
== Inspirations and Soundtrack ==
* Japanese Main Stream and Sub-Cultures
* Japanese Main Stream and Sub-Cultures

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Harumi Buchannan
Concept: Intelligent Extrovert
Regnant: Jatinder Jindal
Regnant's Clan: Ventrue
Regnant's Covenant: Carthian
City: Perth
Ghouled: 2014
Player: Mary Tyler
Storyteller: Perth VST
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Personal Information


Harumi is of mixed descent (American, Japanese and Australian), has tan skin, large dark brown eyes, and dark hair she dyes regularly into bright colours. Measuring 5’4” with a slim build, she physically appears to be 22 years old, with classically beautiful features and pleasing silhouette. She usually dresses younger in the Japanese Kawaii style, with an edgy twist of a touch of black and other darker colours. She carries a Taser, laptop, energy drinks and a range of decora and geeky accouterments on her at all times.


Despite her appearance of being young and innocent; Harumi possesses a sharp mind, intense curiosity, and strong drive for what she wants. She manages the kindred of her regnant coterie with a wide grin, happy giggle and a firm hand. Harumi loves shopping for curiosities, has an overly trusting nature, gets completely absorbed in projects, and is defiantly an Japanaphile. Always happy and highly intelligence, she is passionate about what she loves, has good social skills and a kind nature.

Mortal World

The only child of Yuri and Henry Buchannan, Harumi is actually her middle name, but she hates her first name so god forbid anyone uses it! She maintains close contact with her beloved parents, and is proud of her American/Japanese heritage on her mothers side. Harumi often visits Sydney to see family and her childhood best friend, Kimmi.

Harumi earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation from the University of Technology Sydney. She now works as a social media IT expert, building a business and reputation for building the online presentation of businesses and companies. One day she hopes to increase her business to the point where she can take on celebrities, politicians and other highly visual clients.

Harumi has a youtube channel where she reviews all kinds of Japanese stuff, ie; shows, music, food, clothing, trends, etc. as well as participating in cosplay events and creating all her own accessories. One day she will travel to Japan with a camera crew, showing the culture she loves to the world.

Information Known by Kindred Society

Georgia Limited Edition Coffee
Takoyaki Phone Stand
Hello Kitty Bullet Train


  • 1990 - Born on the 1st of June 1990 to Yuri and Henry Buchannan
  • 1996 - Primary School
  • 2003 - High School
  • 2008 - University
  • 2011 - Meet Jatinder
  • 2012 - Ghouled

Recent History


  • MAR - Arrived in Perth, and start setting up the new haven
  • APR - Details
  • MAY - Details
  • JUN - Details
  • JUL - Details
  • AUG - Details
  • SEP - Details
  • OCT -
  • NOV -
  • DEC -

Youtube Channel

The topics for this months videos will be posted here, for the rest of Harumi's Japan check out her facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/harumi.buchannan

  • May 2018 -
  • Anyone who ever goes anywhere in Japan, will find drink machines filled with Georgia canned coffee, not only a delicious drink but also vital for the long working day. While there are lots of variety available in regard to energy and caffeine beverages, Georgia is by far the most popular.However the popular drink is getting a vamp up, they have teamed up with the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump to produce a lineup of exclusive new cans with packaging featuring iconic manga titles.
  • If you never wanted a phone stand before, you will now! These delicious food themed phone stands not only look great but are practical too! They come in a range of styles including Takoyaki, Rice Ball and Salmon Roe.
  • One of the hottest girl bands in Japan, Fairies, have announced they are finally releasing their second album including all their singles made since the first album and 5 all new songs fans like me are dying to here what they have for us! Check out one of their latest singles here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3TZGylzgoM
  • The bullet train that we all know as an iconic part of the Japanese landscape, is getting a new summer makeover, Hello Kitty style! That’s right, a special Hello Kitty version of the Shinkansen bullet train will be running this summer. So far we only have concept art, the final look has not been released, but doesn’t it look cute!


Quotes By


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Quotes About


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  • Has disappointed papi!

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Japanese Main Stream and Sub-Cultures
  • Cuteness!
  • K-Pop
  • Abbi (NCIS) and Penelope (Criminal Minds)

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