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Please note the great, big, honking TRIGGER WARNING for references to torture and sexualised violence.

Heinrich Schneider
Sect: The Camarilla ••••• •
Clan: Tremere (Masquerade) ••••• •
City: Canberra ••••• •
Title: Primogen
Sire: TBA
Lineage: Tremere
Embraced: 1945
Generation: unknown
Player: Corey Markham
Storyteller: Canberra VST

Information Known by Kindred Society

Embrace: 1945
Apparent Age: mid 30’s

  1. Acknowledged as a Member of the Camarilla
  2. Revered as Tremere Primogen of Canberra
  3. Vigilant by word of Prince Göksel Ahmet
  4. Astute by word of Prince Elsa Von Lichtenstein
  5. Faultless by word of Prince John Graham
  6. Loyal by word of Prince Kaalia Raine

Tremere only

Rank: Apprentice of the 5th Circle of Mysteries

Paths: Adv. Path of Blood, Adv. Lure of the Flames, Adv. Path of Technomancy, Adv Path of Transmutation, Basic Hearth Path


Heinrich appears to usually be an unremarkable looking man of blonde hair and blues eyes, in his mid to late 30's. His exact appearance is often mutable, but it bares these common themes.

He speaks with a slight German accent, and occasionally speaks in German at court.

Perhaps Heinrich's most notable claim in appearance is the purple long-coat he wears, and the Galaxy S10 he habitually carries.


Heinrich would love to see himself as subtly devious... no doubt the court merely see's him as slimy.

He tends to oscillate towards status and protocol heavy, as evidenced by his time as harpy, but he has also been known to push the bounds of personal corruption within Societal limits.

Mortal World

The court, in general, do not know of Heinrich's presence in the mortal world.


  • 191X - XXX, Germany - Born
  • 1945 – Berlin, Germany – Embraced
  • 1946 - Austria and Croatia - After being involved with a declared criminal organization, flees Germany.
  • 1971 - Zagreb, Croatia - with help of the Clan, "legitimately" immigrates to Australia
  • 1972 - Sydney, Australia - Junior Apprentice at Sydney Chantry
  • 1978 - Canberra, Australia - Promoted, and sent to Canberra Chantry along with Senior Apprentice O'Neil



- "I would not advise that"
- Often repeated advise from Heinrich in his position of Harpy to Göksel Ahmet when asked his opinion on an idea

- "Clan Tremere is ever ready to be your friend. Would you like to be our friend?"
- Apparently an all to often sales pitch

- "May we put them into camps?"
- said, with a German accent, to Prince Izzy when the domain declared war on the Ravnos


- "A clever man for someone so young, he seems to have quickly grasped how our society works. I shall have to make sure he is guided correctly"
- Göksel Ahmet

- "He's mean... Let's get rid of him."
- Kaalia Raine

- "You mean the competent Tremere."
- Derek Scantlebury, when the only Tremere in the city were Heinrich and O'Neil

- "He has wisdom beyond his years, this is not always for the best."
- Elsa

- "My sire's instincts are always correct, I shall watch this individual."
- Gladius von Lichtenstein

- "Yes he was an efficient Harpy...very mercantile."
- Meg St.John

- "He'll take you to a camp. He likes camping."
- Lilliana Vera Jane Renee Clara Lily Marie Anne

- "I know what a harpy is, it's a lady of the night right?"
- Kitty - when describing Heinrich's old position

- "A nervous young Kindred, though, by all accounts, one to keep an eye on..."
- Hathus Eiriks Chindavinth

- "Heinrich exudes sleaze with each step he takes, his purple coat flowing behind as he slides next to his chosen target, taking off his hat with ready ease, his slogan at the ready to assure all that he and his clan are there to be your friend."
- by a totally OOC Kristine
Heinrich not being nervous at all...


  • Is distant in court to Giorgio Giovanni as he doesn’t want to be linked publicly to his dealer
    • Or, maybe just from mutual creepy guy respected...
  • Avoids the Gangrel of the city for some mysterious reason
    • No that's just Kitty
  • His tablet is military grade
    • What the hardware or the software
      • Nope he uses it as a weapon
  • Appears to exhibit a skill with modern day electronics Elders and Ancilla find unsettling... or incomprehensible...
  • Was a used car salesman before his Embrace
  • His real name is Zoltan Karpathy

OOC Information


See Canberra Masquerade: Prestation

Boons from

  • Trivial to...
  • Minor to...
  • Major to...

Boons to



  • Thaumaturgy Path: Technomancy -
  • Ritual: Banish Big Brother -

OOC Information

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Member Information
Player: Corey
Number: 2001100358
Domain: Canberra