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Concept: Hermetic Priestess
Clan: Mekhet ••
Covenant: Circle of the Crone ••
City: Adelaide •••
Title: Magus
Sire: Kage
Bloodline: Pure Clan
Group: N/A
Embraced: 1899
Player: Alison Young
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

Personal Information


Helena, who appears to be in her late twenties or early thirties, stands slim at 5'5" with porcelain white skin and discerning grey eyes. Her jet black hair is tightly woven into twin braids that fall to her waist. She maintains an elegant and poised posture, moving always with a silent grace. Helena typically wears a full-length, plain black, front-laced linen gown with silver buttons on the foresleeves. A black woolen half-length cloak adorns her shoulders, its deep hood often shrouding her face. Silver jewelry with hints of moonstone and dark gemstones offer accentuating detail; the most prominent piece on her character being an All-Seeing Eye pendant around her neck.


Typically a well-spoken and scrupulous woman, Helena is infinitely patient and focused in her dedication towards unraveling curiosities in the world around her. She understands how to treat other Kindred diplomatically and with respect, and understands the importance of niceties, but can be callous and cold-hearted towards anything she considers disinteresting. She also has a mischievous side, and enjoys messing with Neonates; making them guess her age; hinting at dark deeds and dropping facts about them they haven't told her; offering palm, tarot or aura readings with vague and ominous results, etc.

Mortal World


Information Known by Kindred Society


Mortal Life

  • 1871: Born and Christened Madeleine Wilkins in Banbury, in the county of Oxfordshire England, to William and Francis Wilkins; an ambitious, newly wealthy but common couple.
  • 1890 – 1895: Attends Somerville College at the University of Oxford, studies Ancient History and Anthropology.
  • 1895: Marries Louis Mardeville, an Englishman of estranged but noble French heritage. Moves to London.
  • 1896: Sworn into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, where she studies esoteric philosophy, astrology, tarot divination and geomancy.
  • 1898: Ascends to the Second Order within the Golden Dawn, the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis, where she studies scrying, astral travel, alchemy and other magics. Joins actress Florence Farr's secret society within the secret society, The Sphere, where she meets [Ventrue/Daeva], a Kindred maintaining the personality cult as their elite herd. They ghoul Madeleine in order to groom her for embrace.

Embrace - WWI

  • 1899: The Japanese Mekhet Kage embraces Madeleine instead, for her interest in and knowledge of Egypt and the occult. She adopts Helena as her Kindred alias, and becomes fascinated by the Acolytes of London. She ghouls her husband Louis.
  • 1900: Intending to withdraw from the kine world, Helena stages a tragic accident by falling down a set of stairs. She is examined, mourned, and buried, before being exhumed by Louis. Louis retreats from society, playing the distraught widower. Helena, Louis and Kage travel to France to begin their slow, winding journey through Europe.
  • 1901: Helena learns from and explores the French Circle of the Crone, undergoing initiation before sailing to Rome.
  • 1903 – 1904: In Rome, Helena learns from the Italian Circle of the Crone, and experiences the full power of the Lancea Sanctum, before sailing to Greece.
  • 1904 – 1908: Traveling the breadth of Greece for its heritage in history, culture, pagan faith, and philosophy (all of which having experienced a resurgence in the Kindred world following Greece's independence from the Ottoman Empire) Helena learns much. She and Kage linger to help the Greek Circle with some recent political upheaval.
  • 1908-1912: Helena and party cross a large swathe of Eastern Europe (including Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria-Hungary, Serbia, and Albania), appreciating local cultures, customs and wisdom, and following leads on information and certain artifacts.
  • 1913: Helena and party travel back through Greece and Crete to Alexandria and then Cairo, which serves as a base of operations for her and Kage to search for any remaining pieces of a set of four canopic jars.


  • 1914: WWI breaks out across Europe, and Kage is called back to Japan to assist in the conflict. Helena remains in Egypt for personal interests, and continues to search for the canopic jars.
  • 1917: One of the canopic jars is found. She has it shipped to Kage, who then releases her.
  • 1924: Helena moves on to Iran to learn about Islamic and Mesopotamian religion, culture, science and artifacts.
  • 1927: Helena passes through Pakistan to India to study Vedic and Hindu faith and culture.
  • 1932: Louis is killed while trying to shoot a tiger. With the loss of her connection to the mortal world, Helena finds it difficult to maintain her living arrangements. She takes a ship to Sydney, Australia, and settles into the Kindred community as a spiritual and occult expert.
  • 1939 - 1945: WWII. Australia is a safe haven from the bulk of the conflict, and sees the influx of many European refugees, which provides significant opportunities to search for knowledge she may have missed.

Recent History

  • 1960's: Helena arranges for Ljónynja Øringr's ghoul Celene to be given to the Circle of the Crone, in order to groom her for embrace. Celene is instead embraced by a Daeva during a brief visit to America.
  • 1971: Helena becomes languid at the loss of a touchstone and falls to eclipse.
  • 1993: Helena awakens and travels to South Australia, eventually settling again in Adelaide.


  • NOV - Helena attends the forging ceremony at Orchid's Meadow, and she meets several new Kindred at the Adelaide Society's gathering.
  • DEC - The Adelaide Mekhet investigate a strange 'ghost ship' that only appears on the full moon.


  • JAN - ????
  • FEB - Helena invites the All Night Society to the Crone Temple for a celebration of Kali. She becomes suspicious of a potential plot by the Strix, and visits Brisbane to investigate.
  • MAR - Mages and a werewolf arrive at an Adelaide gathering to make themselves known to the All Night Society, and help the Kindred to thwart a soul-stealing beast.


  • Kage
    • Kageko
    • Helena
    • Sister Rosetta Day
    • Kuroko

Known Sire


Known Siblings

Known Childer

None at Present


Quotes By

"Oh, but I so rarely need to put myself in danger, my dear. Certainly not when I can so easily probe in the shadows instead. I feel outwards into the depths of the world with my roots, like an ancient tree."

"Humanity hasn't changed in the least over the centuries. Sure, the trappings change. The technology changes. The Kine can change everything except themselves. They'll always be beautiful, petty, shallow, hate-filled creatures; and therefore so shall we."

"I think perhaps they were tempting fate when they named themselves 'The Parliament.'" - Discussing the Owl situation in Brisbane

Quotes About

"The right way of teaching is to remain forever a student, so that you continue learning regardless of your own ego or what you think you know. Helena is such a woman and it would do you well to listen to what she has to say. Free your mind from the constraints of what you think you know, and you might just be surprised by how far you can fly." - Celene

"Helena might regard herself as a tree whose roots extend beyond the shadows and soil, but I see her akin to the World Tree itself. Branching out into the beyond, both above and below." - Celene



  •  She is nothing but smoke and mirrors.
  •  She doesn't love the Gods, so much as envy them.
  • She's got her hooks in Chairman Wulfhild.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Morticia and Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family
  • Adria, Diablo III
  • Indiana Jones series
  • Melisandre, Game of Thrones
  • The Cask of Amontillado, The Premature Burial, To Helen, Edgar Allan Poe

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Alison Young
Number: 2014020034
Domain: Adelaide