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Crest of House Roe

House Roe is a Large Family, originally of Ventrue, Invictus trained, polite yet Domineering Kindred. It was begun by Wilburforce and Dominic, both of them placing there Sire Augustus above themselves. It is headed by Wilburforce Cornelius Roe, Elder Formally of Perth. In general, the Large Family grooms and Sires from the Mortal Roe Family. There is a Strong Maritime Tradition within the Ventrue Family with a need for the sea to be visable from haven's often a requirement. The Roe portray a strong sense of Ventrue Superiority, and appear to take the Moral High ground but are known to be heavily involved in Organised Crime. The most tightly knit clan in the city, the Lords take the family, even extended family, very seriously. Ghouls, thralls and even touchstones are invited to attend gatherings of the family. The loss of a touchstone takes a terrible loss on a Venture, so these mortals are introduced to the family, and watched closely from that point forward. They look out for one another’s interests and property. A touchstone known by and protected by dozens of Lords is far less likely to meet and unfortunate fate. Of course… sharing such things also leaves one vulnerable.

Theft 'Siring' of Several Roe Family members has left the Roe with Multiple Clans, as they just reabsorb them back into the fold rather than cast them out, 'After' an appropriate punishment has been handed out.

The Current Ventrue Family Tree

Character Release Covenant Clan/Bloodline Family Role Player
Augustus  ? Invictus Ventrue The Augustus NPC
Wilburforce Cornelius Roe  ? Invictus Ventrue Patriarch (in Torpor) NPC
Dominic Lucius Roe  ? Invictus Ventrue - -
Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca 1714 Circle of the Crone Ventrue Captain Nick Wittman
Matthew Beaufort 1920 Invictus Ventrue Kyle Brooks
Sophie White Roe Not Yet Released Circle of the Crone Ventrue Favoured of Gaspar Bec P
Virginia Themis Roe - Retired  ? Invictus Ventrue Regent (Currently Missing) Jax Telford
Roman Domitius Roe 2003 Ordo Dracul Ventrue - Mark Dickson
Steve Roe - Retired  ? Ordo Dracul Ventrue Captian Damian Smith
Victor Aurelius Roe 2014 Carthian Ventrue Dynasty Heir Michael Atwell
Hans Claudius Dekker 1929 Carthian Ventrue - Jessica Orsini
Allison Servilia King-Roe 2000 Unaligned Ventrue - Charlie Kay
Zippora ‘Cassiopeia’ De Luca Roe 1937 Invictus Ventrue - [[User:Jmage|Levian M-A

The Current Daeva Family Tree

Character Release Covenant Clan/Bloodline Family Role Player
Jakob Helios Roe 1970's Invictus Daeva Patriarch Paul Taylor
Chantilly Lace Roe 2000? Invictus Daeva - Nikita Boston
Meredith Winchester-Roe 2016 Carthian Daeva - Claire Atwell
Crystal Jade Roe 2016 Circle of the Crone Daeva - Nicole Matthewson


Character Release Covenant Clan/Bloodline Family Role Player
Infandous - Retired  ? Lancea et Sanctum Gangrel Stolen by Clan Gangrel Evvyn Malcolm

Family Events

'Grandfather's Embrace - on the 21st August the Kindred members of the family (along with selected ghouls) gather at Roe House in Applecross to celebrate/acknowledge the anniversary of Wilburforce Roe's Embrace. It tends to be a time of swapping news, discussing any family business, introducing any new childer etc.

Midnight Mass - Both the mortal and Kindred members of the family gather at Our Lady of Lourdes parish to observe Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, with Kindred and ghouls then meeting at a pre-arranged venue afterwards for "refreshments". New ghouls and touchstones are introduced (or at least pointed out) and all Covenant politics are put aside for the night - at least publicly - in the interests of family solidarity


  • The Roe's are part of the reason Perth is as Corrupt as it is
  • The entire Family gathers for Midnight Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes on Christmas Eve
  • It’s a family tradition to curb stomp people that hurt their family
    • I hear they’re the reason Curb stomping was invented.
      • I hear that they were why curbs were invented.


Contact Michael Atwell, Paul Taylor or Nick Wittman for Details and Joining

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