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Concept: Unknown
Path: Mastigos
Order: Den Cirque av Rozor --
Consilium: Southern Cross --
Legacy None
Cabal: None
Player: NPC
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST
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Personal Information


The boys all follow the same appearance; strong icelandic features framed by blonde hair with beads braided into one section.
One of the only ways to differentiate between them is the order of beads in their hair, and the height differences between just a few of them.


  • Ari – Stoic, hardheaded. He is the one who could be considered the unofficial leader of the quad. He drinks heavily, and often, but when his wife is around the ice seems to melt away.
  • Björn – Loud, boisterous. He plays a big game and some could say he could stick with it. Drinks with Ari a lot of the time, but not as heavily. Some could say he's always drunk.
  • Leifur – Quiet, mumbles a lot. While he starts off that way he can be very enthusiastic about things he loves.
  • Einar - Generally friendly, kinda like a puppy. He's awkward as fuck, tends to stutter on words when nervous.






  • Long Term Nimbus:
  • Immediate Nimbus:
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Known Information

Shadow Name

Hydra - Like the many-headed serpent, these four out of a set of identical quintuplets decided to opt for a single name. It enables them to appear to be one, and be in many places at once.


Date of Birth: ??????



Quotes by

  • Einar
    • "You're family. You matter to me, and to the rest of mine."
    • "I am sure. Your city is still under attack, and I can help, I can be there fast to help you. It is not like I am giving you my name."
    • "I do not speak to many people. They call me...what is the word in English? Shy?"
    • "We do not follow the laws because we do not know them. Many of us are from places no pentacle mages met up, we learn individually, we die. The Lex Magica, this Golden Law? Great Rights? These are foreign words that sit strangely on our tongues. We do not harm the sleepers, and no harm comes to them through our skills within the Cirque. There is no paradox, no pain. People are happier and safer here than anywhere else."

Quotes about

  • Einar
    • "Hmm, let's see, I would say you're gentle, you like the soft things in life, you find amazement in natures beauty, you flow rather than follow a strict code. You're probably caring and a bit sensitive to those around you, I reckon you like to excitedly share things you find and are a bit shy. Probably a little self conscious to bring things that excite you up to those you don't know but when you find something that interests you I reckon you could talk about it for hours regardless of the company," - Thrills



  • They like to pretend to be each other