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Concept: Trash Panda
Clan: Gangrel
City: Geelong --
Sire: Nora Quinn
Bloodline: [[Category: CofD|]]
Group: Villr
Embraced: 2013
Player: Kristine Hertel
Storyteller: Geelong VST

Personal Information


Hyena looks like an androgynous youth still in her late teens, fitting somewhere in between masculine and feminine looks. Sometimes she has a light brushing of make up on, other times it's just dirt.

She wears what he wants, but always comes in barefooted, seeing no need for shoes. Even if hecomes in wearing the most beautiful prom dress, she still strolls in barefooted.

On court nights and his more fancier events, she will dress up to the occasion, making themself look more like creature to be feared, more like a predator to be afraid of than the dirty urchin look he usually adopts.

She's on the taller side of average, his hair a ragged dirty urchin cut that looks more like someone took blunt scissors to attack their hair.

Her clear blue, almost white, eyes often stare unblinking at people


Hyena is the unofficial leader of the Trash Coterie comprised of herself, Vulture and Fox.

According to those who knew her, she used to be quite affable and friendly. And while she does seem to be slightly softer around the edges with her Sire and a few others, something happened in her past to change her. Now he has few f***s to give, and

She's rough and tumble, but looks after the younger/newer members of the court, oftentimes taking a young fledgling under her wing and calling them "Pup", no matter what name they go by.

He also maintains a wicked sense of humour and has been known to tempt a few away from their faith.

She respects those predators higher up on the chain from him, watching them with a careful eye lest she need to take precaution against imminent action from them.

He also has a semi-decent respect for those in positions of higher power, often using the quote "Heavy is head that wears the crown"

Mortal World

Hyena doesn't talk about her mortal life much.

Information Known by Kindred Society

She's traveled extensively, and picked up a coterie that she leads made of fellow scavengers. She's not the nicest of kindred, but if you scratch her back, she'll scratch yours. She's not the most faithful of the Crone, but her secondary motto (and that of her coterie) is that they "Get Shit Done" (the first motto of course being LIVE LIFE AND EAT TRASH!).


  • Born 1993 in Cairns
  • 2010 starts seeing Dr Sean Quinn as his patient
  • 2011 starts seeing Dr Sean Quinn outside of his work

Recent History

  • 2013 embraced by Nora Quinn
  • 2014 release by Nora Quinn
  • 2015-2016 roams around. Disappears for some time before reappearing 2016, somehow changed
  • 2016 meets Vulture and forms the Scavenger Coterie
  • May 2016 meets Isaac Foxe and lures him back to who he really is, the Scavenger Coterie growing
  • Late 2017 rocks up to Geelong in Isaac's van


(Year Embraced)
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Quotes By

Quotes About

"She's a bundle of crazy, but she's MY bundle of crazy." - Sean Quinn

"She calls me pup even though I'm the older one and yet, despite all she does for me, to me, I don't mind." - Valentina

"Y'all call us trash, but I wouldn't have my 'yena any other way..." - Isaac Foxe

"Everyone keeps saying that she's theirs, all I hear is my, my, my. She ain't theirs, and even though she has my blood in her veins she's still not mine either." - Nora Quinn

"Ugh." - Brandon on being forced to talk about Hyena Fitzchambers

"I love that bitch. They and Fox are all my world, and I belong to them." - Vulture, in an unusually affectionate moment.

“Will you farking stop distracting Sean when he is driving at farking high speed..” - Uncle Gadi when Hyena decided to blow Sean while driving on way back from Bunnings.

"Knows the value in dirty jobs no one else wants, just be specific about what you want done or you might find yourself minus more than you bargained for" - Meredith Winchester-Roe

"Look... Don't try and make her wear shoes and treat her like an actual Person and she won't try and kill you. It's not hard" - Vic Roe


"Oi. I wanna fuck" Hyena
"Your... tenacity intrigues me. I think we should get to know you better. Physically is a good start" Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca
"Look, my dick isn't that bad, Vulture." Sean Quinn
"I'm sure your dick is just peachy, treasure... All it's gotta do is keep Hyena happy and not get put in or on me or my stuff. Oh, and IDK not cause you any trouble, because you are valuable to our Queenie, therefore you are valuable to us." Vulture

Hyena's Lick Book

Hyena, being the strange kindred he is, keeps a tally of all those she has licked. Hyena has their reasons for licking.

Character Lick Status
Crystal Yes
Sean Quinn Yes
Nora Quinn Yes
Isaac Foxe Yes
Vulture Yes
Gaspar Yes
Decimus Yes
Sophie White Roe Yes


  • Likes to prowl near the local university
  • Sleeps under a black Bunnings tarp in the woods.
  • Really the heir to a business empire worth billions.
  • Is really an Invictus knight under the covers.
  • Two people have licked them first

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Anne Bonney from Black Sails
  • Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Grim
  • Chillin' Like a Villain - Hyena to Fox "Lemme tell you something you can really trust. Everybody's got a wicked side! I know you think that you can never be like us, watch and learn so you can get it right! You need to drag your feet, you need to nod your head. You need to lean back, slip through the cracks. You need to not care! Uh, you need to not stare. You need a whole lotta help, you need to not be yourself. You wanna be cool? Let me show you how. Need to break the rules! I can show you how. (...) You draw attention when you act like that. Let us teach you how to disappear. You look like you would lose a fight to an alley cat. You gotta be wrong to get it right 'round here, mmrorw! You need to watch your back! You need to creep around. You need to slide real smooth, Don't make a sound! And if you want it, take it! If you can't take it, break it! If you care about your health, seriously, you need to not be yourself"
  • Galway Girl - Hyena and Sean Quinn
  • Nobody Owns Me - "Nobody owns me, I don't wanna be anybody's fool. No one can make me do what I don't want to do. No, nobody owns me."

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Kristine Hertel
Number: 2013090002
Domain: Canberra