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Concept: Unknown
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Invictus
City: Pending --
Title: None
Sire: Unknown
Bloodline: None
Group: None
Embraced: Unknown
Player: Ian
Storyteller: [mailto: Pending VST]
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Personal Information

Started as a very devout man who believed heavily in the idea of "kill them all and let god sort them out" but as time went on he was less about killing and more about converting. After he finished fighting for his country and was embraced by a elder in the church he felt the call to bring gods word to all. He worked on a ship for a few years before earning enough to build his own and hire a crew of missionaries. Recently he has changed his old ship out for a yatch and uses it to bring others into hid web of influence and to travel from city to city building connections.


  • Any and all.



  • Money
  • His Crew
  • His ship
  • Knowing how to escape any situation
  • Fine wine Scent
  • Blind followers
  • failure
  • Strix
  • learning secrets without others knowing
  • hiding
  • running
  • Fire
  • Knowing the words to the song stuck in his head.
  • Reading
  • drawing (not very well but don't tell him that)



This is all to be confirmed and relevant approvals submitted

  • 1400 born in a small village near the coast of Spain by the age of 8 he had taken on as a seaman on some of the local fishing crafts. He learned of his love for the sea during these times.
  • 1410 teens growing into his body he was strong and well trained in the ways of ship he learned how to handle a variety of ships and learned the seas around all of Spain and as far down as Greece
  • 1420 After sailing the seas of Europe for many years he spends a few years in Greece at the age of 25 spending his wages from the ships he has worked learning the language Koine and felt the power of the word of god when he had it read to him. This help him go from being your standard sailor to on who tried to fallow the laws of god. He boarded a ship and worked his way back to his homeland with his new love of god.
  • 1430 once he returned he learned of the renewed conflict between France and England and was tricked into joining the English fleets with their low fortune after the death of joan of arc and so went off to the hundred years war. Once there he did his duty and was paid doing just what he had to in order to survive that is until his unit made port one month and he found beautiful English woman that stole his breath away she told him how she hated the fighting and just wished for peace to comeback to the land. That night he when to the local church and prayed to god and god answered by sending one of his angels. They promised him strength and speed to vanquish his foes to help restore peace to the land but in exchange he must swear his loyalty and soul now and forever to the angel. He said yes and was granted great strength and speed and a overwhelming desire to serve the angel. That night he was ghouled and granted the gift.
  • 1440 while the war between the French and the English had stalled for a time _ was sent to take many of the domains in the Low Countries and claim them for England. This continued until he was ordered to Caen where he was bested and forced to retreat at the battle of formigny.
  • 1450 The hundred years war ends and since that night __ has never seen that English lass again. By this time he has been away from home for over 30 years his mother was likely dead and there was no home for him left so there was nothing stopping him from fallowing his master Bishop Maxwell back to Portugal and to board a ship again but this time he went not as a liberator but as a master. He was bound from a port in Portugal to Africa. God what was the Bishop doing.
  • 1450 portages slave trade
  • 1460 Participated in the battle of towton moors against the rose
  • 1470
  • 1480
  • 1490 starts exploring for the areas granted in the treaty of tordeslllas
  • 1500
  • 1510
  • 1520 master changes here because of Lutheran church and the internal lance issues that occurred deva was killed and I was offered the chance to fallow under a hollow mekeht.
  • 1530
  • 1540 jesuit society
  • 1550
  • 1560
  • 1570
  • 1588 spanish armada defeated I was in charge of the vampires ship and we were set abaze by the enemy I was able to escape with my master but when the ship went up so did the sun and I could not swim deep enough to save my master. My mind fractured I realized that I needed to find a new master or I would age luckily I was able to top up as the sun destroyed my master.
  • 1600
  • 1610
  • 1620
  • 1630
  • 1640
  • 1650
  • 1660
  • 1670
  • 1680
  • 1690 start heading to france do to the treaty of Rijswijk start of ties with sara
  • 1700
  • 1710
  • 1720 finish ties with sara
  • 1730
  • 1740
  • 1750
  • 1760
  • 1770
  • 1780
  • 1790 Makes his first trip to Australia to minister to the convicts.
  • 1800
  • 1810
  • 1820
  • 1830
  • 1840
  • 1850
  • 1860
  • 1870
  • 1880
  • 1890
  • 1900
  • 1910
  • 1920
  • 1930
  • 1940
  • 1950 Most of this decade was spent helping Muslim refuges from India immigrate to Pakistan with Sister Rosetta Day
  • 1960
  • 1970
  • 1980
  • 1990
  • 2000
  • 2010

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Player: [mailto: Ian]
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