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Concept: Unknown
Path: Moros
Order: Free Council
Consilium: Adelaide --
Legacy None
Cabal: None
Player: Caleb Prince Brotherton
Storyteller: Adelaide VST

Personal Information


Invar is a built man with his face being slightly bloated from the amount of drinking he does. He's in his Early 40's and has Dark Blonde short cut hair and a stubble. He tends to dress in a Navy wife beater as well as a Plaid red shirt and cargo shorts and Thongs. He has a Tattoo of his little girl's name on his upper right arm. He has light Hazel eyes and if you see him in public you know He's a top bloke.


The world grows dull and grey like the life has been drained from it and all Alloys nearby begin to Corrode


Invar always tries to be happy, When life gets you down you tell it to shut up, Grab a beer and relax. Swearing is almost compulsory though he keeps it in check around children. Invar is also a huge fan of kids he refuses to raise his voice at them (unless nessecary) and will always try to get them involved. This comes from him being a father. He regrets the breakup with his Ex Girlfriend but is happy he at least gets to see his Kid.


  • 1975 - In 1975 Invar was born in Hobart Tasmania
  • 1980 - Invar's parents move from Hobart to the small town of Launceston for work. Invar begins school
  • 1992 - Invar Drops out from Highschool to go to Tafe and get himself an apprenticeship in Labour work
  • 1994 - Invar gets a job in Garbage disposal
  • 2000 - Invar meets his girlfriend Naomi Reed, the two of them begin to date months later
  • 2003 - Invar proposes to his girlfriend only for her to reject him
  • 2005 - Invar attempts to propose to his girlfriend again, she refuses saying "I just don't believe in Marriage"
  • 2008 - Invar's relationship begins to get rocky, Naomi gets pregnant but leaves Invar later that year
  • 2009 - Invar's Father Dies, Naomi gives birth to their Daughter, Invar names her Lilly. He gets depressed later in the year and Awakens
  • 2010 - Details (Leaving this and later for ties)
  • 2013 - Details (Leaving this and later for ties)

Recent Events


Quotes By

  • "Oh shit did I drink myself to mind mastery" - Invar at being ignored at the Circus
  • "You're Circe, a person from Greek Mythology as far as I know. And I'm Invar, a type of rock. We can go with anything really but Mythical would mean more, might bring them to greatness. Just no Oedipus" - Invar at the naming of He and Circe's Twins

Quotes About

"Hahaha, Yeah Nah he's not much of an adrenaline junkie. I think half the reason he sticks with Team Thrillseeker is cause we're cool and don't ask much as a cabal except to watch each others backs and occasionally go out and have some fun" - Thrills when asked if Invar ever comes out thrill seeking.

"He's a sweetheart, beneath the booze. Just a big teddy." - Sybella, sticking up for her cabal-mate.

"He drinks too much, and relaxes too little. I'm not sure if others will save him or he'll drag them down with him." -Thoth, not happy about it at all.

"I guess it's no surprise that we met in the pub, but there is more to him than what everyone sees. Get to know him and you'll see a whole different side." - Circe

"He's a bit odd, and not really nice. But he seems to get on well with Circe, so I guess he's okay?" - Medea

"He's going to undo all the work you put into ending your addiction. I don't think you can fix this one, love won't stop him being a drunk, he'll just drag you down to his level and drown you with your own demons." - Nephilim

"You have so much amazing potential and I just know you'll even exceed it if you wanna. And if you need someone to hold your hair back, I'm your gal." - Sybella, with a wink.


"Quote" - reference
Thrills: "You don't get public holidays?"
Invar: "Hahaha not the Job I gotta do you don't"


  • Invar has a girlfriend.
    • Had.
  • Is a raging alcoholic.
    • Nah, not raging, he's gentle and sweet and kind.
  • Invar has a crush on Circe
    • Crush? Is that what you call his raging hard-on for her?

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OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Caleb Prince Brotherton
Number: 2015070011
Domain: Adelaide