Isaac Foxe

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Isaac Z Foxe
Concept: Cultist Party Boy
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
City: City
Title: none
Sire: Chakori
Bloodline: Kinnaree
Group: house
Embraced: 28th July 1971
Player: Roman Hadley-Lund
Storyteller: City VST

Personal Information


Isaac in a young man of 23, who stands at just over 5’5, with brown hair so dark it’s almost black. He gets his sharp almond shaped eyes and warmer complexion form his Thai mother; the he definitely resembles his American born and raised father. His eyes are a piercing bright blue, save for a half section of brown in his left eye, and his mouth seems to always be quirked in a perpetual smirk. Not fairly well build, but strong in the shoulders, he carries himself in a slight slouch, movements fluid and footsteps soft. His arms and knuckles are covered with tattoos of various things, ranging from celebrities like Elvis and David Bowie, to thorns and roses and a huge lotus tattoo on his neck. He’s been considering biting the bullet and adding to his collection with a chest piece. Tribulation brings enlightenment after all.
Isaac tends to forgo shirts most of the time, but if pressed he’ll generally wear something trashy with band logos or just plain coloured. Ripped jeans and denim jackets covered in patches or leather jackets that are past their prime are his staples though. Most of his clothes are stolen from charity bins and then modded to shit or stolen from Kine he feeds on, sometimes he picks them up from Savers.



Isaac is rebellious and cheeky. He loves fun and throws himself into each night. He’s always got a dirty joke to crack, and sometimes he really isn’t joking.

Mortal World

He’s known as a rigger on fetlife and to his clients he’s everything they need him to be.


Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1948 - Born in Salem, MA, USA, to Father Zachariah Foxe (father - American) and Dao Foxe (mother - Thai)
  • 1966 - Moved to Gold Coast, QLD with his family. He turns from his good religious upbringing and begins acting up and acting out against his strict parents.
  • 1968 - Left home and began hitch hiking around Australia
  • 1971 - Falls into bed with Jamie Mahina and Chakori and is embraced by Kori. Kori leaves after five days
  • 1972 - Starts working on and off for Viktor Reynder at two of his clubs
  • 1985 - Disappoints both his sires by joining the Lancea Sanctum. He tries to make it work, but it never really fits. He continues to move around the country
  • 1997 - Settles in Melbourne late in the year
  • 2009 - After years of trying to be a good Lance boy he begins to fall back on old habits
  • 2015 - Kori returns to Melbourne and begins trying to sway him to the Crone
  • 2016 - Kori takes him to an Adelaide Crone meeting and it feels like coming home
  • 2016 - Isaac joins the Crone, fleeing Melbourne to avoid the ire of the Lance there. He buys a camper van and mods the shit out of it to make it light proof and then travels around Australia with Kori
  • 2017 - Chooses to become Nomadic like his sire, but parts ways with her, sticking mostly to Victoria and NSW

Recent History




Known Sire

  • Chakori - Carefully filed under DO NOT FUCK WITH. She's fantastic.
  • Jamie Mahina [Adoptive] - For someone so pale, she's a fucking ray of sunshine. Serious mom friend.

Known Siblings



Quotes By

"I am not nice!"

Quotes About

"Isaac is the perfect gentleman" - Tresalda with a smug smile

“The kind of guy you just know is going to be trouble, but of the best kind and fuck the consequences. This’ll be fun” - Meredith Winchester-Roe

"Isaac is young and full of firey spirit, much like his Sire. I can see why she chose him... and I can see he needs alot of work" - Delphi

"Once a bad boy, always a bad boy. I knew that goody two shoes act couldn't last once he got a taste of the bad again" - Hyena

"He's welcome in my nest any night, as long as he doesn't mind his prick being for show. He's a bit of a nancy, but he knows his place and sticks to it, so that's fine with me." - Vulture

"Don't you ever tell 'im, but I would kill a c*nt for that boy. Just you wait and see." - Vulture


Person 1 - "quote."
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Person 1 - "quote."
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  • Sleeps under a black Bunnings tarp in the woods.

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OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Roman Hadley-Lund
Number: 2016070016
Domain: Southern Cross