Isaac Iscariot

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Concept: Enduring Displaced Caregiver
Clan: Gangrel ••
Covenant: Invictus ••
City: Perth ••
Title: Mister Alder Isaac Iscariot Gangrel First Steward
Sire: Master
Bloodline: Strach Na Wróble
Embraced: 1031
Player: [1]
Storyteller: Perth VST
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Personal Information

On the eve of my Bar Mitzvah my parents spoke " Isaac you are soon to be recognized by our people as a man. As you are aware our family lineage is passed through the mother to each child. Your mother is of the line of Iscariot. This means you are of the line of Iscariot. Iscariot's are forbidden to ever touch silver. Should you ever touch silver you will be afflicted with your ancestors curse." Iscariot's 30 pieces keep coming back to haunt his descendants. Live long enough and ever becomes impossible. My coin I forged into a ring, but I know it will be a coin after me; as always. I am damned, not as a Lancea Sanctum but for my mortal bloodline; but maybe it's fair; we did betray the son of God.


Heavy set, bald and clean shaven; easily overlooked and unremarkable in attire and gestures. A practiced patient air of calm regardless of environment.


Uncomfortably drawn to Kindred Society

Practices Judaism

Underwhelming history within the Invictus.

Mortal World

Mostly lost to him due to Humanity and Bloodline limitations.


987 AD  Born in the city of Córdoba in al-Andalus, Moshe ben Chanoch
1000AD Bar mitzvah 
1006 Father David Chanoch dies slowly from sickness after cat scratches neck.
1008 Married Hodaya
1009 Córdoba in al-Andalus attacked, besieged and pillaged by Berbers. Brother Machir and Sister Batya killed by  Berbers.
1010 Daughter Moriah born
1013 Mother Dinah and Wife Hodaya killed by  Berbers.
1015 Marry Shoshana (Shoshana is the Hebrew word for "rose.") Faded Touchstone
     Cut Flowers.
1016 After hearing Jewish community of Kairouan, Tunisia is forced to choose between
     conversion and expulsion; 
     move to Seville with daughter and Shoshana.
1017 Shoshana dies of childbirth.
1019 Tutored Abu al-Qasim
     Multilingual English and Spanish
1021 Turstin Gouin Wodan born. 
1022 Learn Brawl from Abu al-Qasim physical trainer Shmuel haNagid.
1029 Meet Shmuel haNagid physical training master (my future Sire on referred to as Master) 
1031 Embraced in Seville when Abu al-Qasim declared independence of the province of
     Seville from Caliphate of Córdoba 
1036 Moriah marries and has granddaughter Ruth
1044 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Mértola from the Berber.
     Lose HUMANITY 7 Survive something that would hospitalize a human.
1049 Wodan Embraced.
1051 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Huelva and Algarve from the Berber.
1053 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Niebla from the Berber.
1055 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Algeciras from the Berber.
1056 Blood Potency 2
1062 Ruth marries
1063 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Silves from the Berber.
1064 Great granddaughter Adah born
1065 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Ronda from the Berber.
1066 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Morón from the Berber.
1066 December 30 Granada massacre: Muslim mob stormed the royal palace in Granada, crucified Jewish vizier 
     Joseph ibn Naghrela and massacred most of the Jewish population of the city. 
     "More than 1,500 Jewish families, numbering 4,000 persons, fell in one day."
     Learn Empath
1067 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Carmona from the Berber.
1067 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Arcos from the Berber.
1070 Took part in Abu al-Qasim military campaign to liberate Córdoba from the Berber.
1071 With the liberation of my home town and a weariness of my soul after the previous campaigns my Sire voiced 
     "that my embrace rage has probably run its course" and chose to RELEASES me.
     Sire enters Torpor. I watch over my Sires 
     and spend the twilight years of my daughter’s life together. 
1076 Sire wakes from Torpor.
1077 Daughter dies an old woman. Lose HUMANITY 6 as I Fall into Torpor.
1079 Wake from Torpor
1087 Great Granddaughters Adah wedding.
1090 Granada was captured by Yusuf ibn Tashfin, King of the Almoravides. 
     The Jewish community, believed to have sided with the Christians, was destroyed. Many fled, penniless, 
     to Christian Toledo.
     Sire is disappointed with my decision to go to Granada and enact vengeance as hoped previous campaigns had 
     “got it out of my system”. Sire goes to Toledo to assist refugees.
     Blood Potency 3, lose HUMANITY 5 
     Open Wounds Seeing a Culture that did not Exist when I was alive.		

1099 Christian Crusades begin, sparking warfare with Islam in Palestine. 
     Crusaders temporarily capture Jerusalem in 1099. 
     Tens of thousands of Jews are killed by European crusaders throughout Europe and in the Middle East. 
     See’s the futility of his decision and returns to Sire in Toledo.
1105 Learn Peace Maker and return to Córdoba in al-Andalus, 
1113 Learn of Adah’s daughter, Dobah’s wedding. A wonderful reunion with my line, but shortly a weight upon my mind. 
     Lose HUMANITY 4 for surviving a century. Fall into Torpor.
1128 Wake from Torpor
1135 Tutor Maimonides
1148 Berbers oblige Jews to convert in Cordoba. Maimonides leaves Cordoba and we resettle in Fez in Morocco.
1160 Blood Potency 4
1161 Begin combining all of  Maimonides refuted theories with vampiric state.
1169 Fail to develop Surmounting the Daysleep , increase  RESOLVE.
1181 Fail to develop Surmounting the Daysleep , increase  STAMINA.
1189 Ljónynja born.
1195 Fail to develop Surmounting the Daysleep , increase  STAMINA.
1202 Provide aid to refugees of the FOURTH Crusade
1207 Ljónynja Embraced by Ylva Úti.
1224 Hear stories of extraordinary foreign leader Genghis Khan invading Russia, beast sparks memories of former campaigns
     Blood Potency 5
1231 The Inquisition begins as Pope Gregory IX assigns Dominicans responsibility for combating heresy. 
     The concept horrifies me and I withdraw into Torpor.
     Decimus is born.
1257 Rise from Torpor. Blood Potency 4
1259 Hear of Moses de Leon, teachings and travel to him in Guadalajara
1281 Combine principals of Zohar with vampirism and succeed in manifesting Surmounting the Daysleep coil.
1289 develop The Warm Face coil.
1290 Jews are expelled from England by Edward I after the banning of usury in the 1275 Statute of Jewry. 
1306 Jews are repeatedly expelled from France and readmitted, for a price. Blood Potency 5
1311 King Władysław  endeavored to establish a uniform legal code throughout the land. 
     In this code he assured the safety and freedom of Jews and placed them on an equal footing with Christians. 
     Hearing this I travel to Krakow to discover an invasion by the Teutonic Order
     Local Kindred Pagans begin to incorporate my predation into their beliefs.
1314 Selene / Delphi born.
1322 Yr Ysgolhaig born.
1326 – 1332 Polish-Teutonic War (1326–1332) develop Stir the Beast coil. Lose HUMANITY 3
     Blood Potency 6 The Visceral Curse
     Blood Potency mixes with Bane Hated By Beasts and disciplines begin to blur in my makeup.
     Manifest Bloodline Strach Na Wróble.
     Develop Dread Presence, Face of the Beast, Celerity, Vigor 
1333 Casimir III the Great, inherits kingdom.  
1340 Delphi Embraced by Horkus.   
1347 Black Death (bubonic plague)
1356 Develop Denying the Bane
1362 Develop Buttress the Soul
1369 Civil war in Spain, between brothers Peter of Castile (Pedro) and Henry II of Castile (Enrico), 
     leads to the deaths of 38,000 Jews, embroiled in the conflict. 
1377 Develop Enliven the Anima
1381 Develop Embracing the Banes
1397 Argyle Sorrow (Saru) born.
1400 Develop Shedding the Beast’s Skin

1403 Blood Potency 7 lose HUMANITY 2
1403 Wander the Polish forests and toggle between rage and hunger more beast than man.
     Develop Area of Expertise Face of the Beast
1408 Vlastislav Radev born.
1410 Recalled enough of the man to be involved in Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg).
     Loot a knight and fail to avoid scooping up a bloodied silver coin 
     Mortal family curse enacted. RELIC
     Word of witnesses of Divine Curse being enacted gets back to Lancea Sanctum.
1439 Vlastislav Radev Embraced. 
1443 Blood Potency 8
1452 Argyle Sorrow (Saru) Embraced.
1478 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain institute the Spanish Inquisition.
1480 Captured by Spanish Inquisition. Meet Justinian.
     The Lancea Sanctum view my coils as heresy and after much pain Sorcerous Eunuch
     is administered and I lose my coils.
     Surmounting the Daysleep coil
     The Warm Face coil
     Stir the Beast coil
     Denying the Bane coil
     Buttress the Soul coil
     Enliven the Anima coil
     Embracing the Banes coil
     Shedding the Beast’s Skin coil
1481 The destruction of my “selfish transformations” 
     and the realization that I have lost sight of my mortal lineage sends me into Torpor.
1533 Machiavelli's The Prince published posthumously. Blood Potency 7
1588 Defeat of the Spanish Armada by English. Henry, King of Navarre and Protestant leader, recognized as Henry IV, 
     first Bourbon king of France. Converts to Roman Catholicism in 1593 in attempt to end religious wars. 
     Blood Potency 6
1600 Margarete Wulfhild born.
1602 Agatha Krizpe born.
1633 Inquisition forces Galileo (astronomer) to recant his belief in Copernican theory. 
     Blood Potency 5
1670 Agatha Krizpe Embraced.
1689 Peter the Great becomes Czar of Russia—attempts to westernize nation and build Russia as a military power. 
     Defeats Charles XII of Sweden at Poltava (1709). Beginning of the French and Indian Wars (to 1763), 
     campaigns in America linked to a series of wars between France and England for domination of Europe. 
     Blood Potency 4
1690 Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca born.
1712 Gaspar Acosta Da Blanca Embraced.
1729 Bach's St. Matthew Passion. Isaac Newton's Principia translated from Latin into English. 
     Blood Potency 3
     Trinity Augustus Ignatius Jehovah Jedidiah Beaumont IV born.
1742 Fyodor Borisovich Zasakin born.
1776 Declaration of Independence. Gen. George Washington crosses the Delaware Christmas night. 
     Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 
     Thomas Paine's Common Sense. Fragonard's Washerwoman. Mozart's Haffner Serenade. 
     Blood Potency 2
     Trinity Augustus Ignatius Jehovah Jedidiah Beaumont IV Embraced.
1793 Viscount Matthew Beaufort born.
     Fyodor Borisovich Zasakin Embraced.
1801 Margarete Wulfhild Embraced.
1814 Charles Brock born.
1820 Trinity was rescued by a traveling LS clergyman.
     During this time as he turned his focus to the Lancea et Sanctum for direction,
     Isaac Iscariot's Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg)1410 Divine Curse.
1826 Joseph-Nicéphore Niepce takes the world's first photograph. 
     Blood Potency 1
1828 Katelyn Gallagher born.
1831 Phoebe Gwenllian born.
1833 Slavery abolished in British Empire. 
     I wake from Torpor.  
     Tendered by an Invictus who’s actions and aid demonstrate a kindness and professional manner that convinces me that a
     Covenant is my next step. 
     Join the Invictus.
1858 Pro-slavery constitution rejected in Kansas. Abraham Lincoln makes strong antislavery speech in Springfield, Ill.:
     “This Government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.” Lincoln-Douglas debates. 
     First trans-Atlantic telegraph cable completed by Cyrus W. Field.
     Phoebe Gwenllian Embraced. 
     Blood Potency 2
1859 Charles Brock Embraced.
1861 Learn Courtoisie and Etiquette
     Defends right of Stewardship in Monomancy versus Invictus from Vlodivostok.
1867 Katelyn Gallagher Uplifted from Revenent.
1868 Brother Scratch born.
1871 Christened Madeleine Wilkins / Helena born.
1876 JD Macdonald and The Red Priest born.
1882 Terrorism in Ireland after land evictions. Britain invades and conquers Egypt. 
     Germany, Austria, and Italy form Triple Alliance. In U.S., Congress adopts Chinese Exclusion Act. 
     Rockefeller's Standard Oil Trust is first industrial monopoly. 
     In Berlin, Robert Koch announces discovery of tuberculosis germ.
     Travel to England to broaden Invictus outlook. 
     Blood Potency 3
     Crusade Style
1888 Brother Scratch Embraced.
1892 Wallace MacDougal born.
1899 Christened Madeleine Wilkins / Helena Embraced.
1896 Seung Choi born.
1900 The Red Priest Embraced.
1901 Henry Worthington embraced by Decimus.
     Area of Expertise Courtoisie
     Professional Training
1904 JD Macdonald Embraced.
1907 Second Hague Peace Conference, of 46 nations, adopts 10 conventions on rules of war. Financial panic of 1907 in U.S.
     Mahler begins work on “Song of the Earth.” Oklahoma becomes 46th state. 
     Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon introduces cubism.
     Meet Delphi, Decimus and Henry Worthington 
     Blood Potency 4
1915 Viscount Matthew Beaufort Embraced.
1916 Georgiana Turpin born.
1925 Wallace MacDougal and Arthur Fitzchambers Embraced.
1931 Valerie Fitzchambers Embraced.
1932 Celene born.
1933 Hitler appointed German chancellor, gets dictatorial powers. Reichstag fire in Berlin; Nazi terror begins. 
     Germany and Japan withdraw from League of Nations. 
     Giuseppe Zangara executed for attempted assassination of president-elect Roosevelt in which 
     Chicago mayor Cermak is fatally shot. 
     Roosevelt inaugurated (“the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”); launches New Deal. 
     Prohibition repealed. USSR recognized by U.S. 
     Blood Potency 5
     Oath of Abstinance and Oath of Penance
1935 Seung Choi Embraced.
1946 Aasira Tawfeek and Renee Barnett born.
1948 Jatinder Jindal Embraced.
1950 Georgiana Turpin Embraced.
1951 Jasper Wolfe born.
1956 Nikita Khrushchev, First Secretary of USSR Communist Party, denounces Stalin's excesses (Feb. 24). 
     First aerial H-bomb tested over Namu islet, Bikini Atoll > 10 million tons TNT equivalent (May 21). 
     Workers' uprising against Communist rule in Poznan, Poland, is crushed (June 28–30); 
     rebellion inspires Hungarian students to stage a protest against Communism in Budapest (Oct. 23). 
     Egypt takes control of Suez Canal (July 26). Hungarian rebellion forces Soviet troops to withdraw from Budapest (Oct.)
     Israel launches attack on Egypt's Sinai peninsula and drives toward Suez Canal (Oct. 29). 
     Imre Nagy announces Hungary's withdrawal from Warsaw Pact (Nov. 1); Soviet troops enter and reclaim Budapest (Nov. 4).
     British and French invade Port Said on the Suez Canal (Nov. 5). 
     Cease-fire forced by U.S. pressure stops British, French, and Israeli advance (Nov. 6). 
     Morocco gains independence. Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal. Allen Ginsberg's Howl. 
     Blood Potency 6
1960 Albert Robert Green and Felicity Leblanc born.
1962 Astronaut John Glenn refers to Perth Western Australia as 
     “city of lights” and news real footage includes young woman with striking resemblance to Great Granddaughters Adah.
1966 Complete travel plans to Perth and embark.
1967 Celene Embraced.
1968 Arrive in Perth and start researching to find Great Granddaughters Adah look alike.
1973 Aasira Tawfeek Embraced.
1975 The First Strix War, has suspicion The Birds of Dis arrival was due to his arrival. 
     Mayhar Al-Sahand enabled return to stability 
     Too many Court members were lost and current Blood Potency had too few sources.
1978 Benjamin Trevor Hadfield born.
1981 Renee Barnett Embraced.
1982 Sigmund Emil Falk II born.
1983 Isabelle Murray and Jasper Wolfe Embraced.
1987 Felicity Leblanc Embraced.
1998 Albert Robert Green Embraced.
2003 Benjamin Trevor Hadfield Embraced.
2004 Sigmund Emil Falk II Embraced.
2010 Victor Aurelius Roe Embraced.
2018 Awake from Torpor to Touchstone Love Song Bladerunner

Strach Na Wróble

     The invasion by the Teutonic Order of Poland in 1326 was just another victory waiting to happen Western Ventrue envisaged.
     In hindsight it was hubris to not just leave those woods alone after locals had spoken of a scary man.
     So they sent their beasts, some came back useless and broken; so they sent their men and none came back.
     Time would have taken its toll and Isaac Iscariot wanderings alone in the Polish Forrests, 
     Preying on the local Pagan Kindred and slowly falling to the beast and maybe Torpor would have been a natural end. 
     This Beast, this Bestial Wanton Competitive Beast was in its element and they just kept giving reasons to stay awake.
     You would be hard pressed to find a Ventrue that would admit to prompting a Gangrel bloodline, but they did.
    The locals just called him Strach Na Wróble, and at first he thought it felt rather underwhelming but Scarecrow grew on him.
    Isaac could feel the malaise in his Vitae and never Embraced. But Avising felt a natural progression.
    Disciplines Protean, Resilience, Celerity and Nightmare.
    In addition to the Gangrel Clan Bane Strach Na Wróble also manifest Hated By Beasts.


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