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Concept: Unknown
Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder --
Consilium: Adelaide --
Legacy N/A
Cabal: N/A
Player: Claire Atwell
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
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Personal Information


Ithuriel appears to be in her mid twenties, just shy of 6ft tall and softly curved figure. She has serious blue/grey eyes and clear skin, hair is worn long and typically falling in loose waves to the middle of her back. She does often dye her hair a variety of colours that seem somehow at odds with the comfortable professional suits she ordinarily wears for work.


Immediate: Witnesses feel a surge of adrenaline, as though they had faced and overcome something they feared. Hearts pound and hands become sweaty with particularly strong effects.

Signature: An effect akin to the feeling of a post-adrenal satisfaction.


Vivacious and outgoing, Ithuriel is happy to talk to just about anyone. She's exceptionally intelligent and seems to just have the knack of getting people talking, something invaluable in her professional life as a freelance journalist. There is more behind the smile than she lets on though, and can come across as manipulative or arrogant depending on the situation.


Recent Events


Quotes By

"Who watches the watchmen?" - to Thoth at their first meeting

Quotes About

"It's alright. Being unable to carry out this order does not make you weak, it makes you a better person than me. And in doing so gives me one more person I'm happy to fight for."
- Nephilim comforting Ithuriel after she realised she couldn't stand to become a Guardian


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Domain: Adelaide