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Personal Information


Height: 6’2”
Weight: 78kg
Hair: Grey, Greasy, Receding.
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Tanned and Sun-Scarred.
Age: 47 Apparent age: Mid 50's
Distinguishing features:

  • Thin for his height. Muscle of youth now ropey and thin.
  • Looks incredibly frail and of ill health.
  • Is a (Mostly) functioning alcoholic and often smells of booze


Jacks personality can best be described as "Abrasive". Spending a lifetime being haunted by the spirits and the dead alike havent done much for his interpersonal skills.

A functioning alcoholic, Jack has turned to drinking heavily in his later years in order to deal with his situation. Normally calculating and hesitant. Jack will become quite emboldened as he indulges and often loses many inhibitions otherwise present.

As the years drew on, Jacks mental health declined along with his physical. When hes off his meds, everyone is going to suffer for it. He can be quite the pessimist.

Those spending any amount of time around him will be quick to note that at times Jack will often speak aloud to himself. Most times in English, other times in gibberish. Even so far as to engage in the odd argument!

Mortal World

Jack is still very much in touch with the mortal world in his day to day activity. Active on the various supernaturally inclined message boards and groups out there.

  • Jack is well known in the various related Ghost sighting/hunting forums. Both the ones with the liars and braggarts and the far more real channels underneath.
  • Still prefering to source his information from a more tangible source, Jack can often be spotted in the Cities library's. Particularly those at the various university campuses early in the morning

Having recently moved back to Perth from the North-West, Jacks Caravan is currently parked up in the Wilbinga Reserve and can often be found at the Two Rocks Tavern after 6pm.

Information Known by Kindred Society


  • 1970 - Details

• 19th July 1970 1970 – 1984 Jack Douglas was born strange. At a young age the waves and the trees called out whispering. Occasionally he’d catch a glimpse of something there but not quite, in the corner of his vision. Something there, but not there at the same time.

While walking on the beach at dusk, the ghost of a schoolgirl taken by a shark began to call out to Jack. Calling him toward the waves, her voice disembodied and unintelligible as if she was speaking under water. Upon reaching the froth of the breaking waves he realized something wasn’t quite right. A dark shadow lurking behind the breakers…...he turned his back on the voice and strode away.

  • 1980 - Details

• At age 10 spends 2 days lost at sea after a fishing accident.

Out on the trawler with Dad during summer holidays. Learning the ways of the sea, how a trawler worked and just generally being a nuisance. One morning just before dawn after the nets were pulled and the catch lowered onto the deck. The boat came to a stop while the net was reset. Jack noticed the buoy and rope of a cray pot floating nearby. Strange as the water was far too deep. Using a nearby Gaffe, he dragged the foam buoy and its rope closer until he was able to slowly pull the rope out of the water. Heavier and heavier as the rope was drawn to the surface. Jack reeled in fright as a severed leg breached the surface of the water, twisted in a bight in the roped. No one noticed the splash as Jack went over the railing

• Father perishes at sea in rough weather of the coast of cape Leeuwen

It was summer time. Holidays had just finished the day before. Jack had spent the summer on his father’s boat. Like every summer he could remember. The storm came from nowhere. The ABC newsreader said they’d never seen anything like it, even in the Southern Ocean. They never found Dad, but they did find the “Betty”. Smashed against the West side St Alouarn Island not far from where Dad found me 4 years ago.

• Begins working as a Fisherman for a friend of his fathers.

  • 1990 - Details

• Decides to move to Tasmania and leave his Mother. To get as far away as he can from the past.

The years are rough and quiet. Hard work and long difficult days on the sea shape Jack from a child into a Man. He keeps his thoughts and his secrets to himself. While the other crews spend their time and money on shore in the Bars and Brothels of Hobart. Jack prefers the quieter places. The librarians around the city begin to gossip about the strange young man that spends his nights in the reading alcoves, books piled high around him, stained and weathered journal nearby.

• Keeps working as a Fisherman and begins serving as the chief deckhand on the Trawler “.
• Is involved in a hostile encounter with a powerful otherworldly entity on the hill in Hobart. A house is burned down.

He hadn’t been prepared to walk through the door of that run down colonial style homestead on the hill or what was awaiting them on the other side. Like nothing he’d ever felt before. Someone, something was inside. Jack knew it was a ghost. He’d felt them before but never like this. It was angry, enraged that he, a male was inside its domain.

  • 2000 - Details

• Moves to Darwin to take up the Captaincy on the Prawn Trawler “Gracey Gay”, operating throughout the Timor Sea leaving Hobart and what happened on the hill behind.
• The “Gracey Gay sinks in the Timor Sea. All hands are lost.

Howling Wind. Crushing Wet. Darkness.....

• Reappears off the radar throughout the north-west of Western Australia. Attempts to stay off the grid.
• Jack begins taking solace at the bottom of a bottle. Its a slippery slope.

  • 2010 - Details

• Slowly working his way down the coast. Jack hears about an open offer paying good money from a Victor Roe in Perth. Despite not having the skills or the history, he takes on the job for other reasons....

“Investigating some weird shit, he says. The moneys good and lord knows I could use the distraction. I’ve never done this sort of work before; how hard could it be?”

Recent History


* MAR - Details
• Jack took the job with Victor Roe. Meeting him on the jetty at Hillary’s Marina as planned things went awry when Victor stepped off the boat with about 10 others. All Vampires.
Jack was unsettled and frightened of the Vampires as well as unsure of how things would proceed.

“ I’d heard that Vampires weren’t just a matter of fiction. Just as real as you or me. Never seen one before, not in the flesh anyway. If even half of the legends are true, then then I want to know more. In for a penny, in for a pound as they say.”

• Victor Roe explained the job would be to investigate various sites around the City of Perth looking for supernatural signs. He later explained that there had been an attack by creatures called “The Strix” about a year ago, decimating the Vampire population of Perth.
The first location, a nightclub, turned up nothing of interest.
The second location, the Perth City Concert Hall again turned up nothing of merit regarding the Strix. The venue had a storied history though, it was old and a lot of souls passed through.
Jack overheard a conversation regarding a Vampire that could turn into an Owl called “Deathroll”.

• Vic Roe explained the nature of the Strix attack to Jack in an effort to lure Jack into his employ.
Over the course of the evening, Jack heard Vic Roe announce to others present that Jack was under his protection and they weren’t to harm him.

• The Vampires, or Kindred as they called themselves were strangely affable and seemed to tolerate Jacks presence.
Once again, Jack turned to the drink to deal with things as the situation deepened. There was no shortage of quality liquor around and Jack took full advantage of that.
Jack saw a Vampire make a bottle of Scotch disappear right before his eyes.

 -[OOC Notes: Jack was getting quite drunk at this time. Limiting his inhibitions and emboldening him.] 

• Overhearing a conversation between Jack and an elderly man “Jatinder” where 4 of his associates were to be sent to a location in northbridge to further investigate “The Strix”. Jack decided to tag along on the promise of a financial bonus from Vic Roe, in the form of a new Caravan.

• Arriving at an abandoned warehouse on Roe St northbridge Jack and the 4 kindred along with an Older gentleman, Roman and a pretty young lady entered the building, discovered a disused tunnel and sent one person down to investigate. They returned with a handful of what looked like ash. When a tall thin vampire touched this ash he went crazy, it took the other 3 to restrain him. When they all left, Jack and one other kindred stayed to investigate.
Jack saw a slim, young and beautiful Kindred crack a chain lock the size of your wrist like it was tissue paper. The same Vampire then later heaved a 40ft sea container over a trap door like it was a paperweight.
Jack and the other vampire tried to move the sea container that had been blocking the trap door but were unable to with strength. Jack moved the sea container away from the hole. The kindred with him was surprised. Something compelled him to descend into the tunnel.
Descending into the gloom, Jack and the other Kindred came across a ritual circle Jack wasn’t familiar with. It was however, broken. A pile of ash lay in the centre, likely the same ash that caused the kindred to go crazy upstairs. Jack took some of it in his hip flask.
Jack could sense no ghosts or spirits remaining in this place. It was clean, too clean.

 -[OOC Notes: By this time. Jack was extremely drunk.] 

• Returning to the Concert Hall, a place that Vic called “Elysium”, Jack reported what had happened to Vic. Vic then offered Jack a more permanent offer of employ with Vic Roe to act as his “Paranormal Investigator” explaining that he could offer Jack help and protection.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a real job. Especially not one that pays this good. Probably going to be dangerous but old Jacks got a few tricks up his sleeve these blood suckers don’t know about”

  • APR - Details
  • MAY - Details
  • JUN - Details
  • JUL - Details
  • AUG - Details
  • SEP - Details


Quotes By

"Its a fucken shitole..."

- Jack Douglas on Toowoomba.

"Its a fucken shitole..."

- Jack Douglas on Darwin.

"Its a fucken shitole..."

- Jack Douglas on Perth.

Quotes About


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  • Any amount of digging into Jack's past will likely unearth rumors that he believes he can hear the voices of the dead.
  • Jack was lost at sea for almost a year. Presumed dead, he reappeared "Off the radar" some time after.
  • Hardly a secret, Jack is currently working as a "Paranormal Investigator" for Victor Roe.
  • Jacks Caravan is parked up in the Wilbinga Park, North of Yanchep. Its not hard to find.
  • Jack can be found most nights warming a stool at the front bar of the Two Rocks Tavern after 6pm.

Inspirations and Soundtrack

  • Sons of Anarchy - Wayne Unser
   - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSDvchLmqnI 
  • True Detective - Season 1. 2010s Cole.
   - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oX2xFo7JA4
  • My mother in-laws boyfriend who is a 60 year old deadshit fishing deckhand. Seriously, the guys a deadbeat.

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