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Concept: Unknown
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Consilium: Southern Cross •••
Legacy None
Cabal: None
Player: Decibelle
Storyteller: Southern Cross VST
Janice concept.png

Personal Information

Janice is a stable and constant presence in the Consilium, acting as a fairly stable counterweight to the antics of Mage society. She usually acts as a maternal figure to the majority of the Awakened, offering highly confidential assistance with the mental health issues that plague willworkers, but also acting as a trusted friend. Regardless of whether you're an Arrow suffering from PTSD after having to put down an Abyss-tainted child, or just a young apostate heartbroken that she had to break up with her sleeper boyfriend, Jan is there for you.

To most of the Sleeper community, Janice is a respected psychiatrist. Originally, she focused on managing trauma and mental health after major events. Her approach made her incredibly popular with the Adamantine Arrow, along with other Awakened struggling to deal with the impact various events left in their lives. However recent years have seen her branch out, significantly. She's one of the few psychiatrists in Tasmania willing to bulk-bill for poorer clients, and, in 2013 - inspired by a certain Thyrsus she was dating - started studying and specializing in LBGT issues. She's now the top psychiatrist in Tasmania for gender and sexuality issues, and has a reputation in the LBGT community for being incredibly supportive.


Blonde, soft, and fluffy - faintly like a marshmallow. While Jan's dress sense borrows far, far too heavily from hipster subculture, she's always looking warm and approachable. She speaks with an accent that's distinctly North American - either Canadian or American - and is the kind of woman who rarely raises her voice or swears.


Widespread double-vision. Everything's blurry, doubled-up and hard to see, except for her - Jan's always crystal clear.


Rarely anything other than polite and professional, Jan is a warm, friendly confidant and is pretty quick to make friends, between her light laughter and nigh-supernatural knack for rustling up a mug of tea wherever the Consilium might be staying.

  • Janice has the biggest soft spot for children, despite not having any of her own - she's been known to babysit for other Awakened who have kids.


A huge amount of Janice's history, unsurprisingly, is impossible to trace. It's been muddied after multiple fake identities and moves between cities, as is typical for a Guardian. In her short time as an Awakened, Janice has already lived seven completely different lives.

However, the few events that have been confirmed are listed below.

  • 1986 - Janice's current identity stays that she was born in North London Maternity on this date, though that doesn't match up with her accent.
  • 1999 - The Kosovo war occurs. While Janice has no official history in Kosovo, she's mentioned, quietly, after a few beers, that she distinctly remembers hiding in her home's cellar while NATO bombers bombarded the city.
  • 2006 - The Rolling Stones famously perform at in Cocacabana, at one of the world's biggest live concert events. Janice has worn, once or twice, a shirt from that event that's been signed from the band.
  • 2010 - Certification proudly displayed in Janice's current office lists this as the date that she graduated with a Doctor of Medicine from the University of North Dakota, specializing in psychiatry. General consensus is that she has likely never been to North Dakota in her life - but she's definitely a qualified psychiatrist.
  • 2011 - One of the few times Janice has legitimately confirmed her prior history comes from her time in the UK, around 2011. She says she first met Propsero in England, and the two had a lengthy fling before she officially started joining the Guardians, forcing them to be seperated.
  • 2012 - Arrived in the Consilium, from Hammondsworth, England. She's quick to be established in the city, rising to a position where she assists the then-Councillor, <NAME>. She quietly takes responsibility for tracking down a notorious Mastigos who had fallen into madness, known as Freak, ingratiating herself with the mad mage, and, eventually, dealing with him permanently.
  • 2013 - Mid-way through 2013, Janice turns down an opportunity to become Sentinel of the Consilium. It's also around this time that it becomes apparent that despite her polite and professional demeanor, Janice and Thrills have become more than friends and cabalmates.
  • 2015 - Two major events occur. First, Janice and Thrills officially change their relationship status on Facebook, resolving two years of rumors and bets among the Consilium. And, four months later, Janice ascends to the post of Mastigos Councillor.
  • 2016 - Not everything goes well. Prospero moves from England to Tasmania, joining Team Thrillseeker at Janice's urging. Not long after, though, Janice and Thrills break up. General rumor is that Janice did the deed, even though neither's spoken of it. This is given creedence when Janice winds up leaving the cabal, and her and Prospero begin a public, whirlwind romance that ends with an unexpected Christmas wedding.

Major Relationships

Prospero - Janice married Prospero at the end of 2016, though they're yet to have a honeymoon. They apparently met in England, around 2010, and had a lengthy relationship that ended when the pair where reassigned to other countries. There's a lot of rumors regarding Prospero's move back to Tasmania and the pair's swift marriage, but for the most part, the pair seem quietly content and happy. And at least their partnership is legal in Tasmania, right?

Thrills - Janice and Thrills rarely, if ever, talk any more. The former cabalmates - and power couple - split in 2016, behind closed doors. The breakup's been rumored to be based on conflicts between their Orders, the specre of Prospero, and Thrills reluctance to settle down, though neither party's said what caused it. Instead, they're just quietly polite to each other when they need to interact. The Awakened of Launceston are generally smart enough to make sure they don't need to interact too often.

Crucible - After Thrills' and Janice's breakup, Crucible became one of Janice's closest friends. The pair have a lot in common aside from their positions as Councillors and their careers. From an outside perspective, Janice leans on Crucible pretty heavily of late, relying on her advice when it comes to the fallout of her failed relationship.

Current Patients

Medea - Details to be fleshed-out.

Clothon - Clothon doesn't need psychiatric care - in his case, Janice just acts as a general counsellor, offering a friendly ear to listen to his problems and talk them over.

Wander - Gender/Sexuality?

Former Patients

No-One - Janice treated No-One for a full year. She still hasn't elaborated on what she was helping him with.

Riffling - Psychological evaluation prior to joining the Mysterium. Socially awkward, possibly on the higher-end of the spectrum, mild obsessive tendencies, otherwise fine.

Clothon - Psychological evaluation prior to joining the Mysterium.


Quotes By

"Sometimes, I worry that making so many peaceful compromises between various Awakened means I'm too willing to compromise in my own life."
- on the topic of Consilium versus personal ethics.
"I know, rationally, I don't deserve anyone's pity, or sympathy, when it comes to what happened with Thrills. But - I made the best decision I could in a hard situation. I just wish somebody understood that, so I didn't feel guilty every time I looked at them."
- on the infamous breakup between her and Thrills.

Quotes About

"Janice? ...Don't ask me. You will not receive an unbiased answer."
"We don't talk, it's better that way."
"She seems nice. She's helping me. She says that I should try to get better for myself, not for anyone else, which is kinda confusing? She makes nice tea."
"Oh, boy, sorry. I just don't think it'd be fair for me to comment, ya know?"
-Sybella, asked about her former cabalmate.


"'First do no harm', right?"
"I mean, we don't swear the Hypocratic Oath any more - but isn't that meant to strive for?"
"Maybe. I don't know, Jan."
"I just - I just don't know if I did the right thing. I put my own happiness above someone else's, and I can't help but feel like the worst person in the world for doing so."
"It happens, Jan. It happens."


  • A member of the Consilium once found her FetLife profile. She's low-key kinky.
    • Kinky as hell.
  • She has an incredibly secure vault where she stores her 'mental profiles' of past and former patients.
    • With serial killer levels of meticulousness. #JustGuardianThings
  • Originally, Janice is actually from Launceston, despite her accent.
    • She fakes it well.
      • Don't all Guardians?
  • Some people you don't judge for leaving their partner and shacking up with another, some you do...
  • She's struggling with a lack of sex at the moment
    • She's missing Thrills' sex drive something fierce.
  • Was demoted in the Guardians for attempting to protect an Abyssally-tainted child, in defiance of orders.

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Player: Decibelle
Number: 2012040010
Domain: Brisbane