Jarek Bogati

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Jarek Bogati
Concept: Brash Spirit Whisperer
Tribe: Bone Shadows
Auspice: Ithaeur
City: Adelaide
Lodge: N/A
Pack: N/A
Spirit Rank
Wisdom ••
Player: Tom Whitney
Storyteller: Adelaide VST
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Personal Information


Hishu Form -

  • Ethnicity: WASP
  • Height: 189cm
  • Hair: Thick Brown
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Skin: Tanned
  • Apparent age: 19
  • Distinguishing features: Jarek is stocky with alot of upper body muscle
  • Clothing style: Waya when around the other wolves dresses in a Tan leather sleeveless jacket with no shirt and some worn denim jeans with steel capped boots

Werewolf Forms -

  • Dalu: Like any other werewolf in this form Jarek would appear normal, if normal was something like Shane Warne looking like he’d been on a three week bender without shaving or bathing.
  • Gauru: Compared to a normal man Jarek in this form would tower over any rival, however in the Forsaken world Jarek is no wolfman of legend. Definitely large foreboding he more likened to an oversized Michael Jordan, if he was eight feet tall had long talons and a row of dagger sized teeth to match. Where others may experience shorter hair in this form Jarek keeps his longish hair from Urshul form with its patchwork gray and white flecked fur.
  • Urshul: Standing six and a half feet at the shoulder Jarek with his sleek unmatched fur seems to blend in well with the Ghost Gums of Southern Australia, lithe and sleek Jarek seems to be built for speed, rather than muscle for fighting. Gray head with white jaw, he glides along merging with the shadow as any spirit killing land shark would.
  • Urhan: Jarek like any other wolf starved of a regular food source appears scrappy in stature and demeanour. With his regional coating of mismatched patterns of gray and white Jarek is matched well for Ghost Gums of central to southern Australia.


Jarek Bogati Yeh-RiK Bo-jAH-tee is one of those friendly hound dog types, who you can find bound about licking the faces of those he can reach. A square peg in a round hole Jarek often seems to be a person without a place, even though he is native to South Australia. Clueless is another thing he has been described by his friends who he has many of, though they might say he doesn't know it. Jarek likes to just get along with people and let the chips fall where they may with his life...


Information Known by Forsaken Society
  • Jarek can be a bit xenophobic when it comes to other supernaturals outside the Forsaken & Spirit community


  • Feb 2018 - Jarek changes
  • Mar 2018 - Jarek joins a pack
  • Apr 2018 - Jarek goes on first hunt

Recent Events

  • Feb 2018 - Jarek crashes his taxi and turns into a big dog
    • Jarek wakes up finding two women peering down at him naked in a bush asking him if he'd like some pants
      • Jarek meets Mother Talia in human form
      • Jarek meets Bethany Lewis in wolf form (though she didn't do the reveal until some time later)
  • Mar 2018 - Jarek joins up with Bethany Lewis (Alpha) to form the Servants of Mercury
  • Apr 2018 - Attends first pack council meeting at the Brown Lodge
    • Jarek is first told by Bethany that a vampire will be attending a hunt to destroy a horror
      • Two vampires turn up and Jarek instantly feels an antipathy for them
    • Jarek is told of a Harry Potter styled ‘Mage’ will also be attending, though Bethany is more confident about him
      • The Mage Hephaestus is almost overconfident and keeps offering us gifts and tokens
        • Bethany likes the Mage, but there is something off putting about him
    • The horror is discorpreated, yet we’re unable to find where it went
  • May 2018 - Jarek is called to a meeting with his fellow Forsaken
    • Jarek goes with Waya to follow a bunch of fighters and hunters
      • Jarek with the fighters and Waya the hunters the pair tag team communication between the groups
    • Jarek assists in a cunning manner with the disarming of cryptic puzzles and croswords
  • Jun 2018 - Jarek organises a run to the sewers to find the cause of the Lysteria outbreak
    • Jarek is Abe to convince people of spirits controlling the rats to spread disease in the human population
      • Though not leading the group into the sewers they are able to find the source of the problem, however not kill it
    • The wizards of the city show up in force and seem to work in a funny way mess with the minds of the Forsaken


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"Quote" - reference

  • Bethany, is it ok to have a beware of the dog sign up in front of the den? (Bethany rolls her eyes at Jarek, then walks away) <21.04.2018>


Inspirations and Soundtrack


Werewolves Not Swearwolves <What we do in the Shadows, Movie>


Halloween After Dark - Apple Music [[1]]

OOC Information

Member Information
Player: Tom Whitney
Number: 2001100359
Domain: Adelaide