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"Breezes in town and the first thing you ask for is Pizza and Beer? My kinda girl." - [[Marishka]]
"Breezes in town and the first thing you ask for is Pizza and Beer? My kinda girl." - [[Marishka]]
“She’s a fucking stuck up bitch that doesn’t understand the greater picture” - [[Bjørn Olsen]]
==== Conversations ====
==== Conversations ====

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Jazz "Talk Shit Get Hit" Summers
Concept: Tattoo and body modification artist
Tribe: Blood Talon
Auspice: Irraka
City: Perth
Lodge: [[Category: CofD|]]
Pack: Rams Blood
Spirit Rank
Cunning ••••
Glory •••
Player: [mailto: Claire]
Storyteller: [mailto: Perth VST]
Jazz Summers.jpg

Personal Information


A few things are immediately noticeable about Jazz. The first is the long, usually pretty wild and tangled blonde hair. The second are her bright blue eyes that seem to notice far more than they should. And then there are the tattoos. Jazz has a lot of tattoos running down both arms and a few in other places. She also seems to have a perpetually mischievous grin and a tendency to find most things entertaining.


Jazz is a bit unusual among her fellow Irraka. She's loud, gregarious and has a certain attraction to trouble. She also has an inordinate amount of talent at getting out of it. Especially in rather unorthodox ways. Witty comebacks are par for the course, as is an attitude of try anything once. Maybe twice just to be sure.



Talk Shit Get Hit - no one's quite sure if Jazz got this one for talking shit...or for someone getting hit. Could be either way, but she just grins whenever asked about it.

Information Known by Forsaken Society

Growing up in Albany WA, Jazz was something of a mascot/gang brat for the Black Bloods MC after her father was killed in an altercation with a rival gang. The gang looked out for her, laughed at her crazier antics and helped her make sense of things as she grew older and her Tell began to manifest. She eventually made something of her talent for art and spent a number of years travelling with a pack while learning the art of tattooing Uratha. Not long after her First Change in 2017 she moved back to WA and joined the Blood Talons, settling into the position of monkey-wrench of the Rams Blood pack


  • 2000 – May 2, born Peel Health Campus.
  • 2005 – started school in Albany (pre-primary)
  • 2010 – started taking an interest in art at school, showing a talent for drawing that the gang members cultivated, saying they’d make great tatts. Some took the drawings to various artists to have inked.
  • 2013 – started to manifest her Tell. School life deteriorated as she started getting into trouble at school, being tired after nights her Spirit Double was out causing trouble.
  • 2013 – Buzz realises she’s Blooded during a visit in prison just prior to release.
  • 2013 – Ava spots Jazz’s drawings and that she’s Blooded during a tattoo show in Bunbury. Talking to Jazz’s mother, agrees to let Jazz travel with Ava and her pack as long as Ava keeps her schooling up.
  • 2017 – finishes her training with Ava in tattooing.
  • 2018 – First Change on her 18th birthday

Recent Events


Quotes By

"Cunning over Glory - a dead hero is still dead" - talking to Cayden Smith over lunch

Quotes About

"Quote" - reference

"Breezes in town and the first thing you ask for is Pizza and Beer? My kinda girl." - Marishka
“She’s a fucking stuck up bitch that doesn’t understand the greater picture” - Bjørn Olsen


"Quote" - reference


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